[FMa Clan] Fear My ascension

The History of clan [FMa]

FMa: Originally founded on Mplayer in November of 1999 Original co-leaders and co-founders were FMa SnowStorm, and FMa FrozenDeath.

FMa DrunkMonkey was first recruited member. All three were previously MA/”Manson Family” clan members. MA Rodent was FrozenDeath, MA DrunkMonkey (formerly FunkyDrunkMonkey) was Monkey, We’re near the dawn of time now……Oh, ya, originally FMA stood for F*CK MA, but depending who asked it could be said it was “former” MA if needed! FMa Nephilim, FMa Dowgl, FMa Scorpious, and FMa Soulja were recruited shortly after. When the membership got to around 11 or 12, there was a falling out between the co-founders/leaders and some serious infighting nearly broke the clan up for good. Not long after that Gorgasm was recruited, and shortly after started building the clan their “first” primitive website.

In the following months we grew again and the original leaders faded away. Neph and Monkey and Dowgl both had tours of duty as Leaders and they grew the clan in size. We soon befriended clan DA, which was run by DA Newbie Boy (Iron-Clad). After a while DA kind of broke apart and some of the remaining members formed HK and were led by HK BloodShed (also Iron Clad) We changed the meaning of FMa at that time to represent “Funky Monkey Assasins”, since the original meaning went away with the co-founders. Often we would hangout in our room and play with fellow clannies. One day quite a few of the FMa and HK were chatting in a room and came up with an idea that we should merge and become one big, mighty, unstoppable clan. It was suggested that we change our name so that it wouldn’t appear as if one clan was just “absorbed” into the other. After throwing around ideas and names, Nephillim (who was the strongest leading force of FMa at the time) came into the room and was asked his opinion. Blatantly Neph refused to change his name and so patriotically said “I will always be FMa even if im the only one left, im NOT CHANGING MY NAME!”. That moment in time I think was a turning point for a few of us, realizing that we will always be FMa and never quit, no matter what. Not longer after that night HK split up and the majority of the members joined up with FMa anyway, namely Iron-Clad, and OverDrive.

Occasionally we started having a few scrimmages with the “Us” clan…”Usual suspects” and did well for the most part. CTF all weapons of course. Also had many a good late-nite scrimmages with the “Just” clan in the following months, although “Just” wasn’t really formed up yet. Anyone remember UsBabe?”the mouth from the South”?? She’d scream foul faster than anyone I knew…(Ask Bandit.)

We have had many members come and go for different reasons (refer to the ex-members list).We have also had many Leaders: Monkey, Dowgl, Nephilim, Gorgasm, Over-Drive, WildBTK to name a few. And many others who have played a leadership role.

When FMa Iron-Clad had been with us for awhile, he was elected president, mainly because he was more willing than anyone to put in the time, We started with Ranks at this time: Generals, Majors, Captains…… Iron-Clad really worked hard to keep things organized and to keep the clan competitive, but like any leadership position it can be stressful and extremely time consuming.

Several months after that Mplayer died (RIP). For awhile it looked like FMa was going to as well, but slowly people found one another again, and located others as time went by. We began meeting on LiVVe (old Mplayer software) and voted to use Yahoo Messenger for our meetings when LiVVe went pay and the voice chat was un-reliable. We voted again to change the meaning of FMa to “Fear My Ascension” at this time to stop everyone from trying to assasinate Monkey =] We also voted to try and meet up on Gayspy arcade, because “Pingtool” and “Qtracker” were harder to locate clannies on..and as more and more of us found there wasn’t much better out there =[ Since moving to gamespy, we started moving into more games, with counter-strike, and Q3 Urban Terror, MOHAA, and RTCW…etc………

Right around the beginning of the 2002 era Iron-Clad got burned out and decided he no longer wanted to take a leadership role in the clan. Thus Gorgasm stepped up or was elected (I dont remember which, maybe forced!) Leader of the Clan and again took over as Webmaster of the FMaClan website. A few months down the road Gorgasm aquired http://www.fmaclan.com and began rebuilding the clan website there. Shortly after that there were some differences in opinion and Iron-Clad left FMa, and also went a number of members with him. It was decided that we will no longer officially support anything but the quake series, since thats what we started as, and felt like we should focus on. Since then we have grown larger, and are once again as strong as we were if not stronger then the Mplayer days.

