1997 to 2005: Quake 2 Pro Tournament Timeline by Joey Adonis

Quake 2 Tournament
Table of Contents

Back to Top IndexQ2Test released October 13th, 1997
Quake 2 released December 9th, 1997

1. PGL Season 2      2. XS New York Tournament      3. PGL Season 3      4. QuakeCon ’98      5. Quakeadelica      6. The FRAG 2

1. EuroQuake      2. K9Con 99      3. Extreme Annihilation      4. PGL Season 4      5. European Duel League      6. LAN Arena 3

1. Nations Deathmatch League

1. Euro Duel League

1. QuakeCon ’05 (Q2)

1. Q2 TDM Fall 05      2. European Duel League 3

Quake 2 Tournaments/Leagues List

  • 1998
  • PGL Season 2 5/98
    > Demos
    Location: Atlanta, GeorgiaDuel Results:
    1. Danny ‘Rosco‘ Alires (Cali): $7,500
    2. Boniface ‘Kuin‘ Danan (Montreal): $4,000
    3. Victor ‘Makaveli‘ Cuadra (Cali): $2,000
    4. Andy ‘Leprechaun‘ Vajda (Tulsa, OK): $1,100
  • XS New York Tournament (Professional Gamers League)
    Date: May 23rd 1998
    Location: Times Square video arcade. New York, New York
    Total Attendance: 8 Quake II players. Total attendees unknown.Duel Results:
    1. Demian ‘Lone Wolf’ Petryshyn
  • PGL Season 3
    Website: http://www.planetquake.com/pgl/archive.shtml
    Date: November 1998
    Location: San Francisco, CaliforniaDuel Results:
    1. Dennis ‘Thresh’ Fong (Berkely, Cali): $8,500
    2. Kurt ‘Immortal’ Shimada (Cali): $4,500
    3. Erik ‘Ren’ Charlebois (Ontario, Can): $3,200
    4. Sean ‘Mastakilla’ Yi (Los Angeles)

    Quake 1 Team Deathmatch Results:
    1. Deathrow (U.S.): $14,000
    2. Clan Gib (U.S.): $5,000
    3. Clan Kapitol (U.S.): $3,000
    4. Power Rangers (U.S.)

  • QuakeCon ’98 (CPL event)
    Location: InfoMart. Dallas, TexasDuel Results:
    1. Dan ‘RiX’ Hammans (Iowa)
  • Quakeadelica
    Date: October 15th, 1998
    Location: Ministry of Sound. London, England
    Notes: Through an online qualifier, a series of ffa rounds, and a final 1 v 1 round vs. Leper in the U.K., Billox won (along with some other things) the opportunity to play the American Quake legend, Thresh. Thresh won 56 to -1.Duel Results:
    1. Dennis ‘LGD-Thresh’ Fong (Berkely, Cali)
    2. James ‘Billox’ Page (U.K.): prize = a flight to New York plus a hotel room and a ticket to watch the AMD-PGL finals.
  • The FRAG 2 (CPL event)
    Date: October 30th – November 1st, 1998
    Location: Dallas, Texas
    Total Attendance: 600Duel Results:
    1. Dan ‘RiX’ Hammans (Iowa): $5,000
    2. Victor ‘Makaveli’ Cuadra (Cali): $4,000
    4. Kurt ‘Immortal’ Shimada (Cali): $3,000
    5. Robert ‘Resonance’ Dubois (Louisiana): $2,000
    6. Jason ‘Unholy’ Carleton (Cali): $1,000
    7. Andy ‘Leprechaun’ Vajda (Tulsa, Oklahoma)
  • 1999
  • EuroQuake
    Date: February 1999
    Location: Playing Fields. London, EnglandDuel – Results:
    1. icespirit
    2. [UNR]Luke

    Team Deathmatch Results:
    1. Memento Mori (Nor): Mastah^Killah, Shub^Nigga, Scion, oWo, Dark, and Sectopod
    2. 7th Chapter (Den): Daimar, Zozze, Warhead, Lost-son, Nord, and Huzlor

