Quake 2 Clan: Seattle Knights

Quake 2 Clan: Seattle Knights

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Personal: JD Vande Berg, California, Network Engineer, 31 years-old

Rig: Celeron 333 OC’d @525mhz, 64mb, TNT2 32mb, Aureal Vortex 1, Kensington Expert-mouse.

Games: Two years – Wolfenstein, Doom, Doom2, Quake, Q2, Q3A

Favorite Weapons: I use the Rocket Launcher to deal in destruction.

Gaming Accomplishments: Beat DeFrag… a few times..

URL: CaptainAtomic.com

ICQ: #53891668

CLQ-Stats: CaptAtomic[SK]


Personal: Kyle, Redmond WA, 31 years-old, Marine Biologist/IT Manager
Kind of weird job combo but I get to go outside once in a while on fish collection trips during the rainy months (those with 28 days in them). I maintain our computers so I’m pretty happy.

Rig: P2-266, 64mb, Viper770, 17″ Viewsonic G773, AdaptecUW2940, 768/384Kbps ADSL.
Headphones are supposed to keep my neighbors from complaining but I still get funny looks from them because of all the laughing I end up doing when I’m playing my SK buddies.

Games: My favorite would be a tie between Q2 and Myst (not for reflexes, but is a fun thinking-game). Like other gamers my age, I pretty much like all video-games from the original arcade-game Maze, to Warcraft, Wolfenstein, & Doom.

Favorite Weapons: Railgun if everyone holds still for me, BFG if they don’t. :-)

CLQ-Stats: Baag[SK]


Personal: Dan R., Seattle WA., 42 years-old

Rig: P3-500, 128mb, 100mhz, Matrox G400 32mb, Sound-Blaster Live, @Home cable, MS-keyboard, Logitech-wheel, 19″

Games: I started playing when Duke-Nukem came out. That would be about 4 years now.I play Q2, Q3, & when feeling nostalgic, Duke-Nukem. Duke is still my favorite game. His combination of machismo & imaginative weapons still make me laugh during the game. Quake is so serious, but has far-superior network programming.

Favorite Weapons: Q2: RL & Chaingun. I suck at rail. My favorites for Q3 are the BFG, Plasma-gun, & RL.

URL: None yet, but every time I try to put something on the screen, I draw a blank. Oh well, my talents lie elsewhere. :).

CLQ-Stats: Brimstone[SK]


Personal: Charlie, Seattle WA, Software Engineer

Rig: Asus P2B, P2-450, 128mb, Voodoo2/TNT2, 256K DSL
[Server: Asus P5A-B, K6-3/450, 128mb, T1, RH Linux]

Games: 10 years, 6 Deathmatch; Q2 & Q3A

Favorite Weapons: Rocket Launcher

Gaming Accomplishments: The first time I beat DeFrag was great!

CLQ-Stats: Char[SK]


Personal: Dave, California, 46 years-old, married, 3 daughters (24, 19, & 11)
Retired Navy Chief, currently working as a contract-assassin in the private-sector. See Soldier of Fortune Magazine want-ads under “Comedians for Hire”.

Rig: P2-233

Games: Vietnam, Persian Gulf, Cold War, married twice – heh

Favorite Weapons: SSG & Hook

URL: The Vision

ICQ: #12630229

CLQ-Stats: Chevalier[SK]


Personal: Leslie, Sacramento CA, 35 years-old, web-designer

Rig: P3-450, 128mb RAM, VooDoo3 3000 AGP, Razer-BoomSlang 2000 mouse, on a dialup-connection

Games: After failing to master the 1st-level of Mario, I stayed away from electronic-games. Then one day, a friend showed me Quake2 & its been Quake2 ever since. With the possible exception of Quake3 of course.

Favorite Weapons: Railgun & SSG

URL: Thistle’s

ICQ: #41856900

CLQ-Stats: Thistle[SK]


Personal: former-member of Clan-GM, ex-USAF (7yrs), I was in charge of reporting & some of the graphics work on the USAF’s flagship wargame-simulation. Moved to southern-California after USAF. I’m 30 yrs-old while wifey is 25 & have 3 dogs no kids yet. I’m the senior programmer/analyst at Cogent Healthcare in Laguna Hills. I like skiing, racket-sports, hiking, cooking, gardening, landscaping my yard, & of course computers/tech. I grow my own peppers & make my own hot-sauces.

