How to Get Not Dead, by kerbuffle

How to Get Not Dead by kerbuffle


This is everything else that will help you not get dead. There are two things you should remember when playing: One, you’re more valuable to the team when you’re alive, and two, if you die, you have to go get that Rocket Launcher again.

Originally, this was supposed to be a series of articles, but I changed my mind and made them a section.

  • How to Not Get Dead Why Deathmatch is good food.
  • The Need for Speed When you can kill persuers, just make it so they can’t kill you.
  • Oo… This gun is even better! Why you shouldn’t use the Rocket Launcher in confined spaces.
  • Doing it the not so hard way Shut and quit complaining you don’t have 3DFx.

[Advanced: How to Not Get Dead – Why Deathmatch is good food. ]

In case you haven’t noticed yet, the objective of the game is not only to capture the only teams flag while keeping them from capturing yours, but also to blast the enemy to hell. Remember, just like DM, killing people will get you some frags. So, what do you do? Go play some good, ol’ fashioned deathmatch.

The Story
I though I’d start off every advanced section with some personal experience, so here we go…
Way, way, waaaaaaaaay back when Quake 2 first came out there was a serverside CTF mod called Vanilla CTF. (I think…) Anyway, the teams were defined by the blue team having the female/lotus skin, and the red team having the male/recon skin. Anyway, I had stumbled on to a server in hopes of finding a nice deathmatch, but instead I found a Vanilla CTF server. ‘Til then I had only played LMCTF (which, now that were way back in time, the grappling hook was a shotgun that shot a parasite lookin hook). So I thought ‘hey, I’ll try this out.’. After realizing that you could grapple to the sky, and that BFG’s were all over the friggin’ place, I decided screw it, and I’ll just camp with my chaingun (oh, come on, I was a newbie back then! ;). Anyway, I couldn’t see the person across the way from me clear enough, so I though it was an enemy. So I emptied my entire chaingun into a teammate. I almost yelled out ‘Cheater!’ before they said ‘Hey! I’m on your team!’. I think I said ‘Oh’ and went and hid by the BFG. Anyway, the point of this story is, if they had been an enemy, they’d be dead now (well, not now now, but then now). So, I felt really stupid, and disconnected from the server, and went back to my trusty LMCTF server, where men were men, and women were women, and there wasnt a cyborg model. :)

Deathmatch is good food
I’m sure everyone has deathmatched. It’s ussually the first thing a person experiences in multiplayer. You versus the world. And the world has the advantage. How does this apply to CTF? Well, eventually you’ll have a nice little battle with someone, and having some basic deathmatch skills will help. A lot. So? Deathmatch a lot. It will improve you CTF game.

Dancin’ Inferno
Quake 2 allows you to move in an infinite amount of directions. Up, down, all around, left, right, you can even swim, and fall. So? Take advantage of that. There are some movement tricks you have to know. And here we go…

