Quetiquette: Quaker’s Etiquette for Internet Quaking

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What is Quetiquette? Put quite bluntly, it’s a set of rules for the online Quake Community. As the thing grew from its small humble roots, the number of people that don’t know what is good and what’s not has skyrocketed. This is meant to serve as something we as a community can lean back upon as the size increases, adding whatever that’s needed as we go along. It’s certainly not meant to be a required reading, or something enforced in any way. It is, though, something that’s been pulled together by the community, for the benefit and joy of the community.

Latest Update

    • Guilt’s overtook me. I’ve been quite busy, but that still shouldn’t have been an excuse to not update this webpage; and after getting a few letters commending my efforts, I felt the update was necessary.
    • For the most part, I had been busy creating a personal page called System Dnacho, which is just a spot to place some fan art, traditional art, etc. that I have created; if you have some spare time and would like to take a look, please feel free to do so :] Note the shameless plug.
    • As for the actual update: the stack of mail from the first time this place opened has finally all been sorted through. Though I passed some of the more game-specific rules (they may be up in later updates), everything else has been up; there were a lot of similar submissions, and hence many weren’t posted; however, that’s probably a good sign, considering that numerous people share the same thoughts in the game rules.
    • And as always, I’m looking for comments and criticism and such — but please keep it constructive. Saying “this site’s a mucking piece of sh*t” doesn’t really do anything; no one’s forcing you to look at this stuff (something a few people brought up, saying the word “rule” sounds like I’m trying to be all imperialistic). If you don’t want to follow the stuff, go right ahead… I know that the world’s bettered in some ways, since a few enlightened Qwakers mailed me — something I always like :]

      Honestly, if you think this thing is crap, take a look at Why Ethics?; ponder about what’s written there for a while, then make up your mind on things.

Basics of Basics:

  • Respect all other players, no matter their playing style, skill, gender or connection speed.
  • Be polite, and friendly to the others. Don’t gripe on someone killing you, but comment on it positively, like “good shot!” when it seemed particularly memorable. Learn from the mistake. After the game ends, tell everyone “good game!” Little things like this can go a long ways to making the game more enjoyable for everyone involved.
  • Just joined in on a game? A quick “hi!” or something of that sort is a good thing to say first. It certainly won’t make you any enemies, and you just might find some new good friends that way.
  • Don’t whine about how people play during the game. Complaining about things like campers, quad hogs, etc. makes you look like a stupid whiner. Most actions are a legit tactic, and they shouldn’t be “discouraged” per se with biased thoughts.

    Compliment others on good moves, and provide CONSTRUCTIVE criticism (e.g. “you might want to…” rather than “you suck.”). — Mike Erickson

