Euro Quake 2 Clan: Cicatrix

Euro Quake 2 Clan: Cicatrix

-=[SemperFy]=- -=[KingPin]=- -=[GodSmurf]=- -=[Bosjer]=- -=[DawFighte]=- -=[MilkFish]=- -=[Cronus]=-

There is an announcement that we forgot to make. In recent weeks Cx had been going through a little crisis, caused mainly by the facts that noone was doing the work anymore and that most of us were getting pretty bored with Q3 DM which was all we played. As a result most of us were turning back to Q2, and the others were being invited by other clans to quit Cx and join them (hi VS).

However the marathon match against pM became a new starting point for us. Before that match we discussed tactics for an hour, and they worked well and we played like Cx should play: tactically, dedicated to win, and having a great time. In some previous matches we had just joined the server and done our thing without caring much. So that match gave us the taste again and we had a little meeting right after it last week to put Cx back on track. Here’s the main results of that meeting:


  • Clan leaders: Warlock and Kingpin. Having two leaders is cool :)
  • War arrangers: Kingpin and Bosjer
  • Web site: Warlock (html) and Godsmurf (content) << no more horrible English :)
  • DM tactics: Warlock and Godsmurf

SemperFy has decided to stop being an active member so he can focus on his studies, that’s why his name is missing. He will still play when we need him though, which has been rather often so far :).

Other stuff

  • All members have been forced to choose between [1] being fully active, which means being available every day, [2] being semi-active, in which case they can’t expect to be put in the team, or [3] leave Cx. Everybody chose [1] or [2].
  • We’re going to do less leagues and more practices. That way more people get a chance to play, and we get more occasions to try out new tactics.
  • We keep focussing on DM while the EuroCup lasts, after that (in two weeks from now) we will play at least as much CTF as DM, as that is the game we enjoy most. We’ll be looking for weekly CTF training partners soon. Profile: strong CTF clan, able to field 5 players every week on a certain hour.

So Cx is back on track alright, and doing pretty well :)

Quick guide to playing wars on a Tourney server

(29-03-99, Tourney v1.30)
Before the game
* Joining a team or going back to observer mode can be done using the Tab menu.
* The first player who joins a team becomes the team captain.
* If you don’t know who the captain is, type ‘captain’ in the console.
* Captains can pass captainhood on to Player by typing ‘captain Player’.
* Captains can set the teamname with ‘teamname MyTeam’.
* Captains can set the teamskin with ‘teamskin male/grunt’ or something.
* Captains can set the joincode with ‘joincode abc’. ALWAYS set a joincode for your team before a war, and make sure everybody in your clan knows it (clans could use a fixed joincode). That way players who disconnect can be replaced easily.
During the game
* Captains can call a time-out in case of troubles by typing ‘time’. The time-out lasts a minute, if you want to finish it before that, type ‘timein’.
* If someone overflows, he should rejoin the team automatically upon reconnecting. If for some reason that doesn’t happen, he can use the joincode to rejoin (see below)
* Players can check their team’s joincode by typing ‘joincode’
* If someone disconnects for someone reason, another player can join the team by typing ‘join’. He does NOT have to type the teamname (like in battleground), just the joincode is enough!
* Alternatively, the captain can type ‘unlockteam’, after which anyone can join his team.
After the game
* When the game has finished, the final scoreboard is shown.
* After the final scoreboard has disappeared, it can be brought up again by typing ‘oldscore’.




Cicatrix Quake II Lan – Leuven

From left to right: Dawfighte, Cronus, Godsmurf, Kingpin, SemperFy, Bosjer, Milkfish

From left to right: Godsmurf, SemperFy, Bosjer, Dawfighte

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