The Strafe This is the fundamental dodging tactic, move to the left and right, while still looking in the same direction. This is nice for dodging rockets and such. But sometimes the strafe just wont cut it, and you’ll have to get a ittle more tricky…
The Circle Strafe This is the act of turning one direction, and strafing the other. This will keep the same area in your crosshairs, while turning yourself in a circle. Now, why would this be useful? Well, if you’ve ever played with people who have bad movement skills, the stand still and shoot at you. If you can circle strafe around them, you’ll avoid any damage, while killing them. Plus you can avoid incoming projectiles while moving away from where they where hit (beware the rocket radius). Plus, if you can circle strafe in front of people you can cut them off. Why is this useful? You can stop flag carrier from escaping your base. The circle strafe has tons of uses. Leanr it, use it, blah blah blah. Just kill something. But, what if you’re fighting a circle strafer? Reverse your circle rotation to strafe toward him, then back pedal. Your opponent will probably keep circling, putting him under your crosshair.
The Jump Y’know? What spacebar does? (Or did, for all you configuring fanatics.) Makes you move up in the air, and fall back down. Why is this useful. Besides hopping up crates and such, this is also a nice offensive tactic. My favorite is the assisted rocket jump, where you jump when the rocket would’ve hit your feet, sending you flying up, letting you get some extra hieght, which is a nice advantage. Even if you don’t get any enemy explosions sending you flying, jumping still is useful. Like, erraditcally jumping around will confuse opponents. Ever try aiming at a jumpin’ idiot with the railgun? It’s hard enough when they’re just running around, but jumping too? It’s near impossible. And, jumping is als useful for not falling into lava, or down into bad places.
The Crouch This will cut your hieght in half, but also your movement speed. Crouching is nice for getting small places, and sometimes dodging, but the only time I crouch is when I’m hiding. When you move, you go at walking speed, and make no footfalls. It has some other uses, like ducking behind boxes, and for getting in and out of the Sniper Room is Q2CTF1 – McKinley Revival.
Swimming Or the Quake 2 equivlant. Marines don’t swim. They move through water. They move slower, so use the grapple while underwater, to speed yourself up. And I like to grapple out of the water and fall back in, and repeat, so people with railguns can’t hit me as easily.
Falling I love to fall. It’s a great tactic. Since, I know how the grappling hook works, I don’t take falling damage. In case you didn’t know, falling damage can be gotten by more ways than just falling. Say you Quad Rocket Jump and hit a wall. Since you were going so fast, you’ll take falling damage. Once I Quad Rocket Jumped in Q2CTF1 – McKinley Revival, to get some speed, and instead of flying through the air, I hit the wall and ‘cratered’. What does this have to do with grappling? Everything. When you’re grappling, you’re moving at a slow falling speed. So, you should hurt yourself. But, that’s not right, so Zoid made it that once the actual hook attaches to any surface, you are completly invulnerable to falling damage. So, fall long distances, and grapple to the ground. You’ll take no damage, and you’ll get a speed boost. However, in very long distances (Such as LMCTF02 – Temples of Terror) You’ll past your hook on the way down, and hit the ground before the hook does, so you’ll take damage. But, why is falling good? Some people, well, most people, hrm… almost everyone will take a second to pause before they fall a long distance. So, fall down long distances, and watch the gap widen. Also, some places are at the height where Jumping off will give you falling damage, but walking off won’t. You have to learn where you can jump down, and where you have to walk off. Also, landing on a surface that is greater than 45 degrees, it will also null damage. So, land on steep surfaces and slide to the ground, and you’ll get And the final quirk in Quake 2 physics. Falling into water will null falling damage. Water moves you slower, so you falling into water will slow you down to the point where you aren’t falling any more. The farther you fall the deeper the water should be, but in every Q2CTF map, falling from top distances into water will null any damage.
The 180 Degree Spin Also known as the mouse flick. To do this, you have to be using the mouse. All you have to do is flick your wrist, causing you to turn around quickly. This is useful when you’re dogfighting, and stuff. It’s also nice for going after couching llamas, just rush them, jump over them, spin, and shoot. Wahoo! It also allows for quick turning arounds, when you realize that you’re going the wrong way.

Oh, yeah, the how part.
Everyone has there favorite tactic they use to not get dead. Here’s some I picked up from my experience, and some stuff my friends do.

Avoid Walls Walls kill. Since rockets blow up on walls, the splash can hurt you, even if the rocket doesn’t hit you. It’s also a good idea to avoid floors, but that requires strange server admins who set the gravity really low.
Record Yourself Sometimes I will record a demo of myself, then view the demo and see what I did wrong, then go back and see what I did wrong. Items I missed, people I didn’t kill, or other stupid stuff. It helps. A lot.
Prioritize Rocket Launcher, power armor, or Quad Damage? Pick which one you want, and then go kill stuff with it. Pick will one has the highest kill rate for you, and go wild. (WARNING: Going wild with the Rocket Launcher and Quad will most likely result with you in a bunch of little body bags. :)
It’s your ass So make sure you don’t find a rocket shoved up it. Doing 180 degree spins is great for watching your back, and making sure no one is trailing you.
Anticipation Know who your about to kill. This can be kinda hard when you’re trying to kill half of the people on the server, but if you stalk one, it’s mucho fun. (WARNING: Don’t do this in real life, it’s illegal. ;)
Death from Above Yet another grappling tactic. Since you can stand on peoples heads, shooting while your there can be useful.
Kill the Crouched Damn crouching llamas. I love ’em. You can jump over them, shoot ’em in the back, and repeat. If it didn’t sound so dirty, I’d talk about getting on top of them, and not letting them stand back up, but I’ll let you figure that one out yourself.
Confusion There are so many ways to confuse your opponent, listing them would be a page in itself (hmm…). But, confusing your opponents may give you the chance to kill them, so use a confusion tactic, and see the results.
Focus Playing distracting music, or watching TV while playing can be bad. It might screw you up, making you miss that one kill, or become that one kill.

I’ll probably add more later. Deathmatch strategy is a whole site in itself, and I’m trying to stuff it into one page.

[Advanced : The Need for Speed – When you can kill persuers, just make it so they can’t kill you]

Sometimes you don’t you don’t have the firepower or health to fight with your persuers. But that doesn’t mean you’re still going to die.

