QGirlz.com: The Whipping BoiZ — –The males that wait on us hand and foot– —

What is a whipping boi?

A whipping boi is any male who deserves our thanx for contributing to our clan or site in some way. The guy in question may just have humored us too.Some guyz have, sent in pictures, some ideas or just some nice comments about our site. As you will see from the list below others have been kind enough to offer more concrete things such as servers, alias scripts and files. Please keep in mind that this is all in fun, especially the requirements you will read. If this is offensive to anyone we apologize and merely ask you to go elsewhere. Bye!

Whipping Boi Requirements

1. Do what we say.
2. Don’t think.
3. Pick up after us.
4. Bring us gifts.
5. Kiss our ASSes.

Enter Our Current Whipping BoiZ

C}-Thumper-{D: A BIG thanks to Thumper for setting up so many servers for the QGirlz. This guy is great! He set up a RA, CTF and DM server for us to share with other clans. But that wasn’t enough… he then went and set up a Q2DM server for us to call our own. Thanks a whole bunch! :)
Favorite Thumper Quote: “my wit doesn’t always carry me far, but I have hardware to offer =)”Citizen: Thanks to Citizen for setting up our IRC channel, lending us his servers whenever we needed them and taking care of Ookla when Trillian needed to play Quake.
Favorite Cit Quote: “Would you like fries with that?”

HeddHunta: Thanks to HeddHunta for creating some amazing skins for us as well as our wonderful logo. He seems to bend to our every whim which makes him a natural whipping boi.

JoeManio: Who?: Thanks to Joey, for helping us set up the QGirlz CTF division, lending us the server of his former clan (HGA – which will be sadly missed) for matches and practices and for constantly telling us how we rule. :)
Favorite Joe Quote: “Gosh, the QGirlz are great! hehe. gosh, the D is great. and it’s always a different girl =).”

PYR: Thanks to Pyr for all the great graphics for our site. Well you have done it – most of us don’t fulfill our lifelong ambitions at such a young age, but you are now a QGirlZ Whipping Boi. Now that you have accomplished your goal, you can go back to your fortress of solitude.

RD-Whiplash: This is a long overdue whipping boi nomination! Whiplash has been the first and foremost creator of skins for QGirlZ and has already promised to share the luv with Q3 skins for us girlz. Hooray!
Favorite Whip Quote: “I will crush j00 like a bug!”


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