Rocket Arena 2 – The Single Arena Specs


T h e   S i n g l e – A r e n a  S p e c s

Your map needs to meet all of the following specs.. but after that, its up to you:

  • Two primary areas. A combat arena, and a waiting room/area. The waiting area should overlook the arena. The people in the waiting area should not be a distraction to people fighting in the arena.
  • info_player_deathmatch entities in the waiting area. This is where people will spawn. These should be put in a place where it is impossible/improbable for a person to remain standing there. If a player sits on a spawn point, and another player teleports in to that same point, they will become ‘stuck’ inside each other, until one is sent to the arena. The easiest way to fix this is to put the spawn points above where the player’s head would be. The players will ‘drop’ when they enter, but they are invincible, so this is not a problem. You should have 6-8 of these entities.
  • info_teleport_destination entities in the arena. The fighters will be teleported to these spots before the start of the match. Target names are not required for Rocket Arena, but you will need to give them one for it to BSP/run correctly. You should have several of these (4 or so) so that people will not end up getting sent to the same one.
  • Some simple do’s and don’ts:
    • DON’T use teleports in your waiting area. Players may end up being spawned there instead of in the arena.
    • DON’T put any items/health/powerups in your level. These are provided, and people will throw a fit if they are lying around the level.
    • DO give the observers as much of an unobstructed view of the playing field as necessary.
    • DO keep in mind GLQuake Players (although the newest version of GLQuake does not have the slow sky problem, so big sky maps like rgarden should work ok now)
    • DO try and be creative in the observation area (use your imagination)
    • DO use lighting to your advantage. ‘Fullbright’ levels are not necessary.
    • DO play test your map! If you have access to a QuakeWorld server, that is best, but at least run around your level with some reapers and get a feel for it (you will need to put some spawnpoints in the arena to do this).
    • DON’T make a huge, complex map in which a single kill could take 5 minutes. Play speed is very important in design.

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