Interview with Mantis, Weapons Factory mapper, Halloween 1998

Interview with Mantis, Weapons Factory mapper, Halloween 1998


Interview with Mantis 10-31-98

October interview with Mantis after he released twisted2wf

WFDWe open the interview with the mandatory question: who are you and what do you do?

Mantis – My name is Randy, I’m 16 and a Junior in High School. I’m leader of the Blackcobra Weaponsfactory Clan (BCC) and make WF maps in my spare time. No job, no car, good life.

WFDWhat prompted you to make twisted2wf?

Mantis – Basically, because mapmaking is fun for me. When I first started, I had the mindset of “I’m just going to fool around, I doubt I’ll ever even release a map.” Well, once I got started it just became fun, so I continued up to where I am now.

WFDApproximately how much time did it take you to construct the map?

Mantis – I was pretty lazy while making this one. I only worked when I had nothing to do or felt like it. Overall, it took roughly two months. But those lazy days are over now, I’m starting to release new ones on a regular basis.

WFDHow long did it take to compile the map?

Mantis – QBSP took 30 minutes 20 seconds, QVis took 1 hour, 56 minutes and 20 seconds and QRad took 1 hour, 32 minutes and 51 seconds on my little ‘ole p200 w/32mb ram. So overall that’s about three hours. (2 hours 59 minutes 31 seconds)

WFDWhat were your feelings when you were asked to be an official map maker for WFS?

Mantis – I was excited and happy, of course. I never suspected anyone would like twisted when I was making it. (well, as much as Tumorhead did) And I’m glad to be here. Working with Q3 is going to be a blast.

WFDAre there any maps you are currently working on?  If so care to give us some details?

Mantis – I’m currently working on a map code-named “Eight”, although it is undecided weather that name will stay. Basically it’s named that since the rooms/corridors resemble a figure eight with the flag in the middle. As long as everything goes according to plan, it should be released the first of November along with 3.3 final and Tumorhead’s new sniper-friendly map.

Any tips you would like to give to other WF map makers?

Mantis – Keep gameplay in mind always. Whenever you make a change think about how that will effect the players in the area. I find it extremely helpful to plan out maps on paper before you even open your editor. Of course, the finished product looks almost nothing like the paper did. And of course, keep your face count low, like Lunitari mentioned in his interview. (which is disturbingly similar to this one, hmm..)

Any parting comments?

Mantis –
Hi Mom!*/

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