Weapons Factory Sniper Guide Weapons Factory Sniper Guide


The Guide

The sniper class in Weapons Factory is considered as the extenstion of the old 2.1 version of the Recon. Back in the day the recon class had a very powerful railgun,and added sniper rifle.The recon was able to fly making this class very powerful to the dedicated players who liked the sheer fun of making well aimed shots with the once powerful railgun.

Now in the modern days of WF the sniper class is the evolved class of the recon. Wielding the Sniper Rifle and the less powerful Railgun the sniper is now the “pin-point kill class” players choose when playing Team9.

Sniper’s Specs
The Sniper can wear 150 yellow (combat), and green (Flak) armor.The sniper is equip with his own famous weapons the sniper rifle, and railgun.The sniper carries with him regular grenades and flare grenades.The maximum amount of ammo for both the railgun and sniper rifle are 50 slugs.By the (‘ cmd special ‘) command you can options to turn off the auto zoom on your sniper rifle, quick aiming will let you move normaly but loose most of the damage the sniper rifle deals, and to turn on and off your laser sight for the sniper rifle.

Your Sniper Rifle
Your sniper rifle is the most powerful weapon the sniper carries.Very accurate, can pierce through enemy bodies after being hit, and has locational damage.A hit to the head 95% of the time will give you a kill,a shot to the chest area will have 2x the damage and a shot to the leg or feet will cause the target to move slowly.All snipers need to learn how to use this weapon for all situations.Although the firing system works differently.You must hold down on your fire key to idle looking for your target and then release your fire key to fire off your sniper bullet.While holding down the fire key you can only move at half speed.The sniper rifle comes with some options.Toggling on and off auto zoom.Autozoom accures when you hold down on your fire key looking for targets.Toggling on and off your laser sight which when you are idled looking for a target, while the fire key is held down, the red “meatball” apears.Onec you let go the laser dot disapears untill you hold down your fire key next.Then there is the auto aim.The name for this option throws off Many players.When this option is selected on you can move at normal speed, but your sniper rifle’s damage per shot will decrease..

Your Railgun
The railgun for the sniper is all the same except for some aspects.The railgun’s damage is greatly reduced, yet still acurate.The railgun has locational damage as well.The same aplies to your sniper rifle, but with less damage.

General Rules for Snipers
These rules aply to sniping in general,and are based upon original sniping in Team Fortress and sniping in Weapons Factory.

1)) Prioritise your targets.Take out the most leathal target in your sites and move to the next target.For example other snipers, marines wanting to get an “easy kill” and then move on down the “food chain” and kill engineers using their machineguns from across the map and spies running across bridges etc.You get the point.

2)) After Spawning in to the game always fully stock up on ammo and armor.It would take about 4 to 5 ammo packs to fully stock up.After getting hit by a homing rocket or almost dying from a sniper bullet always hit those ammo rooms.

3)) Following rule 2 is because of rule 3.The most important rule of being a sniper is to survive.Don’t allow yourself to be known by the whole enemy team,and not even just one person.

4)) Make every shot count.Don’t go shooting off your Sniper Rifle bullets at stray enemies running around.You carry the most acurate weapon since the Railgun.Do things right and you will be getting one shot kills and dead eyes where ever you go.

5)) While sniping its your job to alert your team of incoming enemies.This will save your team a lot of time orginising and prep time for those marines and gunners heading your flag’s way.

6)) Don’t be slow nor take short cuts.For example you wouldn’t want to take your time aquiring a target, or moving about an enemy base would you now? There is a fine line between taking your time,and being slow.A good sniper has a good balance of both,taking their time and being quick.

7)) Use your grapple.Remember you don’t have to walk all the way on foot like the rest of your team or most classes.The grapple can save a lot of time getting you to places fast.

The Sniper’s Place on a team
The Sniper can be left alone doing his or her thing.Protecting the fort/base from incoming enemies.The sniper can be placed anywhere in the teams base/fort to defend from enemies passing by.The only problem is of the skill of the sniper,and the location of where that sniper is placed.Most people will say that the sniper is a defense class only,but I tend to think not.

Being a sniper on offense you would almost have to act like a ninja.Since its best and more fun to take stationary shots from within the enemy base.It takes time and practice to do this.Also you have to know the enemy fort/base very well.Although this can be called defensive work from within the enemy base I like to really get my hands dirty and silently run to sniper point to sniper point picking off people.Kind of like conenct the dots.I will explain what a sniper’s point is exactly later on in this guide. You can continue with this untill you die,or low on health and return back to my team.

