-=LEGENDS=- Clan ]L[

-=LEGENDS=- Clan ]L[

Legends News – August 1st, 2002 12:25 pm EDT – AlPacino
First off, yes we are still alive. I had a few questions from people thinking we died. The only difference from last week to this week, is I’m hpb right now; and I guess finding scrims without me is too hard. Yes we are very alive and I will using dsl sometime next week, 90 ping sucks :). Also, major updates to the site will be coming soon; I would like to add a bunch of automated features.

Secondlyf, since we are prolly the worst clan at quad; Nova has joined us. Also, I need everyone to start using q2ace; even if you have to reinstall quake to get your old sounds/models back. I need current players to be active and take some leadership in getting scrims together. I would like to add a few more good players and maybe cut a few current ones. Reasons for cuts a. unavailable too much b. not playing there position c. not playing smart.

I was thinking about hosting a quake league, kind of set it up like the nfl with preset season games and playoffs. I’m not sure how active the community is right now for that. Maybe that could wait for doom 3.

Finally, don’t forget the meeting tonight 10 pm est. Topics are: team skins, bfc, q2ace, scrimming, schedules and communication binds.

Also, the OGL ladder will be opened up by sunday. Brucelee you need to accept the invite this year so you can be put on the ladder.

Fuzzy Memories? – July 29, 2002 2:13 pm EDT – AlPacino
I happened to visit an old site the other night that “Daylightstar” created a long time ago. http://www.daylightstar.com To my memory and many others on IRC, we would rant at how good old clans/players were in the hay days. I remember es (elite strike) always having a good squad. I did get to battle them with a few clans (bzkr and L) and split most of them. I got to thinking, all the noobs playing now would get owned if the old schoolers came back, but after watching this demo I couldnt believe what I saw. The match was in super slow mo compared to now and everyone looked like noobs, laff. Maybe that is a good reason not to come back to q2.

I know I’ve had to play every once in while consistantly to keep my skills up. If your bored or curious, download the demo from the link below.
KT vs es demo

New IE Server – July 24, 2002 4:15 pm EDT – AlPacino
Thanks you ultracherry for adding a much needed server.
IP: 27910 imperialELITE

Mems Page Overhaul – July 24, 2002 4:10 pm EDT – AlPacino

Our members page is getting done today. Members need to take a look at it to make sure I have all the information.

es-bishop back! – July 24, 2002 4:00 pm EDT – AlPacino
Back from a long break (2 yrs), bishop returns. If I could bring one old timer back, it would be him. We used to be partners in crim and worked flawlessly in teamwork. Bishop needs a few days to get the rust off, but I see good things :). Btw, put on that ]L[!

OGL Signup – July 22, 2002 6:46 pm EDT – AlPacino
We need everyone to give me there ogl handle so I can sign us up for the ladder. Still looking for two more good players.

Legends Domain – July 19, 2002 10:06 pm EDT – AlPacino
I’ve got a really good web host now that will allow me to use databases and java, I plan to have loads of new stuff that I created in my past jobs. Still looking for a quake server host.


Position:  Outer Defense / Escorting Flag Carrier
Quake 2 Experience:  5 Years
Home City:  Kansas City, MO
Connection:  Cable
Why did I pick this alias?:   In College I had a nick name of Warren, as in Warren Beatty the actor. If you know anything about him you know why. When I started playing quake, everyone only played a dm mode. I tried to fit my name “WarrenBeatty”, but it just looked to long; and it also didn’t look tough. One of the other famous actors I liked was Al Pacino, which was in such movies as scareface and the godfather. Since then, I have never changed it.
Previous Clans:
[V2] Lineup: IO, Ezmate, Bishop, Remul, Renagade
]pV[ Lineup: Cesspool, Thrasher, Bishop
]L[ Lineup: Pleb, Doom, Kubix, Lore, Funbags, Drizzt
bzkr Lineup: merton, keshian, punisher, nakita, mercury
R2D Lineup: hydrox, crusher, high, godspeed
]L[ was brought back about 5 times inbetween. I never thought any tag looked right on me other that the ]L[ tag.


Position:  Inner Defense
Quake 2 Experience:  5 Years
Home City:  Towaco, Nj
Connection:  Cable
Why did I pick this alias?:   used to be juiceyman, then i shortened it and just stuck with it over the years
Previous Clans:
Fru (frag r’us)
FM (fru/mosh)
EA (eastern alliance)
kot (knights of terror)
I (immortals)

Present (Summer 2002)

1997 (Original Clan)


Earlier Roster


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