Tastyspleen Railz Server Map Rotation

2box4.bsp – Railgun101 by Swansong

beta2dm.bsp – Beta2DM

carena.bsp – Cross Arena

dduckrails14.bsp – Temple Mess by Duck

gr2dm1.bsp – by Paranoia

gym.bsp – Gym Nastium by Panjoo

Another classic by Panjoo

komit.bsp – Komit by Kaiser

marics_con3.bsp – Somewhere Not Here! by Maric

marics_insta2.bsp – Locus Insta by Maric

marics_ra7.bsp – Nuthin’ but Rails! by Maric

marics35.bsp – Rustic Arena 2 by Maric

marics42.bsp – Eye of the Storm by Maric

meadow3.bsp – The Killing Fields

Smoked one bong over the line… brb.

rockrail.bsp – Rockets and Rails by Scampie

rqmarena4.bsp – Mezzanine 

shiro2.bsp – Railblend 2 by Shiro

slug.bsp – The Slug by Max Eraser

spasmo6.bsp – Spasmolytic 6 by Qarnifex 

wdrail03.bsp – Shinto Shrine

wdrail04.bsp – Insta Arena

zackwos.bsp – WOS is Boss by Well of Souls

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