Rig: Gigabyte mobo, AMD K6-3 450, 128mb RAM, 20GB ATA-66, Creative TNT2-Ultra 32mb, SoundBlaster Platinum-Live, Creative DVD, HP CDWriter+, 10/100 card, Enlight case running CPU-Cool to keep my overclocked rig chilly.

Games: Q3, HalfLife, & Lemmings Revolution (shut up I bought it for my wife ;)

Favorite Weapons: Grappling-hook

CLQ-Stats: Paladin[SK]


Personal: Daren, California, Network Admin MCSE, MCP+I, 35 years-old

Rig: 500mhz Celeron, 128mb, Voodoo-3 2000, NO sound-card (I’m a deaf player), running on NT4 (I have just about all services running on my machine, i.e. Exchange, Proxy, IIS, DNS, etc. I also use this box for education).

Games: 1 year Q2 & Q3A

Favorite Weapons: Q2 RL & Q3 SSG/Railgun

ICQ: #58042331

CLQ-Stats: N.A.T.O.[SK]

Special Thanks: To DeFrag for inviting myself and Capt. Atomic to join in the fun & all the other clan-members for agreeing. Also a big thanks to all the members for helping me all the time and teaching me to never get too cocky.


Personal: Roland, San Diego CA, 36 years-old, Software Developer (telecommuting)
I’ve got a wife, a daughter, an 18 year-old poo-butt cat with no teeth, & an 8 month-old poo-eating dog with no sense. I’m an instrument-rated pilot & I used to fly a lot, but then I got a wife, a daughter… When I have time I travel, I take pictures & ride my bicycle. If I’m really motivated, I make beer in my kitchen.

Rig: Dual-200s PPro, 128mb, Matrox Millennium 4mb, Monster 3D 4mb, Sound-Blaster AWE64, Altec-Lansing satellites w/subwoofer, generic 15″ monitor, Logitech-cordless mouse, cable-modem
Games: I’ve been playing video games since Pong. I’ve still got my old Atari (in the original box & still works, thank you) in my old bedroom at my parents house. When I was in high-school I used to bus tables at a coffee shop on the weekends and blow all my tips (i.e. college-fund) at an arcade across the street after work. Pac-Man, Galga, Donkey Kong, Star Wars, Tank, etc. About 3 years ago when I was putting my machine together I pulled a CD out of a display rack while waiting in the checkout line of the local CompUSA. It was a shareware-version of a PC game; for only $3.99 I figured I’d give this Quake thing a try. That of course lead to Q2. I’ve played with the Q3-demos but I haven’t purchased it yet as I don’t think my machine can handle it. I also like Duke-Nukem, Unreal & Half-Life. I got a kick out of Myst & Riven too.

Favorite Weapons: Rocket-Launcher & Chaingun. Occasionally, I like to drop grenades into a crowd just to see what happens.

URL: House of Mojo
Amateur hour on the web! Named after my idiot dog, a work in progress. It is a learning tool for me as web-programming 101 didn’t exist during my tenure at Cal-Poly.

CLQ-Stats: TyDyDs[SK]


Personal: Jim, Seattle, Electronics Design Engineer, 47 year-old fart

Rig: P2-450 128mb, HP-8100i CDROM, Diamond V550/Voodoo2, 17″ Viewsonic PS790, ADSL 384K GTE/Lightrealm

Games: 5-6 years. Started playing Wolfenstien, then Doom came along & got Char playing. We’ve played together ever since. Also Doom2, Heretic, Hexen, Duke3D, Q1, Q2, & Q3A.

Favorite Weapons: Anyone who’s played me know’s its the Rocket Launcher baby! I just love ta shove one up your ASS!!
Relentlessly, I love to go “Toe to Toe”; never show’em a weakness & kill without remorse. In real life, I’m really a nice guy!

