Welcome back to the site. I figured I would start the news from scratch, after having fixed the page. It was brought to my attention that this website may have been misleading readers into thinking that the contents of this website may be mistaken for the actual official information.

Let me make it very clear to everyone, in case the blue disclaimer at the top doesn’t clarify it… This site is an UNOFFICIAL coverage site. The information contained on this website has NOT been approved by the official Female Frag Fest, and none of the what is listed here reflects the opinions of the official Female Frag Fest committee. This is a personal news site which currently UNOFFICIALLY follows the Female Frag Fest competition, and perhaps more competitions in due time.  Please do not refer to the contents of this website as official information, it should be used solely at entertainment value. Again, for OFFICIAL news, results, rules, and coverage, please refer to the OFFICIAL Female Frag Fest site.

I am going to continue my UNOFFICIAL coverage of the Female Frag Fest and report on other gaming news. I feel that this site only serves to as a benefit, and I’m getting such great feedback from everyone. Other respectable websites (such as FPS spectator, the challenge-au sites, True Gamers, Blues, sCary’s, etc.) cover very important and fully-endorsed tournaments (such as PGL and CPL events) and include unofficial news, personal opinions, and a lot of speculation. I feel that you, as readers, should know that the information on this site is NOT OFFICIAL and that it could, in fact, be entirely wrong or change at any time. Please keep that in mind! As long as I make this very clear, I believe that I am completely abiding by legal terms and conditions.


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