The 6th Floor SniperCAM

Transmitting live from The 6th Floor, comes Oswald and his SniperCAM.

If you see nothing there, then consider me away, if I am on theInternet, then the camera will be rolling. I don’t have anything to hidefrom. This is where The 6th Floor site is run from.

What You Will See from The SniperCAM

What will you be lucky enough to see on The 6th Floor SniperCAM? Usually it will be my ugly, unshaven mug in the camera, working on The 6th Floor or the AQMD web sites. On occasion, I may give you a tour of where I live. It is “very cozy” so I will most likely be in and out of the shot. On the off chance I actually get a high speed Internet connection, I will point it outside, so you can enjoy the fun and sun of SoCal. Other then that, enjoy the view and let me know what you think.

Sniper Cam & Software Information

The 6th Floor Sniper Cam is a Kodak DVC325 (rated as an “Editor’s Choice”) from I even got a damn good price on it at CompUSA. Okay, that great price included my corporate discount. The retail price was $129.99. I picked it up for $85.99. I am sure you can find it a bit cheaper off an E-commerce site. The software was provided free of charge, thanks to Webcam32. Or you can register it for a small, one time fee of $25.

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