FiringSquad vs. 3DGN in Quake 2

FiringSquad vs. 3DGN in Quake 2

 4/24/99 – Kenn Hwang

Doomsday approaches

You may remember the poll which was recently run on 3DGN, in which the winner would receive a Quake II challenge from the 3DGN staff. Well, for some reason, FiringSquad did pretty well, garnering over 950 votes.

Both sites were able to scrounge up a team on Wednesday for a couple of quick teamplay skirmishes, and here are the results!

Both games were played on Q2DM1, The Edge. Team FS consisted of:
Dennis (GX-Homey) – Thresh
Tim (GX-Tim) – FFA Maniac
Kenn (FS-Kenn) – gimp and rocket fodder

We played against the crack team of:

I was the only one from FS to record demos from the match, and honestly, I think it’s probably the first time I’ve recorded a Quake II deathmatch. Nonetheless, it’ll be something funny for you guys to see.

Game 1

We played DMM1, this one…well, I guess you can see for yourself. There was plenty of friendly smack talk before the match, and we were afraid that these guys were practiced up and in prime shape, so we left nothing to chance. Considering we don’t play much teamplay, this of course led to some amusing situations.

From my demo, you can see a lot of what good players call “stupid playing.” I hit teammates (only once or twice on purpose), charged foolishly to my death, and basically relied on my teammates to control the level and keep me out of serious trouble. The first thing I did was drop down and grab a rail. I’m pretty lucky I did, as there is only so much armor on the level (especially when 6 people are playing), and most kills were one-shot affairs.

What I fail to realize is that logical thinking separates humans from animals. People stop coming to my camping spot, and I am sad. With less than one minute remaining in the match, 3DGN has gotten enough suicides and team kills to bring them back down to zero. I assume it’s safe to venture forth from my tent, and immediately face an enemy with rail. I have 14 health. Luckily I escape, but soon after encounter yet another enemy. Limping away with 3 health and 10 seconds left, I hide.

Happy day! My cowardice pays off, and we are able to shut out 3DGN completely.

Good Game?

It should be pretty apparent that this wasn’t exactly a fair match-up. Despite my being spoiled by LAN, our pings are excellent quality, especially compared to 3DGN’s modem dialups. In addition, their players were unfamiliar with deathmatch mode 1 settings. The disadvantages were great, but they were great sports and everyone played in the spirit of fun.

Heres the demo from my POV. To play the demo, unzip it into your /quake2/baseq2/demos directory, and start up the game. Bring down the console, and type “demomap kenn1.dm2”

We move on to game 2, also played on Q2DM1, but this time with a few changes in the gameplan.

Game 2

If anything, Game 2 was certainly more interesting! Set to Deathmatch mode 3 (weapons stay on), there was plenty of opportunity for everyone to grab a gun and get fragging! It was certainly going to be a more hectic match-up, and we were definitely looking for some fun.

I spawn in and run for the railgun. Interestingly, I see both Tim and Dennis doing exactly the same thing!

Well, this is going to be trouble. Confident of my abilities, I run up the stairs and die immediately. Spawning in, I wander around the level haphazardly. I stop to ask McKenzie how to get to the megahealth room, but he pulled out a chaingun and killed me instead. Jerk.

About half way through the match however, I begin to notice a lot of grenade sounds. Why would anyone settle for grenades when Weapons Stay guarantees better weapons are always available? I push the thought out of my mind and continue killing – I am the man.

With a few minutes left, I realized what the problem was. Neither Tim nor Dennis were using rockets or rail. In fact, they seemed to favor hand grenades and hyperblaster over anything else. Wow, what pigfarts! Well, since I’m so good now, I might as well join in the fun. Handgrenades it is! The next series of screenshots will show you what happened.

So in the end I get killed six or seven times trying to use handgrenades, and I get 0 frags with them. Sigh. I sense the collective shaking of heads from the TF community.

Despite my ineffectual attempt to play with the big boys, we manage to eke out the victory anyways.

Around this time, my head is really starting to spin from playing too much (anyone remember DIMS?) and we’ve got to call it a day.

Heres the demo of Game 2 from my POV. To play the demo, unzip it into your /quake2/baseq2/demos directory, and start up the game. Bring down the console, and type “demomap kenn2.dm2” As a special treat for all of you who had the patience to read this far, here’s an eye-cam demo of Thresh’s POV from game 2. It’s certainly less stressing on the vestibulars :) The eye-cam demo was taken by NV-Blast during the match, and he was kind enough to send it along (by way of Hanif) for us to post.

Give it up for 3DGN

We actually had a couple of rounds of Starcraft set up as well, but with nausea setting in, I had to call it a day.

Hats off to the folks at 3DGN, who put up a great event and played some great games! We wish we could have gotten a few more games in (Quake 1, Starcraft, and Tribes would have all been awesome), but we’ll just have to save that up for another day.

Thanks also goes out to our loyal readers (all 961 of you) who took the time to vote for us in the poll! Next time we’re going to suggest a more neutral game – Tetrinet, anybody?

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