Like many people, I picked up Quake II at the frantic urging of a friend who had previously been addicted to Quake I.  It was the start of a beautiful love/hate relationship that eventually lead me down the ominous path of cheating in online games.  Here is my story.

In the beginning…

I began with Quake II single player to become familiar with the controls, although my ultimate goal was multiplayer online gaming.  I immediately became completely engrossed in the Q2 single player experience.  Never had I played such an exciting and immersive game.  Admittedly, I wasn’t very good at it, dying many times in the first level alone.  After a few days of dedicated single player, it became apparent that I would never be able to finish the game.  After complaining to a friend about my lack of single player expertise, he informed me of GOD MODE.  God.  Three letters that would unleash the cheater in me forever.  I went back into the game with renewed passion.  I was invincible, what an amazing feeling.  Just a few hours earlier I was defining the word ‘suck’, now I am cruising through the levels with ease.  I am a God.  I never did complete the single player game, I grew bored and moved on to the incredible world of multiplayer Quake II.  A world that I would become trapped in for years to come.

Kill or be killed… dead again…

I was not completely new to multiplayer gaming.  For a brief period I had played Doom II on my 14.4 modem versus a nearby friend.  Although the experience was an enjoyable one, it was nothing like what I was about to experience with Quake II.  I hopped on to a DM server (the only mode of multiplayer I was aware of at the time).  The game was fresh for everyone at the time, so there was no bad mouthing or taunting, everyone was friendly and obviously enjoying themselves immensely.  With the exception of myself, everyone had a relatively even number of frags by the end of the map.  I, on the other hand, ended the map with a whopping score of negative one (I had popped myself with my own grenades several times).  I didn’t lose heart, simply chalked it up to a first time experience.  I hopped on to another server in the hope of finding some lesser skilled opponents.  My second attempt was slightly more successful.  Although I was not quite the killing machine I had hoped to be, I did get some frags this time, and I was not the low scoring player at the end of the map.  There was one player who reached the server’s 50 frag limit with seemingly little effort.  I was envious of his skill and at the ease in which he proficiently owned everyone in his path.  I decided then, that one day I would also top the score charts.  That day was not too far off in the distance.

A great discovery…

After thoroughly enjoying Quake II Deathmatch for a month, I discovered Planet Quake, and games within the game called MODifications.  My first download was Capture the Flag.  CTF added so many new and exciting elements to Quake II.  Not only was CTF a great game, but I also received points for the victories of my teammates.  I quickly learned that being on the most skilled team would mean I would not have to rely merely on my own meager skills in order to come out on top.  This didn’t take away my burning desire to be #1, but it did subdue it for a time.  It wasn’t long before I found myself tasting more MODS.  Jailbreak, Weapons Factory, Action Quake and Rocket Arena were all on the menu.

Simple weapon add-on to see if weapon is
available while waiting above.

One is the loneliest number…

Throughout my public server experiences I was always noticing the high ranking players being asked to join Clans.  It didn’t take me long to figure out that clans were groups of the best players (or so I thought) who competed in various leagues and tournaments.  I wanted to be a part of this.  One slight problem… no one was approaching me to join them.  Apparently I would have to greatly improve my game if I wanted to be a part of this aspect of online gaming.  If I would not receive the offers, I was going to have to take a more direct approach and apply for tryouts on my own.  Bear in mind that although I had improved immensely since my first online experience, I was still far from being the next Thresh Junior.  I began cruising clan websites, and selected many CTF clans to start with.  Some of the clans I approached I would later find out were some of the best clans in the scene.  Respected and revered CTF clans such as Peacemakers, Crayola Clan, LoR, Elite Strike, Rest in Pieces, bezerker, Damage Incorporated, Red Dragons and Bastards.  I was granted a few tryouts, all of which ended in embarrassment for me.  Although most were gracious in their rejections, I felt as though I was being ridiculed by the CTF community at large.  Which of course was untrue since none of them knew me from a hole in the ground.  It was then that I visited a website which described a truly wondrous cheat.

Tis better to frag than be fragged…

When the autoaim program called ZBOT first came out it was easily spotted on servers.  Although at first people just thought [Z-Bot] was a clan tag, it soon became public knowledge that was actually a cheat which provided players with precision aiming.  However, the default field of vision was so high that the [Z-Bot] players were shooting opponents that they couldn’t even see.  Because of this high FOV, the Zbot players could be detected by more than just their unusual tag, they were also the players shooting out of their own backs.  By the time I found ZBot they were already fairly common knowledge, so actually getting to use it was next to impossible without getting kicked off the servers.  That’s when I discovered Zorbot.  A glorious ZBot hack which removed the [Z-Bot] tag.  I also learned to adjust the field of vision to a low enough setting to avoid visual detection on the servers.  The moment of truth… The first thing I did was to select a new handle.  I wanted this to be a whole new start for me, as well as a fallback should I be detected.  No more mediocre playing for me, I was about to become a Quake II superstar (or so I thought).  