On Gayspy our matches/scrimmages have mostly been with our allied clans: Clanx, and AoHx, Clanx is still trying to put together a regular team, and AoHx is looking forward to doing it some more…CTF that is. These clans have remained our allies for quite a while now and we consider them very good friends. Sometime during the Gamespy era FrozenDeath made a breif re-appearance as “skinny-puppy” but hasn’t been seen in awhile and has since then been removed from the members listing. To this day [FMa] is one of the most well known and respected clans on gamespy arcade The [FMa] clan still remains strong and im sure it will carry on a long, long time from now.

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Although we are more of a casual clan, we are still an organization that needs rules. All members are expected to follow these rules when applicable. Total disregard or abuse of the following will most likely result in removal from the members list.

Clan Structure

There are 5 types of designations for the clan, they are as follows.

  • PresidentThe leader of the clan. He/She decides the general path of the clan, picks the Generals, and decides who belongs on the MIA list. The President has all the powers of the Generals and can over rule a General’s call.
  • GeneralsThey are leaders of their specific game division. Generals are responsible for recruiting new members as well as organizing any events for their specific division. Generals can also choose a Major for their game division if he/she feels it is needed. They also can add specific game rules for their divisions. Generals can over rule a Major’s call.
  • MajorsThis designation is the only one that is optional. Majors have all the powers of the Generals, but they don’t share the leadership. They are 2nd in command for that specific game and must answer to their General.
  • CaptainsThey are the team captains for mods of games. Each mod can only have 1 captain, for example a Q2 CTF captain is in charge of all types of Q2 CTF. Captains have the ability to make the teams and choose the positions, they can also recruit new members for the game/mod they are Captain of. Captains can still be over ruled in any team issue by all that out rank them.
  • ArmyThe Army is the standard designation for the clan. They are the fighting core of the machine we call a clan.
  • MIAMissing In Action, these are members that haven’t been seen in a while or log on very rarely like once a month. Any rank can become MIA.

Common Rules

  • CheatingWe play many different games with many different objectives, but we still play them all in one common way. We play fairly and don’t use any cheats of any kind that would give us an unfair advantage over other players.

  • NamesAll clan members are suppose to use our clan tag in the games we are currently active in. [FMa]Name is the correct way for doing so. However there might be games that do not allow such characters in a name, in such a case… FMaName shall be used instead.

  • ChatWe use Yahoo Messenger for our meetings and all voice chat(GSA chat sux) therefore all members will need to download YM. You can find the link on our links page. (You are not 100% FMa until you have Yahoo for our meetings, you will be put on the members list after we get your yahoo name.)

  • Trash TalkWe all like to have fun and big talking or trashing might even be part of it in the heat of battle. [FMa] however is a respectable clan.. Don’t be excessive in your verbal attempts at fun.. Show a level of maturity.. Show people we are on a higher level.

  • MIAThe Missing In Action designation is for members that haven’t been seen by the leaders for at least one month. Members that are designated as MIA on the members page should contact the [FMa] President immediately. Failure to do so may result in removal from the members list.

  • MeetingsEvery Sunday at 8 p.m. c.s.t. is a meeting on Yahoo messenger, all members from all divisions should attend. Although you are not expected to make every meeting, missing every one is not acceptable.

  • ClanningAll members of [FMa] are to be in only one clan… Ours. If it is proven you are in another you will be removed from the members list.

  • JoiningTo join the clan you must play a game that we are active in. Contact a General or Captain for that specific game and discuss the situation with them. If you are accepted you will become a Recruit. At this time we are invite only!!

  • Recruits New members make their name in this manner, [FMa]Name-R. This designates you as a recruit, you will remain as such until the President makes you a full member.

  • Game TypesWe have two types of games on our list. The “Official” designation is for games that have a General and is being actively run with practices, tryouts, and Wars. The “Other” designation is for games with no tryouts, practices, or wars since it has no General leading it. “Other” games still have a clan presence since many of us like to play them and use our clan names. Any member can ask to become General of one of these game and help turn it into an “Official” one.

  • ServersWe have are own servers that [FMa] controls. As of NOW, the only admins or OPs for these servers are the following people are the President, Generals, Majors, Mod Captains* and Members** that would like to donate to the servers.

* – Mod Captains are only an admin for there mod only.

** – Members that would want to donate $15-20 or what ever you can afford may obtain OPs for a month. If you do decide to donate, still keep in mind if you abuse your OPs privileges you will lose it.



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