Tribute to Bar-B-Q’s Dam Map – by BliX –

Tribute to Bar-B-Q’s Dam Map
– by BliX –

(No profanity was used in the content of this text; it is all in relation to the dam map)

When your a dam sniper, you need to find a dam hiding spot.
Then you start looking all over the dam place for a dam target.
You look at the dam buildings, the dam stucture, the dam water,
and the dam cliffs. Once you have acquired a dam target, you
begin adjusting your dam sights on your dam sniper rifle. Then
you place the dam crosshairs on the dam target’s head. You squeeze
the dam trigger and watch your dam bullet make a dam mess out of
the dam target. Dam!

Somedamtimes, when your dam sniping, you can’t find a dam target.
But, the dam target finds you in your dam hiding spot. He proceeds
to fill you full of dam lead from his dam M4 and makes a dam mess
out of you (the dam sniper). Dam!

On rare dam occasions, two dam snipers acquire each dam other in their
dam sights. When this happens, one of three dam things can happen:

1. Both dam snipers can miss each dam other making each dam other
frantically reacquire each dam other in their dam sights for another dam try.

b. One dam sniper can hit his dam target, making the dam mess he was
dam attempting. This can make the victorious dam sniper so dam happy
that he could just dam pee off the dam edge of his dam hiding spot.

III. Both dam snipers can hit each dam other, making two dam messes in
both dam hiding spots. What a dam shame!

by dam BliX

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