Seattle Knights’ Deathmatch Tips by DeFrag

Seattle Knights’ Deathmatch Tips by DeFrag

[Note from donde: And the most important of course…]

  1. Read Sun Tzu‘s Art of War.
    Now let’s move on.

  2. Use the mouse.
    Set it for freelook (or mouselook). Use the keyboard only to move around & execute your aliases. 
  3. Clean your mouse.
    Enough said.
  4. Always run.
    Binding a key to walk allows you to sneak around though. 
  5. Never stop moving.
    Ever. I mean it. 
  6. Always have a backup weapon.
  7. Pick up all ammo.
    You like fighting with a blaster?
  8. Hoard armor.
    The jackets are mandatory; if you pass them by, you’ll lose guaranteed.
  9. If a power-shield exists in the level, own it.
    Never use a Hyperblaster when its on though, it depletes your cells providing you no protection at all.
  10. Stock health.
    Remember, a solitary stimpak allows you to survive that rail to the chest.
  11. Shoot rockets at your enemy’s feet.
    This induces splash-damage. There’s nothing worse than your rocket flying past his ear, so make every one count.
  12. Don’t use the Rocket Launcher with a Quad.
    Trust me on this one, try the SSG instead.
  13. Quad-hooker.
    If you’re up against a guy with the Quad & playing a hood-mod, hook everywhere in the room up high like a monkey. He’ll have a hard damned time nailing you in mid-air as you fly from wall to wall.
  14. Stay away from walls.
    The Rocket Launcher is the most popular weapon to spread your entrails against the walls with its splash-damage.
  15. Jump to avoid rails.
    This is also a fine tactic to use when you’re throwing a rocket at the feet of your enemy when he is close to you.
  16. Strafe-jump.
    Jumping diagonally, nets more distance. Alternating from side to side also increases your speed & is called bunny-hopping.
  17. Double-jump.
    On q2dm1, stand in front of the crates with the Combat Armor. Jump twice in rapid-succession to bypass that middle crate.
  18. Kill campers & typers.
    Typers too? Fuck yes, this ain’t no chat-room. Get ruthless, there are some hell-good players out there that will do it to you.
  19. Know the levels.
    Take advantage of the connectivity to quickly get behind your enemies.
  20. Learn the level backwards.
    This enables you to return fire while retreating.
  21. Master the Rocket-jump.
    Fire a rocket directly under you immediately after jumping to get items otherwise unreachable.
  22. Strafe.
    When firing, continuously move left & right while moving your mouse accordingly to keep trained on your target.
  23. Circle-strafe.
    Mouselook to the left while strafing to the right or vice-versa. Practice in an open-area while keeping trained on an object as you circle around it.
  24. The Chaingun is your friend.
    Its a hungry beast so keep it fed with a backpack. Nothing beats this hit-scan & sweep weapon, especially for you dialups.
  25. Practice, practice, practice.
    Play against bots on your local-machine on rainy days.
  26. Play better players.
    Gain valuable insight to other techniques. You’ll definately learn the hard way.
  27. Maintain unpredicability.
    Try not to travel your usual path all the time. Step on a plat then reverse your direction. Open doors but don’t go through them.
  28. Weapon-bait.
    Fire your blaster or other weak weapon enticing a foe your way. Then whip your powerful weapon out from under your trenchcoat.
  29. Juice-cycles.
    Time your roundabout the level to the spawning of weapons, ammo, & powerups.
  30. Freebies.
    Shoot enemies in lava or slime before they crisp. Or how about the guy hooked on the wall because he didn’t make it?
  31. Over-eat.
    If you are at maximum health, ammo, & armor, you can shoot a rock into the wall sustaining a bit of splash-damage yourself. Snag the goodies before anyone else does.
  32. Attack the melee!
    Upon arriving at a firefight, throw some ammo their way. You’re bound to get a couple of them from the doorway no? A safer tactic is to wait until the melee is over then simply finish off the winner.
  33. Random shots.
    When all stocked, throw a few random rocks at the end of halls or bottoms of atriums. You’ll get a few frags this way.
  34. Lead your opponent.
    Using the Grenades, Rocket Launcher, & Hyperblaster, shoot where your opponent will soon be. Thus, your ammo will be waiting for him.
  35. Railing a jumper.
    Time your reloads so that you can fire when the jumper lands, not when he’s airborne.
  36. Cross the line.
    Strafe forward while firing a Hyperblaster creating a line-of-death headed straight for your opponent.
  37. Corner strafing.
    Always strafe around corners. This allows you to see anybody as soon as possible who may lie in wait.
  38. Plat bypass.
    If you can’t get down a particular plat & have a hook, hook the floor below.
  39. Retreat.
    If you are losing in the heat of battle, fight another day. Retreat on the hunt for health, armor, & ammo.
  40. Master the 180.
    Successful mousing a 180-degree flip takes alot of practice. Do it.
  41. Turn the tables.
    When someone is chasing you, turn down a hall, stop & flip a 180 (crouching is optional). When they come blazing around the corner, wham!
  42. Stealth.
    Use your hearing to determine where players are & what they are doing at all times.
  43. Close the distance.
    Use your CG or SSG to your best advantage. Never waste it long-distance.
  44. Underwater Railgun.
    Lure your adversaries into the water where you can more effectively rail them.
  45. Reverse circle-strafe.
    While circle-strafing, reverse your direction at times. Momentarily ducking can throw them off too.
  46. Zig.
    When you are retreating, be sure to zig-zag. Using this in conjunction with running backwards is preferable.
  47. Aggressive-mode.
    I find playing defensively gives a lower frag-count in the end. Play aggressively but smart.
  48. Hook-up
    If someone is tailing you & you are playing a hook-mod, run through a doorway & immediately hook upwards. Time your rocket to land as your foe navigates through the doorway.
  49. Cheats.
    Methods of cheating do exist such as the implementation of Quad-timers & reskinning everyone else to bright-white. I do not condone such actions but… mwuha?
  50. Have fun.
    No matter what happens. After all, its only a game!

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