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The BFG10K – BIG F*CKING GUN 10,000.  Oh my, yes it is.   This awesome weapon will annihilate any non-armoured player within viewing radius.  One can hold enough cells to send off 5 blasts in a row.  Only someone with 200 armour, full power armour and the Disrupter Tech (CTF only) could possibly withstand such an onslaught.   You don’t have to be too terribly accurate with it.   Just fire into a large room full of enemies and watch the frags roll in.   It is not without it’s disadvantages however.   As with the Rocket Launcher, it is quite easy to kill oneself with it.  It is also quite time consuming to collect a full load of ammo (it only comes with one shot when you first pick it up).    The gun takes awhile to fire so if your enemy sees you first and has a faster weapon, you’re dead meat.  Having said all that, let me get to the real issue at hand.

I am sick and tired of being called a “BFG whore”  or a “BFG Pussy”.  The gun is in the game people.  The strategy of the game revolves around it.  To remove it from a game is to destroy the balance of the level.  On several occasions, I have been asked NOT to use the weapon in a game because it is not fair.   How is it not fair?   Especially in CTF with the weapons stay on!  Anyone can use it.    Inevitably the person who asks you not to use it, winds up using it against you.  RULE #1 – Never agree not to use it.  If a server has a mod that removes it from the game – well ok.  Otherwise – don’t fall for this trick.

Which brings me to another point.  Not only do I think the BFG is a fair weapon, I would dare call it the great equalizer for the latency challenged.  It is very hard for someone who is lagged to hit a fast moving LPB with the conventional weapons.  The HPB must usually rely on trapping or anticipating the LPB.  Not so with the BFG.   Just aim and shoot.  I have no statistical evidence to prove it, but I think that the majority of BFG whiners are LPB’s who are used to having their way with us.

The whiners are also probably not very good players.  The BFG is awesome but not always fatal.  1) You can jump over the blast.  Yes – it’s true, just like you can jump over a rocket.  The blast acts like a big wide angle rocket.  You can even BFG jump if you are suicidal or very very good.  2) You usually have time to hide behind something or jump to a different level once it has been fired.  This too will save your hide.

Having said all that, next time someone on the server complains about the BFG, grab your trusty BFG10K and blast the living crap out of em. Oh yeah – and don’t forget to 8)

(All thoughts expressed in this editorial are the opinions of CoroNita and do not necessarily represent the opinion of  anyone worth talking to much less playing Quake with.)

The BFG10K in q2 ctf4 – The Outlands

I’M NOT ALONE.  Other players whom I respect agree with me.

Here is a quote from Phatty[GOON] as posted to the Stompfest Bullentin Board on 10/7/98.

To start, the BFG is a part of Quake II and it is a part of some maps. I know that there are people that don’t like the BFG, but eliminating it from a CTF tournament is NOT the answer. ZOID invented CTF and designed maps for it. He put a BFG on McKinley Revival for a specific reason and consequently it is a needed weapon on that map. Notice that the BFG is located in the water and that there are a lot of boxes and break points throughout the map. If one understands how the BFG works and how the code functions, then one should agree that the BFG is an integral part of that map. Furthermore, it DOES take skill to both use and dodge the BFG. To simply dismiss the weapon because someone doesn’t like it is premature. The BFG is in the game and it should be used. If we use the “NO BFG” logic, why don’t we say “NO RAILGUN”? If someone doesn’t like getting railed by a skilled DM player, should we get rid of the railgun – simply put, no. If you think it through, it makes little sense to omit the BFG. If my logic doesn’t make sense, look at some of the more reputable leagues, tournaments, and ladders. OGL (, Battle Command (, and ICR are the most reputable and successful Q2CTF tournaments to date and they ALL use the BFG using the same reasons I cited.

If you want to learn more about the BFG before you become a mindless BFG hater, check out the Rebel Boat Rockers BFG FAQ .

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