Quake 2 Clan [FRG] Fraggle Rocks!

Quake 2 Clan [FRG] Fraggle Rocks!

Screen shot 2017-10-09 at 6.46.05 PM.png

This is the Quake2 clan [FRG] home base.

We have it because it’s mandatory and not because it’s fun to run. That’s why we are using a standard FrontPagesetup.

The most important public info is the server run at artemis.prog.se:27910 It has LM CTF running on it. Always the latest possible version for Linux. The kewl thing is that it only runs the standard CTF maps, not the LM CTF maps. So remeber to dump your CTF maps in your LM CTF directory. Since the pipe is only 128 kbit/s I only allow 12 players maximum.

For official clan business (challenges, applications etc), mail Stolle[FRG]

This site was last updated on 29-July-1998.

quake05_dead (1)

Match result screenshots are separate. Also some stats and demos available…

  1. Slamdancers – Fraggle, 980215, we lost7469 – 4222 over a 5 set match
  2. Slamdancers – Fraggle, 980412, we lost again1642 – 1591 over a 5 set match
    As you can see a much closer fight but we still lost it – screenshots.
  3. Fraggle – 9Lifes, 980607, our first victory!568 – 161 over a two set match. They chose McKinley Revival and we chose The Smelter. The first set was a very close victory for 9L but we sweeped the second set with a whopping 440-10 and 9-0 in captures – screenshots.
  4. RX Rippers – Fraggle, 980629, yet another loss:-(584 – 452 over a two set match
    Pretty close but the first set sucked, check out the screenshots.
    For you statistic lovers we have a whole slew of statistics from the second set and for the really interested a demo of the second set as well.
  5. yNkel – Fraggle, 980706, and we really got our asses kicked!801 – 235 over a two set match
    We played better than last time out but it still didn’t help. The were really fast (so I can whine about the difference in ping:) and aimed good. We have some screenshots for you as well. And if you really want to gloat, check out thestatistics. Ah, and yes, yNk have five players in the stats but they changed one player in half-time
  6. MVP – Fraggle, 980720, another loss, will it never end?488 – 147
    According to reports the match was plauged with intruders posing with clan-names and had to be restarted. MVP kicked our butts noneheless and we lost our first match of the OGL. Here’s the shot.
  7. [C] – Fraggle, 980725, we lost again but this time it was expected…742 – 105
    Ouch, that hurt. We didn’t play that bad but the points just sort of ran away.
    They were only three so it kind of turned into DM with flags. Anyway we looked good occassionally but they had superior tactics. That’s what won them the game. We expected to loose since we saw what they did to our friends,The Slamdancers, but I think we did better than them.


Screen shot 2017-10-09 at 6.47.16 PM

Screen shot 2017-10-09 at 6.46.53 PM


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