Sinister fragging someone


Full swing with MADMAX in the background


RHI guys playing the same match


RHI guys after the match “My dicks this Big !!!”


Buster (male/grunt or what !) Blade, Evil Lecker, Turbo


TR with Mr Juicy looking on.

Saturday the 1st of August again saw the running of the infamous Lecker Lan at our very accomodating warehouse pad. It kicked off at 12:00 noon

with the arrival of Rocket^[IGUANA]. He was joined by Wiggum soon after and although Wiggum didn’t have his PC, Rocket kindly shared his so both were able to play. Both guys proved to be very cool dudes and have earned the prestigeous and highly-sought after “Standing Invite” to further Lans.

This was the biggest Lan so far and went off with only a few minor network problems. There was also the usual incompatibilities between Win95 and 98 to deal with, but overall the network ran nice and fast and total of 36 computers were on the network during the Lan with a peak of 32 at one time. I got to put a lot of new faces to names which is always great. This made for some furious DM in nice low ping games.

During the night Lecker and Kurce organised some comps for everyone there. We had a 4 on 4 RA comp and a 2 on 2 DM comp. The 2 on 2 was won by Hellfire and Kurce, the 4 on 4 byDarkness, Sinister, Hellfire and Kurce. I entered but was eliminated in the first round in both comps. As Neddy did not show up as expected, in the 4 on 4 I played with Fascist, Spot andGabriel.

Our first game was against SoQ and we got raped 5-0 by Mr.Snow, Groo, Krazy Ivan andVomit God who stood in to make up numbers. In the 2 on 2, I
played with Ratsack against Munchkin and Turbo and we thoroughly blew their goats (Nite Rickus [GX] would be proud…ed)

We also had a Clan challenge during the night between TR and RHI. The match results were RHI:92, TR:133.

Time for the Roll Call. (Sorry if I miss anyone…so many) Clans in attendance were, TR, GX, SoQ, IGUANA, COOTS, DA, DM, SR, RHI andK-Z.

People attending were me, Lecker, Kurce, Munchkin, Turbo, Ratsack, Hellfire, Darkness, Blade, Sinister, Buster, Psyc, Rocket, Wiggum, Bro, Jojie, CC, Sir Damage, Cheese Hankrn, Anomaly, Cyclonus, Necro, Mr.Snow, Groo,
Vomit God, Krazy Ivan, Madmax, Mr.Juicy, Master Chicken, Mushin, Dexter, Lone Wolf, Xanatos, Predator, Dynamo, Laughing Boy, Prophecy, Tool,
Vigilante, Freak, Fascist, Spot
and Gabriel.

We were also very privileged to have along a few of the guys who are writing Team Fortress 2 for Half Life. We are definately claiming this Lan as
a great success as everyone had a great time with very few probs.

Well, everyone except Predator who had a little too much to drink and spent most of the night passed out on the couch. He missed a great Lan and his Clan mates had to find a “stand-in” for the team 4 on 4. Not too bright! hehe. A video was taken of the Lan during the night, as soon as I can get a copy I will send it on up to Sydney.

Bitch Whore[GX]


Saturday 5th of september was the day of the Biggest Lecker Lan to dateClans in attendance were:

The List –

SOQ Borg
SOQ Mr Snow
SOQ hillary
SOQ krazy
SOQ necro
SOQ groo
SOQ bezerka
SOQ wheel
TR lecker
TR cite
TR darkness
TR ratsack
TR munchkin
TR psyc
TR turbo
TR buster
TR blade
TR sinister
TR hellfire

jack3767[BiA] MeatAxe[BiA] GReasy[BiA]

[SAS]SAS + 1 other
[SAS]Mr. Juicy

LOTD ugh man
LOTD Bastage
LOTD Palpatine
GX neddy
GX Bitch Whore



MI fascist
MI dexter
MI master chicken
MI Mushin



The day started with some early arrivals at about 1pm. Jack3736 making the journey all the way up from Morwell arived with his brother who lives just around the corner, joining Dexter, Ratsack, Buster, Lecker , Sinister and Bitch Whore who had been Quakin’ all night Friday. Unfortunatly our full list of players who attended went missing, (we suspect Bitch Whore) including the full results of the Duel Competition and the team games. The Duel comp was won by Borg[SoQ], a deserving winner on the day. This comp was played on the remake of Aerowalk by Preacher. The finals got down to a 3 man round robin between Cite[TR], Ratsack[TR] and Borg[SoQ]. Borg whipped Cite (10 – 2) in the first match. Then Ratsack and Borg had a tie at 8 all, withBorg levelling the scores in the last 4 seconds !Ratsack then played Cite with the result being 8 – 2 in Cite’s favour. So to the decider betweenRatsack and Borg. Ratsack had to win by a margin of 8 frags to take it out with Borg only having to show up to win.

The winner of the Duel comp was given the honor of attempting a 30+ player railing. Now that might sound easy, but getting that many people to stand still in a straight line is close to impossble. Many itchy trigger fingers were scratched. When we finaly did get everyone in a straight line, about half an hour later, we all crowded around Borg’s machine to watch…..the server crash!! As soon as Borg hit the fire button the server crapped it’self much to the amusement of everyone. The second take the server didn’t crash but it took more than one rail to do the job, with some players picking up armor etc. oh well heaps of fun anyway.

A four on four comp was also held, with most clans there on the day putting in a team and a lot of teams made from the “Single” players.

A few Quake 1 players led by VG made an appearence which was cool, mostly faces from the old days of CIC. Hopefully a few more will be there for the next one. Every one seemed pretty happy with the days entertainment, this was due to a reasonable network put together with borrowed Hubs. Big thanks to those who brought them along. Also thanks to Prophecy for leaving his PC to be used as a dedicated server during the day, even though he was M.I.A

Always good to put a face to the names and see the Melbourne Quake community getting together..

Appologies to anyone or anything I forgot to mention. I know there was heaps of people there that I didn’t meet so I don’t know there names. Mail Cite with any changes. (Thanks to those who have so far)


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