Neurotica by Geezer — Quake 2 Capture the Flag Map: L-Fire CTF 1

"This was one of the most intense maps I had ever worked on. Mainly because it wasn't a solo task but created from the beginning with L-Fire. Believe it or not, this actually started out as Force Ten. But 87 revisions later it doesn't resemble it very much. This is by far my best CTF map to date, and I have to thank L-Fire and the YYZ beta testers for all their input."

Force Ten by Geezer – Capture Mod

Force Ten by Geezer This map was started when Capture! was just a glimmer in Kunani's eyes.  I actually had completely different plans for it which weren't working out, so I shelved it.   When Capture! was announced they were looking into maps I kicked into action.   This originally had a turret in the quad room, …

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