The Story
I was playing Q2CTF5 – Capture Showdown and my flag got taken. I freely admit I can’t defend that base, so I was playing the if-the-flag-gets-taken-go-get-it-back positon. But, the crafty little theif was heading for the lift that was closest to me. (I was standing by the chaingun) I had two choices: head for the other lift shaft and try to catch up with him in his base, or jump down the ramp and take the teleporter. I switched to my rocket launcher, and went underground. I took the teleporter, and ‘ported in just as the thief was running by. I fired some rockets to scare him, and he switched directions, effectivly dodging my shots. He returned fire with two rockets and continued on his way. I took splash from one of the rockets, but I had full body armor so it didnt matter much. Anyway, I kept pursuit. Firing a barrage of rockets in the middle halls damaged him a bit, but not enough. It did however scare him, so he turned left and was going for the teleporter. I took out my grapple as I rounded the corner, my opponent halfway there. I fired, and I hit perfectly right next to the teleporter. I got pulled quickly ahead, and the second the theif teleported, I was there, and I hopped on, and got my flag, his tech (The Autodoc, which explained his resilance), and his railgun. But, I wasn’t done yet. I hit my “I’m going in” key and headed up the hall. I refilled on rockets and was met with no defense. So, I contined on my merry way. The base itself, however, had a few defensemen. One by the body armor, one by the stimpacks. Shoot, shoot, shoot, ‘SNiPeR ate Kerbuffel’s rocket’ followed by ‘QuaKeGoD almost dodged Kerbuffel’s rocket’. Easy enough. I grabbed the enemy flag, and noticed a red guy walking into his base. Knowing flag carriers should run and not fight, I dodged down the lift, but left a grenade up there. I toook out my grapple, and grappled across the crossroads, and checked my six. No one there, so I decided to take the teleporter, because there isn’t a chance of a telefrag. Right before I rounded the corner I decided there might be a camper hiding there with a rocket launcher, so I went straight. I was about to pass the railgun, and turn left, and shot. No one was there, but that’s where I stand when I camp, so I shot anyway. I went up the lift, and found that my base was in trouble. I went behind the big pole thing, and saw someone going for my flag. I’ve gotten this far, so I turned around, and did a long (rocket) jump. Boom…. swish… capture…. boom… ‘Kerbuffel defends the blue base.’ Now, what did I just do?

The Lift
This is the primary way to slow down a persuer. Lifts have to go all the way up before they’ll go back down. On most lifts, there’s a nice little window that will let you fall down and go through, then the lift goes up, halting your persuers. In the sotry I took the teleporter rather than heading for the lift, because I knew it would be up. Just make sure if your doing this you land on the lift, and make it go up, not just managing to get through the window, and not touching the lift.

The Rocket Jump
You had to see this coming right? In the demos section theres some demos that show how rocket jumping is good but there’s many more on every map. A not just rocket jumping up. By running backwards and looking down somewhat, but up a little, and rocket jumping, you’ll go flying through the air, giving you a huge speed boost, and anyone to close will take some damage. Feel the burn, baby.

The grapple doesn’t pull you as fast as it did in Quake, but it’s still faster than running. However, you do have to jump in the air, because if you’re getting pulled along the ground will pull you slower than pulling you through the air. Also, the longer you are flying through the air, the more momentum you have. So, grapple to the ceiling that’s far away from you, and let go before you hit the ceiling and glide through the air.

Map Quirks
Some maps have quirks where you can to places where it doesn’t look like you could. Try playing on base3 – The Comm Center and go to the Comm Room. You can jump up and through where the window was, until you broke it. But I’ve seen people back up and grapple out when they could just jump. Leanr where you can jump, and you could confuse the hell out of opponents.

Feeling the Burn
Sometimes lava, slime, or other nasty stuff might block you way, but if you can take the pain and go through it, it might save you huge amounts of time. Also, people who see you jump in will think that your killing yourself, and then stop persuing, when you’re really getting away.

[Ooo… This gun is even better! Why you shouldn’t use the Rocket Launcher in confined spaces]

The Story
The map was ware2 – The Warehouse I think. It was the one where you have to use the powercubes to restore power. Anyway, the Red Base was at the beginning of the level. I was on the red team. I was happily sniping any blue people as they waited for the door to open. Anyway, one managed to get by me (Someone who prepared and got armor and such before coming, what a concept) Anyway, I hit him, he didn’t die. He jumped down and was heading for my flag. Key word: my. I do not give things away freely, and my flag is not a special case. So I jumped down and was going to rail him as he came up the hall. Jump. No one. Ready. No one. Aim. at who? He still hadn’t come into view. Now, I got worried. I looked above me. No one. Maybe he hadn’t had armor, just a stimpack or something? There’s health in the main room, so I went to investigate. And there the villan was, waiting for more first aid kits to respawn. I acted as if I didn’t see him, and started to move around, all while taking aim. I gues he was a bit figety, because right before I shot, a blue adn white particle trail appeared on my right. Dang, now I have to fight. I took my shot, and missed. He jumped out and we got in a circle strafing duel, both with railguns, and noe of us hitting. Then I saw the green and white particle poof in the darkness. The Super Shotgun! I pulled out of the circle, and grabbed the Super Shotgun and got back in before he missed me. Boom. Hit. Boom. Hit. Boom. Dead. ‘Nice Kerb’. ‘Not so bad yerself, tex’ (I think thats what I said…’)

