Quake Female Skin Archive

Tired of seeing Brianna, Athena, and Cobalt? Welcome to the Quake Female Skin Archive, a repository of skins for female Quake players. This site is designed to be the most thorough skin collection possible for the Standard Female, as well as all other Female Plug-in Models. for Quake2, and to be expanding soon to encompass the Q3 ladies, as skins become available.

Tifa: A “real” version of EB’s Faerie model (by “anonymous”)

All the skins on this website are the property of their respective authors, and everything Quake is property of ID Software. This site takes no responsibility for any of these skins, or what you may do with them. This site also takes no responsbility for nekkid skins made by perverts. (Yes, they do turn up frequently, who am I to judge? *sigh*)

Please note, many clan skins are on this site; they are meant to allow you to be able to see members of clans you may encounter during public deathmatch. If you are not a member of the clan, please do not wear the clan skin yourself!

Have fun!

Crack Whore model by Paul Steed

This was just about the first custom female player built. She’s a jiggly crack whore, so the skins and animations are about what you’d expect. The skins have been packed for your downloading pleasure into seven files. 


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