Sujoy’s Quake Pages: Disturbing effect of item scares Quake Players!

Sujoy’s Quake Pages: Disturbing effect of item scares Quake Players!


Recently, after the major increase in Pork Riblets and Quake Milk sales, a disturbing trend has been found.

A scientific study has PROVEN that a Quake player, after eating Riblets or drinking Quake Milk, has increased gibbing potential (everyone knows this) BUT AFTER this study was done, players started to become insane, stalking food stores in search of Riblets and killing cows in search of Quake Milk. The reason for this has been FOUND, a combination of Riblets, Quake Milk, and the quake item QUAD DAMAGE seems to have mind altering effects.

They tend to make the player crave Riblets and Quake Milk, while gibbing their opponents with their newly aquired Quad Damage, also the tendancy to gib after a while. This has been very bad on those of us who have no access to riblets or Quake Milk because players have been stalking us, wanting to get our riblets. But we have none, the only salvation for us is to wait until the players gib, and then use the remaining gibs to attack the other players, which seems to have a detering effect on them.

The only way to prevent this is to grab the quad damage first, or STOP THE RIBLET AND QUAKE MILK CRAZE!!! ARRG

thouroly in trouble (from lack of riblets)


Free-Lance reporter (when not hiding from crazed riblet-seeking players)

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