GameGirlz Editor’s Note: “Women are from Where?!?!” March 14, 1998 – by Trillan & Lockup

GameGirlz Editor’s Note: “Women are from Where?!?!” March 14, 1998 – by Trillan & Lockup

Guided to the site by our beloved JusticeT of GameStats and GameGirlz own Lockup, I checked out an editorial at GamesFirst entitled “Men are from Mars, Women are from King’s Quest”.; I was amazed to find such a narrow minded misconception being passed off in the form of an editorial. Women gamers are presented as urban legends or over-hyped media tripe. And all I can do is keep checking my body for sasquatch-like body hair. I’ve been playing computer games since I was a child and I’ve never considered myself a myth or legend.

It is also suggested in this article that it is a man’s responsibility to guide his significant other to the proper and enjoyable world of gaming. And “demographical truisms” dictate that your gal won’t want to play Quake or Age of Empires (two of my favorite games, might I add). I have to wonder if these “demographic truisms” aren’t created and supported by claims such as the one in this article. If the word continues to be spread that women don’t do that sort of thing (play games that include war or destruction), it will become increasingly difficult to even out the playing field. If guy is afraid to show his girlfriend why he really is glued to his computer, what has he accomplished? So what, if she actually plays something other than solitaire, she hasn’t experienced your world. She hasn’t tried to frag or build her empire. She may not enjoy this type of game, but don’t do her the disservice of never showing her why you play.

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Your altruistic desire to help your significant other to achieve greater heights is totally lost in your demeaning and unenlightened pursuit of what a woman wants or needs. What do you think, we lose our brains giving birth? Come on now, do you think that just because we are the opposite sex, we cannot form our own opinions or make our own decisions. Excuse me! I believe I have learned to read. I think I can probably handle reading the back of the box myself. You want to give me your advice on a game—no problem. What happens when I choose a game that you would not particularly like to play? Do you make comments on it being a “wussy” game? Would you even try to play the game yourself, or are you above such games? Diversity should never be held against anyone! All-in-all, your advice or opinions is always welcomed, but how you perceive my choices is where the real test of a relationship comes in to play. Gaming or not gaming!

There is only one statement made in this article that I agree with whole-heartedly. If you truly want your mate to become a part of your gaming world, you have to involve yourself. You can’t just leave her to figure out the game on her own. She may not want you to tell her how to play, but the least you can do is give her a little encouragement and let her know you are interested in her playing.

Computer game playing gals are not an “urban legend.” We are your classmates, your lovers and the person on the other end of that rocket that just blasted your ass! (And we are coming back for more!).

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