What Is Happening To Quake?

What Is Happening To Quake?

I’m sure everyone is aware of some of the problems out there in the Quake community. When I use the term “Quake Community” I’m referring to the players out there ON the servers. I’m not refering to the huge popularity contest that the Quake web scene has become. As far as I am concerned, all these self-proclaimed “GODS” of quake can blow me!

When the game first started hitting the internet, it was awesome. There were no bullshit politically correct people out there telling me what I can say and what I can’t say. There were no websites out there who were self-appointed “authorities” on the subject of quake and the community it was building. There was NO censorship. Remember?? We used to just FUCKING PLAY QUAKE!!

Now it is a clusterfuck. Websites full of kids who think just because they have a quake website that they are some sort of fucking expert on any subject related to gaming. Pussies who run servers that kick you off if you even say anything remotely resembling a personal opinion. Clans who talk a lot of shit but never actually ever play against anyone. What’s up with all the lamers putting private servers up at qwcentral?? Use qplug on a private site to list yer little private server!! HERE IS MY PERSONAL FAVORITE….. ALL YOU LITTLE PUSSIES WHO GET OFF THE SERVER THE SECOND YOUR TEAM STARTS LOSING A GAME (teamplay, ctf, etc.). If you wimps would stay and fight instead of running off to another server with hope that you might land in a team that is winning, you might just turn the game over and run the house for a while!!! Instead you run to another server so the teams are NEVER even. Ever notice you are almost ALWAYS on the losing team when you start??…dumbass!

Well, I will continue to play Quake and enjoy myself regardless of all the POLITICAL BULLSHIT and WIMPS that have fried internet Quake. I just talk my shit and back it up with some genuine HPB ass kicking play :) To all you lamers out there who fit my above descriptions….I would like to give you a personal and hearty FUCK YOU! Start your own server and run it the way you want….just warn all of us about your bullshit “RULES”! Let’s see some players grow some balls out there and kick some ass instead of running away…if you suck PRACTICE!!

By “Ra-SuNgod”


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