Best Way to Stay Alive: RUN by Brigtitan

Best Way to Stay Alive: RUN by Brigtitan

10/24/99 – Rail Guns and You
Another little tip that I have picked up is the use of the rail gun. In Q3, the rail gun seems a little bit slower than that of the previous versions of Quake, but all in all, it’s still very useful when used correctly. I watched in awe, as one of the buddies here fired a single shot that killed three people when he fired it down a crowded hallway. While this may not be an all the time occurrence, it still is very effective against a mass of people, and with the quad damage, well – we don’t even really need to go into what you could do. The use of the rail gun it still more difficult than the other weapons, like the rocket launcher, but when used correctly, can have a tremendously larger impact than it’s arsenical counterparts. I have grown particularly fond of the shotgun myself, but that is another article. Hope to see you all on a server someday, and FRAG ON my brethren!

10/24/99 – Use of the Personal Teleporter
I have been playing a little more Q3 with Mobius and friends here at Symantec, and there have been some things that I have been watching other people do that have me thinking more about some strategies. One of the more useful items in the new quake, is the personal teleporter. While it only really appears in one of the four maps that I have played, it still is one very useful tool. Once, while camping, I found myself looking down the barrel of Mobius’ rocket launcher, while little health left on the health meter. This was the perfect opportunity to use this handy little tool to make my escape, and gather some more health. Sometimes, you have the benefit of getting teleported to a place that has no other players around, and gives you a little more time to ‘get prepped’ for the next onslaught. But other times, I found myself teleported to a place where I would have rather not been. The odds, however, are in your favor as the computer usually puts you in the right place. I have heard some people refer to the personal teleporter as a cheat rather than a useful item. But if you look at it from a true quake players point of view, the same could be said of the rune’s from the lithium quake games. I think that more variety in a game the better. One must practice the use of the PT. It’s not something that you can just do. Before I got good at it, I would usually die with it, and then regret not using it.

10/5/99 – Don’t think, just move
Since the dawn of my experience with Quake, Quake II and now the Quake III beta, there is one real thing that has stuck in my mind as the end all – be all for the best way to stay alive: RUN. Now this can have hundreds of different meanings to different people, but it really all boils down to the same result. If you don’t keep running through the map, someone will get you. I was once called “Rail gun Fodder” and I could never really figure out how he’d get that shot off from the other side of the map and tag me. Then, in a brief moment becoming a gib on the wall, it hit me. No, the rail gun shot hit me too, but the more that you stand in one place and do that little quake dance that we all know so well, the more of a target you are for anyone with a Rocket Launcher, Grenade, Super Shotgun…. Ok, so all of the weapons are useful for the statue. The more you move and keep out of the line of fire, the longer that you will stay alive and maybe live to Frag at least for a few more seconds.

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