Close Encounters of the Space Marine Kind
Just like in the story, The Super Shotgun is great. It has a nice spread, so you dont have to hit them precisly. Butr a percise hit will do a whopping amount of damage. If the Super SHotgun hadn’t been my only option at the time, I would’ve tried the Hyperblaster. 20 damage a shot, 10 shots a second, do the math. The Chaingun is nice, but I like my Crouch and Machinegun them in the Knees trick. It doesn’t work so good with the Chaingun. If it was a much larger, more open area (Like the middle area in Q2DM1) I would’ve run up to him and rocket jumped next to him, and then hit him with another rocket while in midair. The Rocket Launcher is bad for confined spaces, and so is the grenade launcher. Anything that explodes can hurt you too.

Medium rare… err.. range.
The area where you can still tell where you opponent is, but can’t make out any special facial features. This is the range you’re most likley to be at. It is also the most dangerous. Exploive weapons can be used with little chnace they will harm the shooter, but you (the shootee) have a great risk of dying from them. When you’re at medium range, the Rocket Launcher is king. Whether you’re a lucky HPB that sometimes managaes to hit the enemy with splash, or an LPB that can lead your shots and get a direct hit every time, this is a great weapon. Even if you miss you still might do some splash damage. Which is great, because dead is dead, no matter how you make them that way.

And you wanted a railgun day. Pifff…
and the choice for long range fighting is….. The Railgun. That’s it, leave me alone. I don’t know anything else. It delivers 100 damage instantly. What more could you want? What do you mean no blue and white trail? Bah! Fight like the men you are! (Or women, as the case may be). I remeber readin somewhere someone saying that Quake 2 has become a game where killing someone is not the point, and being as far away as possible when you do it. I disagreed then, but the more I play, the more I see that’s it’s true. So put away your railguns and come out and play! (Remember: The sniper rooms were made so everyone always knows where you are)

The anti-gun
While every gun has a perfect situation, every situation has an anti-gun. Such as narrow halls. The anti-gun is the Rocket Launcher. Close up, the anti-gun is the railgun. Far Away, the anti-gun is the Super Shotgun. Learning what weapon you shouldn’t use can help you figure out what weapon you should use.

Descions, descions.
Sure, this simple guideline might help, but every part of every map may have an exception. Whenever you find yourself talking smack because you know that you shouldn’t use the Rocket Launcher in small rooms, just make sure you know that sometimes the Rocket Launcher may be the only logical choice. You have to decide which weapon goes where.

[Advanced: Doing it the not so hard way – Shut and quit complaining you don’t have 3DFx.]

This section is a rant that expanded into an article, prompting me to do a series of articles, which evolved into the advanced section.

Shut the F*ck up.
It’s happened to everyone. They use there skills and strategy to hunt down a kill an opponent who had the BFG and you killed him with the Super Shotgun, and he said something about lag, or crap computer, or something. A person can play througha 28.8 through AOL in software mode in the lowest resolution with no sound and still be good. Really. If you get killed, it might be because you got locked up, lagged out, or any number of other outside influences. But, most probably because you did something wrong. Forget to check your six? And you get killed from behind. Ignore the footsteps around the corner? Go around and you get blown away by someones super shotgun. Use the Rocket Launcher with the Power Amplifier and Quad in a confined area? Your fault. And even if it was lag, lock up, whatever, don’t bitch about it. If you lag out all the time, get a better connection. You computer freeze up on a regular basis? Time to upgrade. Quake 2 was designed for the people with the better stuff to have an advantage, and people bitch about that too. They had to pay for it, so unless your fork over the money it takes to get as super computer with a T1 line and you still freeze up and lag out, then, and only then, have you a lisense to complain.

When they won’t.
What if you’re playing with someone who complains more than he plays? There’s hundreds of just CTF servers, and there’s more mods then just CTF. Don’t believe me? Here’s a list of cool ass mods. I hate people who complain, especially when there ‘mad skillz’TM don’t seem to be in effect, since they have a 200 ping and are playing without there 3DFx card. Bah!

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