The RA2 Clan List


Angels of Death    AOD
10 Members
AOD runs a private server called “Comsys”.

Anguish_Sound    ::AS::
14 Members
Anguish_Sound runs an RA2 server called “::AS:: RA” at

Archon’s Minions FFA Division     AM
AM frequents the “” server at
“Archon’s Minions r00lz j00z …
oh wait we’re extinct nevermind.  – AM-f0RCE”


Black Angels of Death      BAD
5 Members
“Domination means nothing without submission.”

Black Company     =BC=
12 Members
=BC= frequents either the “Webby RA2 Server” or “Dragons Lair RA2 Server”.
“The Black Company is ws founded around the first of Jan 98,
we have started a new division for RA2 and are looking
for exceptional players, we will take no less.
Building slowly but surely.”

Black Knights     [BK]
7 Members
Home Page

Bleeding Red     ]BR]
10 Members

Borg Collective     BC
25 Members
BC runs the “Clan BC RA” server at

BrainDead      BD
18 Members
Clan BrainDead is playing on all German RAII-Servers, eg: FuS!on PickupTeams or AEONS RA II.

Brotherhood of Eternal Devistation    BoED
7 Members
BoED runs the “BoED Stylez” RA2 server at


Caiga Quien Caiga    [CQC] 
5 Members
Caiga Quien Caiga plays often at
Members: STRYKER   – Cristian Romero
DOOKIE    – Adrian Romero
PEGASO    – Sergio Semmartin
SHAGRATT  – Pedro Aguirrezabal
AVE FENIX – Leonardo Pedre

Casual Killers      CK
7 Members
CK frequents the “Broccoli Rocket Arena 2” server at
“Members: Co-Leader..SuperRevs

Chaotic Suicide    C.S
18 Members
C.S runs the RA2 server “Clan[C.S]RA” at
“Dont let the name fool ya! Bring on the pain.”

Charnel Knowledge    _/|_
10 Members
_/|_ frequents the “Pure Death Edmonton” RA2 server at

Chronos     [Chron]
5 Members
Chronos runs the RA2 server at

Clan XII      XII
7 Members
XII frequents the “DIA APS” RA2 server at
“If you challenge us, we would like to play on a server with a fair ping.
Remember: It’s all for nothin’ it you don’t have your freedom!”

Clan437     [437]
6 Members
[437] runs the “clan437_RA2[3.15]” server at

ColdFyre     CF
14 Members
CF frequents the “WebbyNet” RA2 server at

Cool      CC
10 Members
Chronos runs the “CC RA2” server at

9 Members
The CURSE runs an RA2 server at
They also frequent “Diamond’s Rocket Arena 2” server at
“Come join in the carnage!”

Clan Cyberzone      [cz]
9 Members
Clan Cyberzone runs an RA2 server called “Cyberzone Rocket Arena II” at
“Our clan also runs a deathmatch server (
and a CTF server (  We are always up for a friendly match!”


Damage Inc     [DI]
14 Members
[DI] runs a private server called “Damage Inc’s Arena”.

Death Dealers        =DD=
=DD= frequent the  “Nostromo Rocket Arena 2 (Server 1)” at
=DD= also frequent the  “Nostromo Rocket Arena 2 (Server 2)” at

Death From Above       DFA
12 Members
DFA frequent the “Raven’s T1 Rocket Arena 2” server at

DethSquad       DS
31 Members
DS runs the “{LOL} Clan RA” server at

Destinys Soldiers     (DS)
15 Members
(DS) runs the “GhostFaceKiller” RA2 server at
“WE Are Now Strictly an RA2 Clan!”

Digital Anarchy      ]DA[
12 Members
]DA[ runs the RA2 server “Digital Anarchy RA2” at
“We are a die hard ra2 clan….and are always up for challenges.
We play for fun only…and if you want to try us…drop us a line.”

Disciples of Syrinx    DoS
15 Members
DoS frequents the “Dragon’s Lair” RA2 server at

Djinn      >D<
8 Members
Djinn runs a private server called “Rocket Arena 2”. The address changes.

Dragon’s Bane     DB
23 Members
DB runs the “DB RA2” server at

Engine      NGN
7 Members
“We are Clan Engine (eNGiNe) Engine players pride themselves on being
dedicated Quake2 deathmatchers who use team work as a method of winning.
[We play on various east/west coast servers]”

Epsilon     {ce}-
8 Members
“We are working on starting our own server but will play on
any decent server with little lag =]”

Erisian Defense Force      {EDF}
10 Members
{EDF} runs the RA2 server “InfiNet RA2” at

Evil Killers     [EK]
9 Members
[EK] runs the “Schwarze Messe =EK=” RA2 server at
“HEHE…Another german Clan !We will open some other  servers,soon !


