Quake Women’s Forum introduces BostonChick

Each month, Quake Women’s Forum introduces an active QuakeWoman. For the month of February, QWF would like to introduce BostonChick, of One Woman Quake:

BostonChick doesn’t remember when she started playing internet Quake, it was so long ago! When she started playing there weren’t many Quake players online and the lag was horrible. She may have even been using 14.4 modem back then! The first time she played Quake, other than single player, was via modem with her brother, and she couldn’t believe how exciting it was. Her heart was pounding and her mind was spinning, even through those painful moments of horrible lag. She had played DukeNukem when they were beta testing TEN and quit once they started charging for play time. That’s when she decided to search for internet Quake. She started by going to id software’s home page and once there, found other links and servers pertaining to it. Although she’d never played Quake online and was completely clueless she searched hundreds of Quake related pages to find out more about it. A few months later BostonChick began seeing “groups” of people with the same characters in their name. When she asked what that meant somebody gave her a link to a clan page. That peaked her interest and she was amazed that there were so many clans of people gathered to play Quake on the internet…. so, she decided to join one! After trying to join Clan PMS, to no avail, she decided to join up with Clan Lagitus who, at that time had about 100 members. She stayed with Clan Lagitus for close to 3 months before joining the Rangers. BostonChick has been with the Rangers since April of 97. She’s now the Team Fortress Squad Leader of eight dedicated, ass kicking Team Fortress players. She believes “The Rangers have accomplished alot in the past and they’ll continue to accomplish more in the future.”

BostonChick’s One Women Quake is a collection of many different aspects of Quake: information, fun, news and whatever else she can think to put on it. The “Ramblings” part of the site is just stuff she thinks about now and then. Basically, she’ll catch an interesting thought, and with no regard to format or appearance, type everything she feels until the thought is completed. The “News” section of her site is, in BostonChick’s words: “hell to keep up!” Most of the news reported is done by BostonChick and only a few are sent in.

Screen shot 2017-10-17 at 5.10.34 AM

She’s been playing Quake for quite awhile now and, unlike the other games on the market, Quake is the only one she’s had a consistent interest in. BostonChick enjoys the many different types of internet Quake play with the large variety of maps, skins, and structured games, Team Fortress and Rocket Arena are two of her favorites. Except for the ping she gets, she doesn’t think there’s much change needed in Internet Quake and she’s excited to see what Team Fortress will be like with Quake II. BostonChick consistently trys to get more women involved in Internet Quake playing and has convinced some of her female friends to try it. It only takes about a week before they’re hooked!

Since BostonChick plans on maintaining it for a very long time, BostonChick’s One Women Quake will continue to be a Quake site to visit regularily. BostonChick stresses: “I really appreciate all the support that everyone has given me . Without the interest shown by the Quake Community the page wouldn’t be worth all the time and effort”. In the near future she’ll be opening the doors to BostonChick.Com [ http://www.bostonchick.com ]. The aim is for the middle of February. Gamesnet will be the gracious host, and she’s hoping to make a lot of additions that provide people with scores of information and files. She plans on making BostonChick.Com the best page she can.

Boston qwf.gif


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