The Definition of a Quake II Bot

The Definition of a Quake II Bot

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First of all “Why use a Bot ? ” I here you cry when you can get a smooth game against real players over the Internet.Its very true you can get a smooth game over the Internet, but in my experience low lag games don`t last for very long ( Ask Lee about Quake II Internet play ), so then steps in our faithful Bot who provides smooth and challenging deathmatch play.

Quake II Bots are getting better all the time, check out the latest version of the Eraser Bot to see what I mean, they can learn maps very quickly, use all the weapons, jump, swim, avoid lava and even strafe (Bots on the highest skill level can leave your ass well and truly KICKED…..)

The new bread of Quake II bots (Eraser & CR Bot) can give you a very good game of Capture The Flag, they start of a bit slow but once they learn how to take the enemies flag its time to defend your base.Its really cool watching a bot on your team capture the flag and the other bots running with him clearing a path.

Bots find there way around maps using route tables (Nodes), which are like pathways which the bots follow.There are pre-recorded route tables for various maps that you can download from the Net which allows the bots to get into the action much quicker, but they will learn the map without a route table, which will take a little longer.

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