GameGirlz – Gaming GRL: Fun, Fragging & Female! by Amy Marie Hearn

GameGirlz – Gaming GRL: Fun, Fragging & Female! by Amy Marie Hearn

About The Artist – Amy Marie Hearn

It all started with a drawing and a group of cool gals out in Victoria, BC, Canada… I joined Clan Psycho Men Slayers and did a drawing of 5 of the members, including me as a trainee. I played Quake 1 till my fingers stiffened and I couldn’t see straight! I haven’t looked back since.

I am a 31 year old illustrator/comic book artist/ graphic designer. I’ve done years and years of desktop publishing and about three years of computer generated illustration. I use a very small Wacom graphics tablet and Photoshop 4.0 to create all my graphics. I am also an amateur Skinner (meaning I make the graphics that wrap around all those 3D models you see in those games).

I’ve been a GamingGRL since the old days of Atari and Coleco… and STILL play games at the drop of a hat. I LOVE ’em! I’m hoping to  do enough cartoons to keep an archive that will enable me to make this a twice weekly strip! Wish me luck darlings!

Thanks for reading Gaming GRL!
(AND a very SPECIAL thanks to Vangie “Aurora” Beal and for being my inspiration and support! *HAGZ!*)

Amy Marie Hearn
(aka LadyDeath)

Gaming GRL #1: Gaming GRL tries +mlook

Gaming GRL #2: Gaming GRL Meets the Volcano God

Gaming GRL #3: Model Critique: FAKK 2

Gaming GRL #4: L&E Scare

Gaming GRL #5: The Three Deadly Fluids

Gaming GRL #6: Recently Amy Critiqued Ritual’s FAKK2 model.. today Ritual Critiques

Gaming GRL #7: Gaming GRL Meets The Sims


Gaming GRL #8: Gaming GRL Gets a New Job…

Gaming GRL #9: The true glamour of Playtesting

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