Then of course a sniper can get the enemy flag.I like to take my time and make sure I run in to no one.I will make sure I kill the enemies I run in to and make my way to the flag room.While inside the flag area of the enemy base I will quickly pick off any enemy gaurding the flag,and any sentry guns standing around.This is an example of a sniper run to an enemy base, offensive run.Before you do try any of these tactics remember this.Take out the enemy players first before taking out the sentries.You don’t want to run right in to a sentry filled room,and also deal with a gunner and homing rockets now do you?

Screen shot 2017-10-19 at 2.39.46 PM

The WF Sniper Lessons (1)

These lessons are for every day practice and use.Snipers need to knwo these basics and techniques to learn how to avoid such enemies and obsticals. To keep things simple and fun I will title each technique and explain below.

Avoiding Homers or Homing Rockets
Homing rockets are extremly easy to avoid.The one thing to know is what the physics of the homing rocket is and you can dodge them with ease.

Homing rockets will home in on the enemy target once it has a visual target within its range,witch is farely far away,trust me.None the less marines will still use them at close hand while trying to kill you.Homing rockets can be avoided by two main ways.

by staying stationary while the homing rocket was fired and has a lock in front of you.Then simply for example jump to the side if you were crouched down.or

using the homing rockets physics to an advantage.Homers will lock on to targets closest to itself,and then re-aquire the next closest target.So you can be running away from the homer sideways.Wait till the homer is close to you and jump oposite direction infront of the homer.The homer will swirve right by your side hitting the wall or anything close to you.

This brings up another thing to watch out for.The splash damage a rocket deals once hitting a wall or the ground.So whenever moving away from the homers you will want the homers to be aimed at the wall, for example, and you want to jump away from the wall letting the homer swirve by you,hitting the wall.Stay in the middle of hallways after doing such a manuever.

Clearance-Its your nest,dammit.So its your target
A lot of small but very annoying problems accure while sniping.The one I hate the most is having a marine jump in front of me firing homers.I mean don’t get me wrong its nice to have some protection,but the following reasons bother me to death.

1)) Particles..those damn particles will raise your ping and lower your Frame Rate causing your view of a target to be blocked.

2)) Some ideal sniper nests have enough room for one player to manuever well, and while your crouched down looking for someone marine or gunner might hop on your head and “help you out”.Now you very well know the dangers of not being able to move while a well placed sniper bullet is being aimed at another sniper,and that my friend is your head.So you die and you want to kill that marine or whoever that class was on top of your head.

3)) When two snipers duke it out your really not afraid for your health,but what happens when a cyborg starts throwing out some cluster rockets? A drop in frame rate,your ping rasies,and your target runs away to fiht another day.

Basically, if you see some fellow player coming to “help you” you might as well just move to another spot for the time being.

Red Light,Green Light.The Sniper’s Game
No matter how many times you have sniped and the many types of ways you “play it” you play this very basic game,Red Light, Green Light.The rules are simple.Two snipers or stationary enemies try and take each other out at a distance. You strafe left and right avoiding and hiding enemy fire,BUT the person who stops and waits for you to jump back to the right to return fire will win the game 90% of the time.Sometimes no one stops and takes their time to take carefull aim,and most of the time its strafing left and right,but the player who shows his/her face first will get the first well placed shot.
I can explain on and on about this,but it takes experience on field to learn how to play this game.I gave you the basics now enjoy (o:

Find,Aquire,Aim and Fire
Like that little rhyme? Now say over again in your head about 12 times.The meaning of this is to remind yourself how to get a kill,or at least hurt your enemy.

Find Finding a target isn’t it?
Aquire Home in on your new found target,and decide where you are going to hit them,how and when…
Aim Whats the difference from Aquire? well this is the milli-second that you decide to fire…The time you decide either to fire,or to hold back for a better chance
Fire You deliver your shot upon the enemy,hoping it kills them,not if it hit them.If they fall down dead,good job.If not your brain goes through these steps all over again.

If you go through these simple basic steps the only thing going through your head is not if you hit them,but if you actualy killed them.

