Tim’s Quake 2 Skins Page

Tim’s Quake 2 Skins Page

Tim’s Quake2 Skins Page now has two sites, one at 3dpalette.com, and the original right here. To use the skins, just unzip them in your Quake2\baseq2\players\ folder and if it’s a female skin, stick it in female, male skin stick it in male. Pretty simple huh? Due to popular demand, I have finally added my own tutorial that has everything about skins that I can think of. Also, I am running behind on my updates, so I haven’t been able to add any new skins for a while. I hope to in a few weeks when I am on break. Thanks for your patience.

Male Skins:

Alien Hunter (by Kewlfish) Picture

Batman (From Nurple) Picture

Beta (By Raptor) Picture

Bloodthirsty (By Beckett) Picture

Captain America (by Rocco) Picture

Charley Brown (Peanuts, anyone?) Picture

Cedric (A friend) Picture

Clown (FN) Picture

Cohiba(FN) Picture

Commando (by bugbit8822) Picture

Crash (FN) Picture

The Crow (I think my best one) Picture

Cyborg (Beckett) Picture

Death (not sure) Picture

Devil Man (FN) Picture

Devious (by 2Devious) Picture

Dilbert (A fun skin to use) Picture

Ned Flanders (hidely ho!) Picture

Flash (by Rocco) Picture

Bill Gates(Who made this?) Picture

Goblin (FN) Picture

Gollumn (FN) Picture

Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) Picture

Grendel (Killer comic book) Picture

Guyver (SheepGod1) Picture

IC-1 (My personal skin) Picture

Jason from Friday the 13th Picture

K-G-B (by Railer) Picture

K-G-B3 (by Railer) Picture

Leopard (FN) Picture

Joe Montana (great for a CTF skin) Picture

Nathan (One of my friends, goes by Mayhem) Picture

Nathan2 (He whined about the first one) Picture

Nike (by 2Devious) Picture

Nurple bot (FN) Picture

Optimus Prime (The autobot!) Picture

OSM (by Jaguar) Picture

QuakeGod (by Pete Holt) Picture

Redrum (FN) Picture

Jerry Rice (Another good CTF skin) Picture

Dennis Rodman (In his, uh, street attire) Picture

Barry Sanders (Yet another skin great for CTF) Picture

ScorchPak (By Scorch) Picture

Homer Simpson (Doh!) Picture

Space Ghost (FN) Picture

Steel (FN) Picture

Superman (FN) Picture

Tealmun (FN) Picture

Thanos (by Nostro) Picture

Theif (By Nelson Somerville) Picture

The Knight (I spent a good deal of time on this one.) Picture

Tim (Me, or as close as I can get.) Picture

Updtskn (by Railer, a fix for the K-G-B skin) Picture

Vdopm (by the VDOPM Clan) Picture

Waldo (Where is he?) Picture

Female Skins:

Angie Everheart (My best female skin so far) Front Back

Lara Croft (From Xavier Orozco) Picture

Domino (From the comic book X-Force. Works well with a Cable skin.) Picture

Flesher (Beckett) Picture

Pocahontas (By Rickrack) Picture

Plasma (Beckett) Picture

Smiles (Beckett) Picture

Gwen Stefani (Lead singer for No Doubt. Megababe ; ) ) Picture

Tonya Harding (An ice-skater from my hometown. Good with clubs.) Picture

Mary Katherine Gallagher (Character from S.N.L. My sister made this one) Picture


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