Faces of Death      [FD]
[FD] plays often at

Ferocity Unbridled Clan      FUC
8 Members

Fighting First of the 78th     F178
F178 frequents at the “HSM Rocket Arena 2” server at

7 Members
|FL| runs the “Flatliners” server at
“FLATLINERS are looking for matches from whatever clan up for one.
We also are looking for members that are worthy.
Please contact us from our page if interested in any of  the above. – |FL|XeRoX”

Friendly Unicorns       FU
8 Members
Friendly Unicorns runs the “ClanFU’s DM PORT” server at
“ClanFU (def).  An excellent clan always looking for clan wars.  Originated in Atlanta.
Mainly HPBs.”


Gang Thunder     [GT]
7 Members
[GT] frequents the “Abuse Rocket Arena 2” server.

Genocide Academy      {-GA-}

GiberzillaZ    [GiB]
15 Members
GiB frequents the “Infinet” RA2 server at
“Ra2 baby!  All Ra2!”

Guild of The Netherworld      GNW
10 Members
“We are based out the DC area and are always looking for other
clans to play matches against. If you are in the DC area mail
me about bi-monthly LAN parties we attend.”


Hardcore Kriminals      |HK|
8 Members
|HK| frequents the “” RA2 server at
“We play Quake 2 DM, Quake 2 Rocket Arena, and Loki’s Minions Capture the Flag.”

iCEWAVE        iW
15 Members
iW frequents the “Oompa Loompa’s RA2” server at

ig            ig
7 Members
ig frequents the RA2 server at
“We are a New Zealand based clan so errr if you wanna challenge us
well you will have to be prepared to play on a local server as we
are a bit behind on the technology scene Smiley


6 Members
Infamous runs an RA2 server called “Visi Rocket Arena” at

11 Members
]INF[ frequents the “Nostromo RA2” server at
“If you would like to setup a match just email the leader and lets get something going.
If you are interested in joining…. Hurry, only two more vacancies.   FeveR ]INF[”

Clan Infinity       }8{
11 Members
“We will kick ur clans ass.
You think that you can take us.. well try!!!”

Inner Addiction     (IA)
9 Members
“(IA) plays anywhere we can.”

Intricate Steps Between     [isb]
6 Members
Chronos runs the “[isb]fury” RA2 server at



Kablooey!      [K]
5 Members
“Visit us on GamesNET in channel #Kablooie!”

KarNaGe       Kr
5 Members
Kr frequents the “Pure Death” RA2 server at
“We are a clan of only good players, LPB’s…  We are currently recruiting..
But until then, challenge us if you dare.. (thats a serious quote) Smiley

Killers For Hire     [K4H]
8 Members
K4H frequent the “Infinet RA2” server at
“We are just starting out but we are recruiting.
I have selected players that I feel are very competent Q2 RA2

Kill Your Attitude       KYA
13 Members

Clan KING       [KING]
8 Members
[KING] frequents the “Nostromo (#2)” RA2 server at
“Be afraid…Be very afraid!”

The Knights of the Crimson Spire     KCS
14 Members
KCS frequents the “Lo-Fi” RA2 server at

Knowledge is PoweR      òKiPò
4 Members
òKiPò plays RA2 everywhere.
“ClaN of Friends and 3l33t Playaz”



The Maniac’s Guild      TMG
15 Members

Masters of Annihilation        MoA
8 Members
MoA frequents the “!School For Unfortunates!” RA2 server at

Master Control Program      McP
17 Members
McP runs a private RA2 server.

Mercenaries of Blood      MOB
12 Members
MOB plays RA2 on the “VeXed” servers.

The Millitant Bulldogs      MTB
13 Members
“We just goto some servers and play…dont really have a fav, if anyone
can hook us up with a good dedicated one, we’d be very thankful.
The other leader is SpeedSk8 X and his ICQ is 2683003.”

Minions From Hell         MfH
15 Members
MfH frequent the “” RA2 server at


Nails     [N]
10 Members
[N] runs the “NailsRocketArena” server at
“clan nails – fear and death are your only options”

Nameless Soldiers     [NX]
5 Members
[NX] frequents the “Xmission” RA2 server at

Negative Burn Q2       nB2
4 Members
Negative Burn Q2 frequents the “Verio_SoCal_Rocket” RA2 server at

Night Owls      [NiO]
5 Members
NiO frequents the “Litenet_RA2” server at

=Not Owned=     NO
7 Members
NO runs the “=Not Owned= Clan Server” at
“Clan Leader is NO-SkillZ. We need more members and only play RA2.”

Ole Bastards Clan      OBC
35 Members
OBC runs the “OBC RA2 Server”.

