Kannibas.com: DickHead of the Month

Kannibas.com: DickHead of the Month

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The Publisher Of This Page You think that you can escape judgement for your filthy mouth and web site by saying that you only report what is sent to you. You need to understand, that each one of us will answer for his or her own deeds. God help you. You better repent while you have time. leaf.gif
YOU GUYS WHINE LIKE BABIES Yes, its true, you all suffer from lack of sun, outside sports, and just going to the beach for one day. Don’t worry, it happens to many poeple. If you guys havn’t forgot, this is ONLY A GAME. It really isn’t real life or anything. Go F your wives, go take your kids fishing. Whatever. Jesus, atleats I hope I have a life when I become an adult
Editors note: What makes you think we don’t do these things already? Spending an hour or two in front of the PC at night can’t be any worse than brain addling television. I’ll betcha you caught every episode of Survivor you hypocrite.
SwR Phere This little wanna be camps all day and then kicks you when he gets frustrated that you beat him. Total Pussy Ass Wanna Be leaf
FragGodLAgger aka QII What a fucking idiot this guy is. He has those gay binds like, “FUCK YOU Cable Modem/DSL Users!!!!” and a bunch of other stupid ones. The problem with this fool is not his connection, but his lack of skill. He just plain sucks. The funny thig is, when he’s getting his ass kicked, he’ll either go observer or start bitchin about how cable modem/dsl players should be banned from Kannibas. What a FUCKING KOOK.
Editors note: Betcha the LoD guys would be interested to hear that he’s using their tag. I’ve played this guy and this report couldn’t be more accurate.
foot! What a PUSSY, he sits and camps all day long at one spot. Then he changes his name to Da.foot. hahahah What a jackass! q2-dhead
Papa[Smurf] Because he doesn’t use the hook and still whooops my ass!!! and he has those gay ass binds “I DON’T REMEMBER HOMO SMURF, YOU MUST BE FROM THE OTHER VILLAGE” and each time i’m killed by this little blue non-hook using dude he says “SMURFED” lets let ppl vote on this guy .. i know they now who i’m talking about .. hehe q2-dhead
[LoD]Zul This guy neads to learn to take his loss like a man and keap his mouth sht and not whine the whole game, the threats of getting me banned for telling him to shut up were pretty wak as well.
love always
ALIVE and UNKNOWN They’ve recently decided it’s fun to flood a server w/messages like “HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA” and “VIOLATED!!!” over and over. They stop just before getting kicked for flooding and start all over. They’ve ruined two good servers already. Lower the flood limits Bong before they ruin Kannibas too! q2-dhead
ElvisMan He has the lowest “skill level” in the history of Kannibas but he came in and fragged my ass the other day anyway.
[Editors note: Remember, I just post ’em]
Flavious Varro For promoting his server and asking for help in running it And belonging to a wako clan q2-dhead
NiXoN[herd] this fucking faggot camps like an idiot on spawn sites…deliberately going to games with tons of people so plenty of people for him to kill and shit…oh btw hes got a ping of 40 ; / fuckin loser q2-dhead
untitled “you lame no name dickhead… you have no balls….and then with no name you want to talk about ping floodin a server…. you are truely lower than whale shit… i can’t wait to get your IP….shit for brains…… thekind (man enough to put my name)” q2-dhead
A Mean Man “Here’s a classic loser who needs to be on the winning team at all times. No matter how uneven the teams will be, he will ALWAYS jump onto the winning one. Total loser…then he has the balls to gloat after the win.” q2-dhead
e6/Plutar “How many more times do I need to watch this:” e6/Plutar has voted for map q2dm1
voting time up, no map changed
e6/Plutar disconnected
BongStalk “Just because” dude-joint
untitled “If I have to read more of him braggin about how great he is I’ll personally start ping flooding his system.” q2-dhead
[NITE]ShIvRhAvN “Doesn’t this guy have anything better to do when he’s at work than post trash on the message board?” q2-dhead
YoMamma “Any time this little fuck gets into a Qpong game, he shoots for his own teams goal, thus fucking up the game for all. Then he laughs about it, until the server clears…he’s a fucking prick…”(This certainly gets MY vote – BS) q2-dhead
BW-Admin “What’s this shit about ‘Banned Keywords’…Let GoFuckYourSelf play.”(This was an oversight on my part. Will be fixed ASAP – BS) q2-dhead
KnightStar “This guy has to learn to control his mouth. No one wants to listen to him whine in servers while they are fragging. It spoils it for everyone. Talk about a nominee for PING death!” q2-dhead

Nominate an additional person.All e-mail addresses and “handles” will be kept confidential. I will not, under any circumstances, share the nominators names with the nominees.


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