  • K9Con 99
    Date: February? 1999
    Location: Los Angeles, CaliforniaDuel – Results:
    1. Lord Vader
    2. Makaveli
  • Extreme Annihilation – 3/12/99 > 3/14/99
    > website
    Location: Westin Central hotel. Dallas, Texas
    Notes: Attendance was 700. This was a CPL event.Duel Results:
    1. Kurt ‘Immortal’ Shimada (Cali): $5,000
    2. Dan ‘RiX’ Hammans (Iowa): $4,000
    3. Victor ‘Makaveli’ Cuadra (Cali): $3,000
    4. Jason ‘Unholy’ Carleton (Cali): $2,000
    5. Waterboy (U.S.): $1,000
  • PGL Season 4
    – 5/99
    Location: New York, New York
    Notes: Unholy, Burn, and Makaveli also participated in this tournament.Duel Results:
    1. Boniface ‘Kuin’ Danan (Montreal): $10,000
    2. Eric ‘Vorador’ Spoor (N.Y.): $7,000
    3. Sebastian ‘Sybek’ Lenart (Ontario)
    4. Kurt ‘Immortal’ Shimada (Cali): $2,500
    5 – tied. Gordon ‘Gloucester’ Luk (Cali): $600
    5 – tied. Alex ‘Bad Habit’ Pogozelski (Virginia): $600
    7 – tied. Jason ‘Jmaster’ Siquig (Cali): $600
    7 – tied. Eric ‘SaboTaJ’ Manfredi (Illinois): $600
  • European Duel League (EDL) – 7/99
    Location: Stokholm, Sweden
    Notes: Makaveli was flown in from the United States to play the winner. The assumption here seems to have been that he was better than the Europeans, but Blue surprised many by beating Makaveli in a warm up match.Duel Results:
    1. Marius ‘Shub‘ Jones (Nor): prize = chance to play Makaveli. Makaveli beat Shub in three matches (3-2,3-2,3-1).
    2. Henrik ‘Blue‘ Björk (Swe)
    3. Paul ‘RUFUS‘ Oosterhaven (Neth)
    4. Anders ‘Doomhammer‘ Jørgensen (Den)
  • Lan Arena 3 – 11/99
    Location: Paris, France
    Notes: U.K. wins five matches to zero.Team Deathmatch Results:
    1. U.K. (Blokey, Luke, Shigeru, Billox)
    2. France
  • 2001
  • Nations Deathmatch League – 8/01
    Notes: Final score is three maps to zero.Team Deathmatch Results:
    1. Sweden
    2. Germany
  • 2004
  • Euro Duel League – 1/4/04 > 3/24/04
    Location: Internet, EuropeTeam Deathmatch Results:
    1. Purri
    2. Syanid
    3. Damiah
  • 2005
    QuakeCon ’05 (Q2) – 8/11/05 > 8/14/05
    Location: Gaylord Texan Resort. Grapevine, Texas
    Notes: There was no open gender Quake 3 tournament at this tournament, only a female one, and an open gender Quake 2 tournament. Ms. Quakecon results are listed with the Q3 tournaments.
  • Quake II Retro Deathmatch Championship Results:
    1. Purri (Swe)
    2. [DZ]Doze
    3. Chad ‘Rigg5‘ Dorsey
  • 2006
    Q2 TDM Cup Fall 2005 (ClanBase) – 2/16/06
    Location: Online, Europe
  • Quake II Retro Deathmatch Championship Results:
    1. HBQ (Swe, Bel) – zorre, Gerdt, sLONKEN, Sweden, BUBKEZ
    2. Team On-line Killers (Pol) – bOGI, Jol, sil, marlboro
  • European Duel League 3 – 5/9/06
    > Coverage at ESReality/ Movie
    > Location: Internet, U.S.A.Team Deathmatch Results:
    1. Damiah (Fin)
    2. Purri (Swe)
    3. Syanid (Fin)
    4. Dimmo (Fin)

About the List

Latest Update: 12/12/06 – Added some Q4 tournaments including the WSVG Finals.

This Quake tournament list focuses on the players and tournaments which have made the Quake series so memorable. Many forget that Quake was the first truly three-dimensional first person shooter and is largely responsible for the eventual development of such popular games as Counterstrike and Halo. In addition to Quake, a few Doom 2 events are listed here, because Doom 2 was Quake’s predecessor and the first game around which a sizeable online first person shooter community developed. Doom 2 (Hell on Earth) itself was preceeded by the id first person shooters Doom (released 12/10/93), Wolfenstein 3D: Spear of Destiny (10/10/93), the original Wolfenstein 3D (released 5/5/92), and Hovertank 3D (4/91).

This chronological list includes any tournaments that I have come across that featured somewhat well known players. The line between Normal Quake and QuakeWorld is blurry, so some events listed under one heading, may in fact belong under the other. The Quakeworld and Quake 2 sections focus on the early years of these games, and although there have been many significant tournaments and talented players since these years, most are not included here. I would like to include them eventually, but so far haven’t had the time to do so. Tournaments featuring mods such as Rocket Arena and CPMA have also been excluded for the same reason.

The Quake players list at the bottom of the page features short descriptions of and links relating to some of the best players over the years, as well as a Quake personalities list which includes some people who have contributed to the world of Quake in ways other than (or in addition to) playing the game. If you accessed this page using the long URL, be aware that it can also be accessed using Quaketimeline.co.nr. If you have any questions or comments please send them to me at email498@yahoo.com. And, in case you’re interested, here’s a link to my crappy personal Quake webpage.


http://www.muppetclan.com/history/ http://www.methosq.com/newsjuly01.htm
http://www.challenge-tv.com/players/ listtourney.php?show=1v1


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