The Crow’s Nest: Who Is Scarecrow?

The Crow’s Nest: Who Is Scarecrow?

Real name – Wayne Peters!

I am 30 and I live in Cheltenham in Gloucestershire, England, though I’m originally from Wales. I live with my cat, Tabby and my mate, Alexis.

I currently work for Acclaim UK as a 3d Artist. I have previously worked for Microsoft and Lionhead to varying degrees aswell as a slew of Quake2 and Half Life mods. My interests include drawing, painting, model making – either kits or from scratch, Role Playing (the old fashioned way! – remember dice!?), 3D animation and model-making on the Computer (I use 3D STUDIO MAX), More commonly I create Player Plug-in models for Quake2 and Half-Life. I have done extensive work for Airquake2, WANTED for Half Life and I am the author of several extensive Half Life modelling tutorials on Cold Fusion which you can link to on the left. I am often to be found on the Cold Fusion message forums answering pleas for help. Cold Fusion is a website I used to run, hosted by Planet Half-Life, dedicated to Half-Life modelling. It is now lorded over by Bamphalas. I have since moved on to other things.

I also enjoy character and hardware concept design. I primarily consider myself to be a character designer.

I love the cinema. My favourite Movies of all time are:



TERMINATOR (the first, not the appalling firework display that was T2)

ALIEN/ALIENS (not 3 or 4)

There are MANY others but those are the top five.

I watch very little TV but I do enjoy Doctor WHO, STAR TREK the next Generation, Babylon 5, Mystery Science Theatre 3000, Millennium, the Simpsons, League of Gentlemen.

My favourite Artists/designers are Sir Edward Burn-Jones and any of the pre-Raphaelites, Brian Froud, Ron Cobb, Syd Mead, H.R. Gieger, Rodney Matthews, Frank Frazetta, Stan Sakai, Vaughn Bode, Patrick Woodroffe, James Gurney,

My favourite Writers are Neil Gaiman, Frank Millar, Robert E. Howard, August Derleth, Tom Clancy, Ian Banks, Alan Moore and Storm Constantine.

My favourite actors are: Donald Sutherland, Richard Harris, Helena Bonham-Carter, Tom Baker, Ewan MacGregor, Emma Thompson, Garry Oldman, Richard E. Grant and Simon Callow.

My favourite Comedians are, Billy Connoly, Eddie Izzard, Jack Dee, Mark Thomas and Bill Hicks.


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