The WF Sniper Lessons (2)

To Autozoom or not to Autozoom, that is the question
There has been a lot of talk why to use autozoom for the sniper rifle, and why its not a good idea to use it.There are so many many reasons for both those questions.Let begin with Why to use it.
I am not a big fan of using it but if you want a quick way of zooming on to your targets then thats one good reason to use it.Advantages are that it zooms in at a good distance for any type of sniping.If its long distance sniping, or in base protection it is good.Really the matter boils down to the matter of prefrence.If you like it better than using a custom made zooming alias or script.
Now if you want to be more creative and be more versitile then you can turn off your autozooming.In started using the sniper rifle with autozoom off because I had a zoom script that could offer me a lot of different ways of sniping.If you don’t like using the railgun then be prepaired to use the sniper rifle with autozoom off.If you are in close combat with autozoom on then there is a good chance you will loose your target in the fight.I am not putting down using autozoom.I do like autozoom, I jusy only prefer to have autozoom off.Now anyways those were some good examples of not have autozoom on.Some people, actualy most people, like using the sniper rifle as a blaster or machinegun.The only draw back most players are missing is that for a good “one shot kill” you have to “charge” your shot first in order to deliver enough damage, and now that your movment is restricted while under autozoom most people will look for an alternative.
It all depends on your prefrence..

Never leave home without your American Expres..I mean your Silencer
Many people forget that the sniper class comes equip with the silencer.You can use it by your inventory menu, or simply bind a key to “use silencer“.The silencer really helps while using the railgun.Since the railgun generates more noise than the sniper rifle its a good idea to always use it.After everytime you die you can use it again..

Your grapple is your friend
Some snipers forget using the grapple.You would think that its only good for getting up on those ledges or on top of boxes and such, but you can do so much more.By aiming up at the ceiling areas of structures at an angle while running, then letting go just before all the slack is gone jumping away you can travel great distances.Skipping over enemies and lasers.Sure it takes some practice but its fun, and helpful.
Another example is to grapple away fro your enemies of you are overwelmed or low on health.They will wonder why in the hell you are just grappling to a wall, but it works.Remember though smart snipers will aim for the grapple’s end where you stop and they will fire so its best for you to jump off mid range.

Enemy Grenades
Now this is only a general tip and trick to use while playing.I would always use these methods when playing because they are very helpful. First off if you just took the enemy flag and there is a proxy grenade laying in front of you,and assuming you have at least 90 or above combat armor, you could time your jump in front of the grenade.This will push you in the direction of your jump faster than just running in that direction.The boost can send you wildly through the air in the direction of your jump so it will take some practice to get it down correctly.
Another trick I’m sure most of you know is when there are some proxy grenades laying in your path to some place instead of jumping or if grappling isn’t a choice then use your decoy to blow them up.You would want to place your decoy out in front of the grenades where they will explode in proximity of your decoy, and then jump quickly away from your decoy.With practice you can get away from your decoy with only about 4 to 5 damage points.This trick is quicker than throwing grenades down at them.

The WF Sniper Lessons (3)

The spy was never as much fun to hunt and kill than before with v4.2 of WF.Now the spy has a camera that can be detonated, you can now take the job of taking them out.Just key your eyes out, and don’t hug the walls to avoid the blast.It is possible to take out a camera with your rifle, but its hard.A grenade will do fine too.

The spy will try and mingle with the crowd as much as possible.Now not losing the disguise when using the knife, the spy will always try and use the knife.Look for your own “team mates” come out from every entrance in your fort.If you find someone gun them down, because most likely they Are a spy.Use your decoys on balconies and sniper nests you take hold and place them somewhere close to the opening of the nest.The spy will take interest of the closest “target” and go for the decoy, hopefully, first.

Yet another fun class to gun down when their freezer gun is equipped.They fire so slowly you can dodge them with no problem.You will start seeing some arsonists go up on the balcony, or any nest that can be reached by foot, and try to freeze you and then burn you.I have learned to just place a decoy out.Like against the spies the decoy is good to draw fire before its too late.This time your decoy will yell out in advance instead of you hearing a knife.

The wound no one can cure..
Well maybe the nurse.I can never find one when I need one.When you get hit in the leg it sucks.You wobble about like one leg was filled with beer, and you need to take a leak.To help smoothen out your problems as much as possible I will just say to use the grapple.Crouching helps too.shoot your grapple across to a wall and walk like normal.You will walk without the wobbling going on.

