Hi guys I have some deep thoughts to share about how decisionmaking and controlling the tempo of a game is the key mental piece for beating an opponent at games of railwarz.  I am not an original thinker, full disclosure, these ideas are all synthesized from podcast listening and US marine corp documents…  afro


Decisionmaking is a time-competitive process that depends in part on the availability of the right elements of information at the right time and place. Without the information that provides the basis of situational awareness, no player can make sound decisions. Intelligence operations focus on providing the right elements of information concerning the threat and the environment; i.e, intelligence, required to generate situational awareness and fuel the decisionmaking process.

Observe, Orient, Decide, and Act Loop

A simple model to describe the decisionmaking process is known as the observe, orient, decide, and act (OODA) loop.

The OODA loop applies to any two-sided railwarz, whether playing as an individual or on a team. When engaged in a game of railwarz, players—

Observe. Take in information about the environment, the friendly status, and the threat.

Orient. Make estimates, assumptions, analyses, and judgments about the situation to create a cohesive mental image.

Decide. Determine what needs to be done, whether it is an immediate reaction or a deliberate plan.

Act. Put the decision into action.

The OODA loop reflects how decisionmaking is a continual, cyclical process.

The Bottom Line: In any game of railwarz, the player who can consistently and effectively cycle through the OODA loop faster—who can maintain a higher tempo of action—gains an increasing advantage with each cycle. Decisionmaking is the key to generating and controlling the tempo of a game.



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