My first game as the new and improved me.  I hopped on to play some CTF, ZBot enabled.  I went straight for the weapon which had eluded me thus far, the Railgun.  Staying inner base I started to pick off my opponents one by one with ease.  Not only was I a killing machine, but a defensive ace as well, racking up the points to lead my team to victory time and time again!  After sitting atop the score chart for the 4th map in a row, it finally happened… someone asked me if I was in a clan.  That question couldn’t have been sweeter.  I was being complimented for my (ZBot’s) excellent rail skills and finally people wanted me in their clans.  Without hesitation, I agreed to join a new clan called Clan BBQ.  I started practicing with my new clan, no one was the wiser about my mock skills and I was quickly recognized as their star player.  Although, just as I was not satisfied to be a mediocre player, I was also not satisfied to be in a mediocre clan.  I would leave BBQ and earn tryouts in the top ranked clans that turned me down a few months prior.  Again I chose a new name and made a fresh start, wowing the ‘elite’ players on their clan servers.  Impressed with my superior rail skills above all else, I was soon invited to join one of the dream teams I had put on a pedestal long ago.  Once again, as with single player, I was a God. 

The end is near?

Cheating in Quake II was becoming more wide spread, many people were appalled and upset that the game they loved was infested with cheating maggots like myself.  I fully blame the inexperienced rookie cheaters for blowing our cover and exposing our cheats to the public.  Many in the community decided that something must be done about this rampant cheating, thus programs like BW Admin were born.  BW Admin was really well received by the Q2 community, and servers were quickly upgraded with this latest cheat protection set to detect the impulse commands sent to the server by ZBot.  But add-ons like BW Admin were flawed at first, kicking and accusing innocent players who were merely lagged out.  This realization lessened the faith of the users who replied on this form of bot protection.  Respected players were being accused by BW Admin, which was great for the cheaters like myself who would also get nailed by BW Admin when it was first released.  Another concern was new Quake II patches which would not be compatible with ZBot/Zorbot.  One was on its way and the community at large were happily waiting to see which of the community’s star players would suddenly go missing with the arrival of the new patch, because their bots would no longer work.  Fortunately this did not pose a problem for me, the updated bot was released the day after the new Q2 patch.   

Although a time of much concern for me, a worse time had arrived, the end of ZBot.  An announcement was made that no longer would Zbot be updated to bypass the new versions of server bot protection and Quake II updates.  The false skills that made me who I was would now drive me from the game I loved, unless I could find an alternative FAST.  Within a few days I happened upon the Mecca of all cheat websites.  Apparently only known amongst a small group of people, the site was dedicated to cheating in Q2.  Within moments I was the relieved owner of the latest in autoaim technology, RatBot.  Not just RatBot though, the grand poobah of them all, the hacked RatBot, able to bypass all known detections.  I could safely continue my charade.

The popular Nose Pak, with rocket trails incl.
Commonly used in RA2 and Q2 CTF.

The clan whore…

Throughout my stint in one of the top CTF clans, I had received many a compliment for my sharp shooting.  I admit that it went to my head.  I finally decided that I was too much skill for one game alone.  I felt it was time I took an active role in other Q2 communities.  Unknown to my clanmates, I took on yet more names and began playing some serious Rocket Arena and Action Quake.  I would soon be recognized for my skill in these games, amongst the top players, I would be known as both railer and sniper extraordinaire.  I started playing on the servers where the top ranking clans would be. 

In Action I quickly found myself gaining the respect of players from Deathsquad, 20 Inch Dongs, Doggus, Elite Assassins, Goon Squad, Ultra Violence Clan, Action Mafia Cleaners, and Armed Weapon Experts.  It wasn’t before long that I had secured a spot as one of the top snipers on one of these teams. 

In Rocket Arena I did the same.  My CTF clan did not know I played Action.  My Action clan did not know I played Rocket Arena.  A different name for every occasion, all with the same false skill that put me on the map.  Again I played with people from the top clans, matching rails with players from clans such as eNGINe, Damage Inc, Asian Express, Pirates?!?!, Epic, Clan Marauders, Clan 51, Apocalyptic Vengeance, and Napalm Killers.  With little effort I had my pick and opened the door to one of these teams.

Now a trusted and active participant in three of the best clans Q2 could boast, it was time to take things a step further in the hope of one day being considered the best player in each respective MOD.  I downloaded the latest and greatest cheats to accompany my bot, including the famed Nose Pak and Rocket Trails by sYx66.  Although these cheats were not new, he did deserve credit for putting them together in nice neat paks for our cheating pleasure.  Then there was the invisible wall cheat, which has recently been made public again by Megavolt (AKA [E:9]Phr00t).  With Pinnochio noses, glowing models, enhanced sounds, and invisible walls, I was effectively able to broaden the skillset between you and me once again.  On top of my Railgun skills, I had now become known for my ability to predict the movements of my opponents. 

See through wall
sample (Urban)

The final word…

For every cheat you know about, there are ten that you do not know about.  For every cheat detection program available, there are cheats that bypass that particular detection.  For every person saying a particular cheat is not possible, there are people out there proving them wrong and making the proof public.  I have only mentioned the most widely known cheats, I can’t give out all of my secrets.

I am still a cheater.  I am a false Quake God.  I am still on your servers.  I am a trusted member of your clan.  And much to your dismay, I have long since found my way into Q3A.

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