The two statues
Simple and easy to do trick.Either if someone is chasing you down a hallway or you are intercepting a flag carrier this works great.Down that hallway or narrow field of some sort place a decoy out. Then step away a little bit.Stand still and wait for the enemy to round the corner.He will shoot the first thing he sees, or whatever is the closest.Being the decoy…the marine or ‘borg will be distracted for a sec enough time to place a shot…either a one shot kill or a plain hit in the have the advantage.

3.2 Sniper Tips

Well snipers will have to be more patient now.Taking their time to get take there shots just for those one shot kills.Some people hate it, but crouching is a very good way to get a good aim, especialy if you pick up the one alias I have made for that sort of thing.The “sniper lay” alias can be found in the Tools section. Remember now you don’t always have to aim for the head.Two shots to the chest and a shot down at the feet will do it.Although I really hate not being able to kill a player within two shots it is the closest thing

On the go..
If you are going run around the enemy base and set up your post, or just to assasinate some other snipers here are some tips for your “offensive”

Aim for the upper half of the body.If you can place shots around that area good.Then you can start getting a good average of shots placed above or around the sholder areas.The neck area is another good place to learn where to place your shots too.Although if you want to learn slowly on hitting techniques you can experiment on firing at the feet, then switching to your railgun.The railgun has possitinal damage as well, but you have a dedicated damage weapon.Knowing how much damage you deal is great for stragity.If you are wondering how much the railgun will deal in damage in 3.2 it is 75 dp damage points.

The forced role
If you want to get above the enemy and start sniping in a stationary place then its rather more simple now.Aiming is the total key now for the one shot kills snipers are so famed about

Well if you want to do the normal sniper thing and hang around up top picking off other players thats cool.This is the snipers defensive role.Its best to stay up on the sniper’s deck,ledge or anywhere else the sniper has a good field of vision.Now aiming for the head is easier here than on an active run one on one.Being above the enemy players is the reason for this.You would want to aquire you target and take note around the shoulder or nech area.If you have time point at the head and fire,period.You shouldn’t need to move so autozoom is okay for this, but if you are against another sniper, or dealing with homing rockets running across over to your side than a good zooming alias or script will help drastically.

Clear Skies Ahead

Basic Settings..
There really isn’t much to do when it comes to better your ping or frame rate with the console, but what you can do will help lots.This little helpful page is for the software users mostly…we seem to have the most problems.There are some commands you must know.Rate is the most talked about cmd, cl_maxfps, and cl_particles.

   Rate will will make a world of difference.Try and match the variable the same as your connection.If your connected at 28.8 then your rate should be 2800 or 2880.I use 2708 sometimes as it helps better sometimes.

   cl_maxfps will set the amount of frames the server will handle.Frames are sent to and from the server and client.Creating movment…higher the frame rate smoother the movment, but at the cost of a higher ping.Lower the frame rate and it stays the same just about, but your ping will be a bit better.The default is 90, but some servers cap it off at 30.I use 90..because most times frame rate is more important.

   cl_particles will toggle off and on visible particles from blood sprays to explosions.Oddly enough I get more difficulty playing without particles than with.

Screen Settings..
Screen sizes are most important.While you may have a 640 x 480 screen res for one game on another server something lower would help.I use the 512 x 486 size at full screen.I get good frame rate while not experiencing much lag or dramatic drops in frame rate.Now for 640 x 480 resolutions running at full screen on most maps will drop your frame rate so badly you will mistaken it for lag.The solution for that is to make the in-game screen smaller.I don’t mean turning full screen off.In video options you will see a screen size option with scroller.You can adjust the in-game size from there.The smaller the size the better your frame rate will be..guaranteed.

Overall Settings..
Overall settings I recommend is a rate of 2800,cl_maxfps 30, 60, or 90, and particles on.I can’t tell ya how many times I wished I knew if I hit someone regardless of their pain sound.Particles WILL help if you are dealing with lots of plasma bombs, rockets, and explosions.A final word…depending on how large your in-game size is particles wont play a big part unless you play at the largest size.I use 640 x 480 and adjust the in-game size a little smaller, like two notches smaller.

Hope this helps you non-GL players out some..