Orion – Quake 2 Division     [O2]
10 Members
Orion runs an RA2 server called “SCS_Orion” at


Phase2        P2
16 Members
P2 frequents the “Verio_SoCal_Rocket” RA2 server at

Poop     [PooP]
4 Members
Poop frequents the “Raven T1” server at

Pope Resin      [PR]
8 Members
[PR] frequents the “MaxGamer.Com Rocket Arena 2” server at
“We also play CTF and DM.”

Psycho Men Slayers      PMS
20 Members
PMS frequents the “Nuggets” RA2 server at

Purgatory      [P]
19 Members
Purgatory runs the “Area51RocketArena” RA2 server at


Quakers 2 The Extreme      Q2X
10 Members
Q2X runs the “Clan]Q2X[RA2” server at


[REDD]      [REDD]
6 Members
[REDD] plays here and there. Look for them on American servers. Smiley

Rest in Pieces      {RiP}
8 Members
RiP frequents the HSM RA2 server at

RipIt*LickIt*SuckIt        R*L*S
4 Members
“Be very careful!”


10 Members
“Look us up on gamespy, usually in ra2.”

Sand Warriors of Arrakis      SWA
6 Members
SWA Frequents the “NET Quake2 3.17 Arena A” server at

Search and Destroy      S@D
11 Members
S@D plays often at “Raven’s” RA2 server.

Serial Killers Part 2     SKP2
10 Members
SKP2 runs the “SKP2” RA2 server which is currently down.

Seventh Sons   77
13 Members
Seventh Sons run “Clan 77’s Ra2 Server” at
“We run both LMCTF and RA2, on our own servers.  We are a mature, dedicated Clan, who enjoys the
thrill of the Hunt as well as the Honor of the kill.  We are Brothers above all else, and we
believe that to a valiant heart.”

The Shadow Clan    SC
25 Members
SC frequents the RA2 server “Expert_Paragon” at

Shiner Bock Beer     SBB
7 Members
“We play all over the place.”

Shiznat       sz
6 Members
sz runs the “Digital Euthenasia SZ Private” RA2 server at

Sickboy      (^_^)
10 Members
Sickboy frequents the “Nostromos RA2 Server” located at
“Other Information : Clan Sickboy is here to take out the garbage! Check out our website…
Challenges and recruits are welcome…”

Silent Service          SS
5 Members
SS frequent the “School For Unfortunates”  RA2 server at

SinTheTek      STT
9 Members
STT runs “Ned’s LPB Rocket Arena 2” server at
“We are always game for a challenge.”

Six Dumb Idiots     [SDI]
6 Members
“We dont have specific addresses to play on, but we still do play.”

Clan Sixty Nine     [69]
9 Members
[69] runs the “Clan [69]” RA2 server at

Soul Survivors       {SS}
3 Members
“Each of us can start a server , but it’s not fair pingwise.”


The Bleeding EDGE     TBE
8 Members
TBE runs an RA2 server called “TBE Rocket Arena 2” at
“TBE plays RA2 with self damage enabled. We feel having it disabled negatively affects our DM
play so our server is configured with it on. Free rocket jumping doesn’t help anyone.”
— TBE-Fearless
Thorn Walkers      [TW]
8 Members
[TW] frequents “Alaska’s earthQuake][ – Rocket Arena” at

Transformed Illusions    ti
14 Members
ti plays at “Diamond Multimedia’s Rocket Arena”.


United States Colonial Marine Corps      USCM
20 Members
“Only a division of the much larger USCM clan, the Gladiators division was
created by me and quickly gained interest.  We will be without a server
only until I can persuade 1 of 2 people into hosting a server.
Actively seeking competition, whether it be matches or scrimmages.”


Vengeance     [CV]
22 Members
Chronos runs the “Broccoli Rocket Arena 2” server at
“We don’t stick to any particular server, so we may not always be found
on broccoli, just look around you’ll find us. Smiley

Violent Gamers Association      VGA
17 Members
VGA does not run a server, however, they have the facilities to set one up at any time.


Warriors Guild     W
3 Members

West-Side Criminals     [WSC]
5 Members
[WSC] frequents the “Broccoli” RA2 server at

Wolf       [Wolf]
13 Members
Clan Wolf frequents the “Visi Rocket Arena 2” server at
“We also have our own private RA2 server for scrims and matches.”


X-Cons      X
12 Members

X-Klan      X-Klan
16 Members
X-Klan runs the RA2 server “X-Klan eXplosively X’ed Out” at
“All welcome at our server. Cheaters, trash talkers, and whiners are promptly booted smiley

x-Presidents     x-president-x
8 Members
x-Presidents frequent the “TULL_COHO” RA2 server at
“This is a very new clan we will be THE BEST!!!!!”

X-treme Detriment       X-D
10 Members
X-D frequents the RA2 server at

17+ Members
XXX frequents “The GibBall Machine” RA2 server at
“We don’t strictly play RA, but it’s probably our most preferred mod.
We are always looking to scrimmage other clans, and add more members.”

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