  • Try not to complain too much about someone’s ping; if your ping is 450, and thiers is 55, don’t flood the airwaves telling them to leave, cursing them out, telling them not to use the RL etc… — Scarr
  • Unless you may have forgotten, Quake’s main reason for being here is to have FUN. Ruining that atmosphere for everyone in some stupid way is equivalent to you going to a basketball game and start yelling at everyone, “F*ck you a-holes!”
  • When someone asks for help, don’t just be calling them a newbie and repeating “read the manual.” While it’s a true point, it always helps the new player if you give them some advice, as well as telling them “anything else you want to know would be in the readme files.” Chances are that some newbies don’t even realize what those files are. — Tinweapon
  • Just becuase someone fragged you does not mean that they were cheating. While there will always be llamas, the vast majority of Quake players do not cheat, and screaming “(whoever) IS USING A BOT!!!” just becuase they are more skillful than you or happened to get lucky is really immature and stupid. —SiegfriedH
  • If a game is entirely HPBs, and you enter as an LPB, it’s considered polite to ask if it bothers anyone if you play. nothing clears a server faster than a rude LPB. The HPBers know you’re lucky to have that kind of connection, and yes, we do envy you, but you don’t have to be a weenie about it. remember, you can choose a lot more servers that give you acceptable ping than an HPB can. — Crash
  • Remember that IRC is for chatting, quake is for playing. If you want to talk about who slept with whom, or who has a cool car, take it to IRC. Please let the rest of us play quake. — Q-Wolf
  • One of the most annoying people are the ones who overuse macros for their stupid one liner, flooding the message port. Things like “power is nothing without skill” is quite lame, if not cheesy. Do not overuse the macros, do not abuse them; it’s great for games like CTF to hotkey “Escort me!” or whatever… however, those one liners, pressed one time too many, hog up the chat screen (which can kill vital conversation, etc), can really detract from the ‘fun’ of Quake. — LittleMute
  • Offensive or vulgar names are not appropriate. If an oversized ego thinks that names like “F**khead” is cool, well… sorry, but it’s not. Same goes for names like “QuakeGod,” which will simply make the player a laughingstock when he is at the bottom heap of the playing crowd.
  • Do not abuse the ‘chat’ function; such methods include flooding (this means to keep repeating something, so anything else said is lost), abusive language (we all know what reputation you can get for profanity!) and gloating (by far the deadliest of the sins, this will quickly get you a reputation as a lamer). —Mordian
  • Sometimes, players have more power in the server than to just play Quake; they may be able to kick you out. If you find someone being repeatedly and excessively offensive, try to notify a person with operational powers; more than likely they will kick the offender out of the game after they agree with your thoughts.
  • If, when you join a server, you’re immediately (within ten seconds) asked to leave, LEAVE. there might be something going on that you don’t know about and that you’re not a part of. also, remember that the person asking you to leave probably has the power to ban you from the server, so not only is it polite, it’s prudent. if you must be on that server for whatever reason, spectate the game instead and wait. — Crash
  • Using Quake BOTS are very lame. Really lame. Some obvious signs are such as point blank rails (about 3 in a row), grenades that launch from their backs, and scores that rise 70+ in a matter of minutes. — Happy Camper
  • Trying out a new mod? Instead of asking for help from veterans immediately, read the manual to the mod first. You should seek help from others only when you could not find the information for yourself. — John Kittrell
  • Don’t groan over the use of excessively powerful weapons, such as the BFG. Realize that you are free to wreak havoc with the item yourself, if you so choose. — LsD-VictiM
  • Public servers are not a place for clan business. In the middle of a game, when everyone is busy playing, do not ask somebody if you can join their clan. The prudent course is to contact them outside the game, via email or ICQ. Contact information is usually found on the clan’s website (if you can’t find the clan’s website using a search engine, you can simply ask for the URL during the game, since many clansmen have their URL bound to a key). — Michael Work
  • In Q3A, players with latency problems will display a phone connection on their heads; while typing, their heads will display some characters on top of their heads. While they are indeed an easy kill, realize that they are in no chance of reprisal attacks, and go search for another prey. — John Brandon

A Bit More Specific:

  • Someone facing a wall in the corner? It used to be a rather common practice, but it’s generally a sign of being away from the puter. Be a good sport and don’t hunt the guy down, though the sight of a free kill certainly is tempting. It’s certainly laudible for you to do the same when away, but considering the amount of people that don’t know such a thing it’s a better idea to do this after you’ve found a spot that’s not a place of a major firefight. In the long run, it’ll give you more respect. — Pipeln
  • Let’s suppose you are playing a tightly set up game, such as organized clan matches or 1on1 matches. If someone comes in to the server, politely ask them to leave. Doing so should seem much more civilized and show integrity in yourself, as well as being able to get more cooperation from the stranger. Being profane to them usually only leads to uncooperative guests (however, it is always a better idea to set up matches on a private server so that public users cannot enter) — Mr. Shambler
  • If someone is telling you not to use certain items, weapons, etc. it is usually wise to comply with their needs; more often than not, a group of people would have set up a special rule of their own in the server, be it set or not set on the server preferences. Not complying can not only earn you disrespect, it can likely result in a boot from the server (note: it is also wise, of course, to ask politely the reason as to their requests, as that also ties a knot of cooperation in the process of understanding each other). — Postal
  • For the most part, this only applies to Quake1 games. However: if given the option to exit levels during deathmatch, always ask other players if you may do so. Just because you don’t like the level, it does not mean that other players feel the same way. — Bob Christopher

