Wake ‘n Quake

Wake ‘n Quake

When you rise in the morning do you eat breakfast, fire up the PC and play Quake? No! You have your PC set on a simultaneous timer with your alarm clock, so while you hop out of bed your PC is booting, and then a batch file is executed which launches Quake and Gamespy and opens up the best deathmatch game found, and you’re fraggin seconds from when you get out of bed! Thats what Wake ‘n Quake is all about: Quake 0wn3z j00. Mobius Trip writes Wake ‘n Quake, the best opinion column on the web, in our opinion. In these articles you will find opinions, editorials, bitching, and moaning! His articles will go in depth and take a look at gaming politics, trends, opinions, interviews – all having something to do with Quake(usually).

What to do when your sucking at Quake 3 Arena: Can’t seem to win no matter what you do? Try some of our suggestions.


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