Reason for this Section
Welp there are lots of questions asked about certin things about the sniper class, and this will help some of you guys out a lot.Lets begin..

How much damage does the Sniper Rifle deal when you just tap the fire key?
Well its around 2 or 4 points of damage, but why would you want to use your sniper rifle like everyone elses weapon? Snipers are special because they have to hold down the fire key to increase the damage amount delivered,K Billy? go play with your sniper rifle now.

How do you turn off that annoying auto zoom? and how do you turn on that laser thingy that looks your playing an old shoot’em up game?
Go to the special menu and you can choose those options there for the sniper.Although I do not recomend the laser site for two reasons.One, anyone with a ping above 30 wont benifit from that laser dot, and Two, other people can see where your pointing while your idled looking for a target.

How can I zoom in for myself? Whats a Fov?
You can use an alias to do that job.One good zooming script can be found here.Although you can use a simple one that works all the same and zooms in close enough for good shots.WF has a simple zoom built in.Just bind a key to +rzoom.You can do what a newbie does and just type in a fov,but of course thats why this site is here.The FOV command sets the value of your Field Of Vision.The higher the number the farter away back it seems you are to objects,but the lower the number the closer you seem to be.
Examples of the number valiues are..90=This is the normal defualt fov set.30=A good fov for sniping.128=My recomended fov for the farthest view because I don’t use anything above 90, heh..

How can I turn off auto zoom on the sniper rifle by the press of one key?
Go to the Tools section and scroll on down untill you find an alias for that use.You can use it to toggle it off and on.

What weapon should I use to take out a sentry gun?
The sniper rifle is good if you have some time to “charge” and deliver your attack.Although the railgun is good because if you get caught by someone the railgun is a reliable weapon that delivers certine dependable amound of damage.

Sniper Tools

Additional Files
Want more in your game? Need a little extra something to help you out? Sniper Packs are here and waiting for use.

Sniper Packs Section

Format of the tools
Most of these helpful tools for you come in a way of aliases and script files.You can place them anywhere you need them. I would recomend that you create a seperate CFG file for your sniper aliases and scripts.Although you can always place them in your WF spacific CFG file.For more information on CFG’s and aliases for WF go to the Weapons Factory home site and visit their Handbook and read up on configuration. Now knowing how to use these types of tools we will continue..

You can copy and then paste the aliases that you need to your CFG file:

“Sniper Laying” *for the non-free lookers*

bind SHIFT +crouch
alias +crouch “+movedown;+mlook”
alias -crouch “-movedown;-mlook”


   Now with this you can crouch down and use your mouse to aim and fire at your enemies.I personly can’t live without this little alias. You bind only one key for this alias.Bind any key to +crouch.In this case I use the SHIFT key,but you can change that binding.


Adjustable Zooming.The Zoom Scope by _Tron

You must download the file here.This is not a simple alias at all.see discription-


This is not one simple alias,but many aliases that all act like engines.This script file will let you zoom in and out just like a real Scope on a gun.Bound keys are:
– KEY zooms back in
+ KEY zooms in closer

I STRONGLY recomend you not to alter this script file.


Toggle for your Auto Zoom Sniper Rifle

bind g 2az
// turning off auto zoom
alias 1az “cmd special;invprev;invuse;echo Auto Zoom OFF,hehehe..;bind g 2az”
alias 2az “cmd special;invprev;invuse;bind g 1az”


   This alias here is used for the 3.1 version of Weapons Factory.This is used to toggle on and off your auto zooming on your sniper rifle.


Quick Grenade Toss

bind p +toss
// Quick Sniper Grenade Toss
alias +toss “cmd grenade1;+attack;wait;wait;wait”
alias -toss “wait;wait;wait;-attack;weaplast”


   This is very handy when you are in close combat.simply press the p key to toss a regular grenade out and switch back to your weapon you were using.Of course you can switch the bound key to any key you would like.I bound this alias to the P key because that is where my three grenades are.Just makes it easier for me to throw.


Smooth scrolling

bind mouse2 +side
// Smooth scrolling
alias +side “cl_sidespeed 100”
alias -side “cl_sidespeed 200”


  This small alias will let you strafe side to side slowly to get a kill a little more easily.This set your sidespeed slower and returns it to normal when you release the bound key.You cannot set your side speed any faster or the value will just voide like nothing happened.You will only see a difference with lower values. 200 is the default..

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