Hobbies: Fishing, all kinds: ocean-salmon, river-salmon & steelhead, fly-fishing for rainbow-trout, halibut off the coast. I spend 2-weeks in Canada every year fishing near Barkley Sound, a beautiful place & the people are the friendliest in the world!
I have my own 20′ Bayliner Trophy, 15′ bass boat, a cat-a-raft for fly-fishing and drifting rivers and an inflatable-dingy. My recent project of last summer is a classic ’65 Corvette convertible. I’ve been very busy fixing it up. I got the motor rebuilt a month ago, it’s a ’70 LT1 350ci/370hp engine also got carb & rear-end rebuilt & new clutch. The car’s last owner didn’t drive it the last 3-4 years he had it so it needed lots of TLC to get it back in good-running shape. He did own it for 22 years though and I’m only the 4th owner. I’m a sci-fi freak.. Trekie from way back I guess, movies, camping (if you call a 33′ motor home camping hehe), collecting things, Hallmark Xmas ornaments, depression glass in several patterns & playing computer games.

ICQ: #38722229

CLQ-Stats: Executioner[SK]


Personal: Youngest SOB in clan at 17, Bay-area of CA, soon a Cal-Poly computer-engineer

Rig: Custom P2-350, Logitech-wheel, SB-Live, Cambridge SoundWorks 5.1, 19″ Viewsonic, 4x4x16 SCSI Smart-N-Friendly CDRW, 40x CD-ROM, Voodoo3000, & a nice speedy USR-56K

Games: Ice-age: Nintendo/AppleIIGS Yes I too am ashamed of the latter.
Stone-age: Wolfenstein, Doom, & derivatives thereof.
Tech-age: Zork, Myst, & Diablo my first onliner
Info-age: Q2, HL, U, UT, Starcraft, & DarkStone

Favorite Weapons: Railgun of course… geez.

Fav Combo: Railgun/SSG All it takes is a slug & a few pellets!

URL: Map Fiend

CLQ-Stats: Evicerator[SK]


Personal: Skip D., Port Orchard WA, Computer Analyst, 37 years young, Co-founder of Clan[SK]

Rig: Dell P3-933 proc, 512mb-133mhz SDRAM, 30gb Quantum ATA-66 7200rpm & 40gb Western Digital ATA-66 7200rpm drives, nVidia GeForce2 32mb GTS,
48x CD-ROM, Sony 8x4x32x CDRW, Creative SB-Live! Digital 1024, ACS-Dolby surround-sound 40watt 4-spkr w/subwoof, APC-650 UPS,
Kodak DC210+zoom digi-cam, Linksys 10/100 Auto-sensing 5-port hub, & a Netgear RT328 ISDN-router on 128kbps

Games: Q1, Q2, Q3, HL, UT, & Stargate

Favorite Weapons: Rail or Chaingun baby with a trusty SSG as my backup!

URL: Deathmatch Heaven

ICQ: #45772874

CLQ-Stats: DeFrag[SK]

“Shall I fragment your hard-drive, or just your worthless body?”
Mwuhahaahaaaa… =)

Sun Tzu, Art of War

“The war-engines are in place, the mines buried beneath the earth,
& already the towers tremble; the ladders stand at the gates,
grappling-hooks cleave to the walls, & fire runs through the roof-tops.

With the gleaming swords & menacing faces of his enemies around him,
& thinking utter-ruin is upon him, why should he not Quake & mourn?”

Francesco Petrarca, in Secretum, 1342 A.D.


Personal: Ken, former-member of Clan-GM, Marine, & firefighter, 30 years-old, married for 8 years, 3 1/2 year-old daughter and expecting 2nd child in Feb. I enlisted in the United States Marine Corps in ’89 & got out in ’93. Then served 4 more years as a reservist. Nowdays I make my living in a much safer job, a career-firefighter. My lovely wife never will understand the strange addiction of killing and maiming others online. Does anyone else’s wife besides Chieftains’ understand this addiction to Q2? I also have a beautiful pure-bred German Shepherd named Sasha.

Rig: Pentium 233MMX, 64mb, Creative Labs 3D Banshee Blaster OC’d, MS Intellimouse-wheelie, COM-21 cable-modem

Games: I play Q2, Q3A, Tribes, & Delta-Force. Q3A however, seems a bit on the choppy-side which I believe may be pushing my ol’ P233 to its limits.

Favorite Weapons: I prefer the Rocket Launcher but also resort to the Grenade Launcher. What can I say, I like the BOOM!

URL: One of the few…

CLQ-Stats: Crusader[SK]


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