Rule #1: Never play with Eggy when she’s drunk… or maybe you should because it makes it so much darn fun.

Rule #2: Never borrow someone’s server without asking… no matter what your reason and no matter how much you think you need it… Because chances are you’ll piss someone off and get cussed out in front of everyone and then have to go apologize and try to make ammends only to have your apology not be responded to by the person you apologized to… not that I would know this… :co

Rule #3: Remember that all female gamers are lexbeanz no matter how they may deny it… no matter how married they are (to a man)… no matter how “in love” they are with the cute guy down the street… we are all lexbeans

Rule #4: To every male gamer who thinks we female gamers can’t compete… BAH! I say… and BAH again! :c)

Rule #5: You will never be able to find a scrim when you want one… so take advantage of everyone who asks you for one (unless you don’t want to…).

Rule #5-a: If a scrim takes more than 15 minutes to get together, find another. By the time you find a server and enough people to play, it will be bedtime for the little boys you were supposed to be playing.

Rule #6: Never touch shakes’ wristbands. She bites.

Rule #7: If you think this is strange… never get Trillian drunk… :co

Rule #8: If you actually read this… please post a message on our message board to prove it. :c)



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