Dying 2 Gibb – d2gclan.com



Name: Chad

Handle: VirGil

Age: 30

ICQ: 72671694

Email: virgil@d2gclan.com

Fav. Saying: Damn your bad luck

Name: Mark

Handle: ConnRadd

Age: 28ICQ: 2101952

Email: connradd@d2gclan.com

Fav. Saying: Suck My Rail

Name: Mike

Handle: Krislord

Age: 40

ICQ: 61146137

Email N/A

Fav. Saying: I’m too F##CKING old for this

Name: John

Handle: HotRod

Age: 34

ICQ: 15498761

Email: hotrod@d2gclan.com

Fav. Saying: Jump For Me Baby

Name: Beau

Handle: CluE

Age: 33

ICQ: 41022183

Email: N/A

Fav. Saying: LeT mE CluE YoU iN, BabY!!!


Name: Vinny

Handle: Grind

Age: 33

ICQ: 124996247

Email: Grind@d2gclan.com

Fav. Saying: Shoot for me BaBy

Name: Chad

Handle: Shaggy

Age:  ICQ: 12142681

Email: shaggy@d2gclan.com

Fav. Saying: TeeeeeeeeeEheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Name: Stephanie

Handle: :Queen:

Age: 23

ICQ: 53193234

Email: Queen@d2gclan.com

Fav. Saying: gotta love those 2-fers!


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