The Team Concept:

  • When joining games, notice the difference in games. CTF is not normal deathmatch, and is not the place for morons that shoot teammates. Team Fortress, likewise, is a team game in which you play for the team. Note the rules, and play by it.
  • When you’re joining a teamplay game that lets you select which team to join (Q2CTF being a prominent one as such), it’s usually the most ethical to join the losing team. Even better is if you could ask the teams which one to join in on. (Said another way — never join the winning team unless you have some decent reason to keep yourself looking like someone that’s only in for the victory) — Ron Jomero
  • In teamplay servers, don’t hog all the ammo and weapons; be a team player and allow your teammates some access. If you can afford it, throw some ammo to anyone that has just respawned. — Ill Bixby
  • Whenever you’re playing in a team game, don’t fight over the ammo. If the other guy was there first, don’t blast him with your shotgun to get him to move so you can snag the spot. He got there first and he’s been waiting longer. Let him have it. Besides, as your both blasting each other with shotguns, someone from the other team will drop by and give you each a rocket out of his RL. — Blitzkrieg
  • Don’t be taking all the health and armor power-up items if a player more in need of such items, such as flag carriers, are in close proximity; nothing is more unnerving to flag carriers than seeing their chance to heal up whittle away for someone’s inconsideration. — Duck
  • Don’t attack a team mate in games just because they got the armor (or whatever critical armor) and you didn’t. It ruins the entire ‘team’ concept. — Rockman
  • Do you ever use the auxilary controls like the “salute” or “taunt?” It’s a thing that’s useful for such things as trying to communicate with members or thanking someone after saving your butt. Since it’s there, try using it.
  • As a side note to this rule, don’t be overusing these commands. While one command may have an impact, redundant repetitions of the command just makes it extremely annoying for other players. — Dark Halo
  • If your team asks for help on the defensive side, go help them. Not only is it quite uncourteous to ignore desparate pleas of defenders, it’s strategically a bad idea. — Marc Papouchado
  • When you meet a teammate on a hallway, walk to the right of the incoming member as to prevent running into each other. This speel may sound stupid, but it also gives your team a tactical advantage in activities such as clan matches, since you can move with better efficiency. As an extension to this rule, it is advisable that you give flag carriers of your team the right of way at all times. — Killer-Tee
  • If you have the highest ping on the team, grab the flag, and then are too lagged to move, put some sanity in and type KILL in the console. Then someone who can move can pick up the flag. — Q-Wolf
  • If someone gets a kill against an enemy with a tech, let them have their prize — they earned it, not you. —Josh Kittrell
  • Though less prevalent nowadays, this tactic still remains: the constant lobbing of grenades for “defense” in games of CTF. While useful if (and only if) enemies are inside the base, constant use of this tactic for “enemy patrol” is blatantly ineffective, uses up precious ammo and usually infuriates other team members annoyed by the constant lobbing than killing any enemies, most of whom will wait until the defender runs out of grenades to attack.
  • Check for a balanced number of players on each team at occasional intervals. If there’s a severe unbalance (and the other team hasn’t complained about it already), and you’re on the outnumbering side, consider switching your team to help out the winning team. If you really don’t want to switch, at least make the recommendation to other players on your team. — SkyWarrior

    This is it for the Quetiquette rules, for now. If you think there should be another etiquette rule for Quake which isn’t listed here, please mail MuuMuu with a rule that is easy to understand, and logical enough for distributing to the community. It would be helpful to leave the message subject as is, but please do insert your name, real e-mail address (unless you do not want credit/wish to remain anonymous) and other things helpful for crediting your contribution; please note that I may edit the contents of your rule or refuse to publish it if I feel it is of dubious use.

— MuuMuu


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