Force Ten by Geezer – Capture Mod

Force Ten by Geezer

This map was started when Capture! was just a glimmer in Kunani’s
eyes.  I actually had completely different plans for it which weren’t
working out, so I shelved it.   When Capture! was announced they were
looking into maps I kicked into action.   This originally had a turret
in the quad room, but the turret code was a bit buggy for initial
release so I removed it.  This map is best with at least 5 per team,
otherwise it can get a bit boring.  As with all Dteam levels, map
speed and lag avoidance was a primary goal.  Even with some of the
“complex” architecture in the bases, the r_speed values are very good.
I’m very happy with how the entire map plays, especially the arena.
Make sure you taunt the poor detainees when you have the flag.

mod by Kunani

The Capture! project began in the early stages of the mod’s
development. Somehow geezer and Kunani hooked up and geezer decided to
develop a map for the mod. As the length of development time increased
on the mod, geezer decided to convert one of his existing Q2 CTF maps
over to be a Capture! map. He also drug TomiKazi in on this to do the
same. Well, time was still somehow available so both geezer and
TomiKazi did another new map for the mod. At the end geezer had three
maps in the mod and TomiKazi had two.

During beta testing of the mod, geezer and TomiKazi met up with
HellF1re who also had a map in the pak. It turned out to be geezer’s
favorite map so HellF1re was brought “into the fold” so to speak.

While the mod has suffered the same fate as a lot of other mods out
there, it was fun to work on and is still a fun mod to play.

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