Burn The Quad – QuadWhoreZ Topic Of The Week: Does Quad Damage ruin the game?

Burn The Quad – QuadWhoreZ Topic Of The Week: Does Quad Damage ruin the game?


Yeah baby, we’re back with another phat edition of the fabulous Qw Rants n’Raves. If you don’t think it’s fabulous…do a Rant! Now let’s just move right along to this week’s Rant that was donated thanks to the ire of the dreaded FuzzyBunny. He felt so strongly he even named his rant, so now I proudly present FuzzyBunny’s Burn The Quad.

I am pissed off about the quad. It is far worse than the BFG, although it is seen as fair for everyone while the BFG is widely considered a lamer weapon (Which it is). It basically turns your plasma gun into a BFG with more ammo that shoots farster. Also, the BFG has a five second respawn time, so if someone has one, you can just get your own to teach them a lesson. The quad, on the other hand, takes ages so that only one person can have one, which makes that person practically impossible.

I know the “everyone can get it argument”, but that also applies to bot aim. From what I have heard, they (bot cheats) are about 600k to download, so you don’t even need a good connection. Most of the other powerups are nearly as bad, but the quad is the worst. To wrap it up, I am very pleased ‘id’ lets you turn it off in 1.27, but a lot of servers are still on 1.17, so sometimes you are just stuck with it if you want a local server.

  — FuzzyBunny

Well isn’t that special! He wants to get rid of the Quad in Quake. I hope our band of rowdies can stay away from the obvious religious aspects here and jive clean on this one. Let’s giveLove2Play first crack at this one. You go girl!

Quad damage is an option on any server, you’re always free to join a server without it. I myself think the Quad is funny when I frag amongst friends in the FNFF and we battle to keep it. Throwing up the occasional “It’s MINE!” when we take it back. I think Quad whores are the worst though. Someone who camps the Quad must die!

  — Love2Play

That was short and sweet. I’m going out on a limb here but I think L2P is against powerup campers. If the other replies are as short we may have to throw a commercial or demo in here to fill the feature out. Time for Ash to take a swing at the topic and let’s hope there’s a bit more wind in the sails.

Well, I kind of lean both ways when it comes to issues like powerups. Yes, quad can greatly throw the balance of the game to a play whom just picked up the powerup, and I definately don’t think that powerups have any place in 1v1 matches. But there are two very important reasons to keep the quad around. First, a person with quad isn’t any easier to kill than anyone else. If you practice until you have the skillz that pay the bills, then a person with quad isn’t going to get more than one or two frags off of you before it wears off, or you decide it’s time to 0wn the smurf.

Second, it’s just damn fun. In a good friendly game of FFA, when it really doesn’t matter who wins, there really isn’t much more fun than getting blue, and letting the gibs fly. If you’re on the other end, just remember that it’s only about 45 seconds after the last pickup in most cases, and maybe it’s time for you to get the blue electric death and hand some ass kicking out.

Team Deathmatch quad control is a fantastic strategy element, and even in CTF it’s important to control items. So as long as the quad isn’t used in 1v1 play, I think it’s definately a staple of Quake fun.

  — Ash

C’mon Spyke, roll me a seven!

Ahem. What the HELL are you talking about here? Really, I have accused people who write better than you of being incontinent badgers, so I’m being nice. Honestly, anybody who bitches about the Quad just isn’t swift enough to get it in the first place. Stop whining, people, and improve your game. There’s ALWAYS been the option to turn off the Quad. Think before you speak. As far as me, personally, I’m indifferent. Quad or no quad, I know where it is, and can get it if i need it. You should too.  — Spyke

Now we all know why he’s called ‘Spyke’, he’s about a subtle as a nine inch spike. Thanks for the subtle reasoning bud. Well this is a place to let go so readers and staff alike can cut loose. Speaking of cutting loose, it’s my turn! Let’s dance.

I have to go with the play mode thing here. Never ever, ever in a 1 on 1 match. No Quad, no thank you! In teamplay, be it Team DM or CTF, the Quad and other powerups are very important to the play. It adds to the strategy and execution of the strategies. Without Quad in Team games it can actually be a little boring.

As for FFA mode I really have a personal preference, but I’m not really emphatic either way. I would prefer that there was no quad in FFA games since that tends to make one area far too heavy for battle, and draw attention from other zones. I like action all through the map. I also am not a great big fan of fighting three players and doing fairly well when along comes Mr. Quad Rocket from above to nail me and my playmates. But as I said, if it’s in there I’m OK with it. Now I have a question. Just what the fudge does this have to do with bots? Everyone can get bots, so that would be fine? Everyone can get skull fractures as well, but that just takes the fun out of life too.

That was well done, thanks Ash. Well layed out and hitting on the multiple play modes factors that I was going to use. Someone remind me to stick a rabid beaver in his shorts.

 l0pht (13.1.2001)

About us

QuadWhoreZ is a Quake 2 Capture The Flag Clan playing mainly MatchMod. We’re a versatile clan, with most of the members living in, or near, Canada. This has made it possible to do In Real Life activities, so we’re not just clan members, but also friends. We have some well known star players in our ranks like -=Qw:CruZ=-, -=Qw:l0pht=-, -=Qw:TaZ=-, -=Qw:CyaZ=-, -=Qw:SpaZ=- and -=Qw:Angry=-. Qw is one of the best Quake 2 CTF clans in Canada and the USA.

Q2CTF merits

Our prefix is -=Qw=-, and our name was choosen after a painfull selection and vote process.


  • 1st To Kick Your Ass (Which we still hold)
  • 2nd To Own Your Ass (Which we always do)
  • 3rd Who’s Your Daddy (If you already have one, we will just be a substitute)Fast facts
    Location: Canada, United States
    Founded: 31 August 2000
    Quake 2 since: 16 December 1999
    IRC channel


    Who is the best in Qw?
    Happily we’re pretty equally skilled. We got different areas of expertise.
    Can I have your configs?

    I’m sorry, some of us got things from other people that we can’t spread, while some things is secret. If any in Qw got something they want to spread, please contact the webmaster -=Qw:l0pht=-. If there’s something special you’re wondering about ask us instead.
    What mouse/HW/etc do you use?

    Many of us use Logitech Pilot/Mouseman. I think 90-100% use 3M precission mouse pads. 3d-cardwise we use is Voodoo3 and GeForce.

    Qw was founded 31th August 2000 by CruZ, SpaZ and TaZ . l0pht is a long time CTF player from the Q1 days and started playing CTF in the spring of 1998.

    l0pht joined after KillerThugZ went down. He also recommended his kTz comrad F0zZiE, who joined after a tryout together with l0pht. Angry and CyaZ are great all round players.  RammZ meet CruZ and TaZ while playing some CTF, and after a while he finally joined the Qw team. By this time Qw had become and still is an elite team.

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