Gamers Extreme: Resources for the Hardcore Gamer — GX Guide to Quake II CTF

"Like the game of Quake II itself, Capture the Flag is an incredibly fun experience, but even that can be heightened greatly by understanding the basic and advanced strategies used by veteran players to frag and cap with ease. These strategies involve the knowledge and implementation of the game's 'Tech Powerups,' standard Deathmatch skills to employ in fights, and later, communication with members of your team, setting up offensive and defensive squads, and much more. CTF, as a 'goal-based' game, redefines standard free-for-all and team games, and is truly the Thinking Man's Quake II."

BBC NEWS Sci/Tech: Thousands die on screen – at PC party

BBC NEWS Sci/Tech: Thousands die on screen - at PC party By Internet Correspondent Chris Nuttall, Monday, March 29, 1999 "Deep in the bosom of the gentle night... I struggle to fight dark forces...without fear...insomnia...I can't get no sleep." Faithless - Insomnia In the half-light of a darkened theatre - fittingly run by the Ministry of …

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Quake Scene South Africa — LAN Parties and the First Quake 2 Wedding

The South African Quake scene in the early 2000's is broadly featured with a special focus on the Valentine's Day 2000 "first of its kind" Wedding on a GameZone Quake 2 server between BadBoyBubba and db_High. South Africa LANgames website is included in the archive, with many photos of South African Quake gamers who attended LAN parties in 2001 and 2002. Thank you for reading and hope you enjoy the deep dive! -Donde

Gaming Pub: The Playing Fields

Gaming Pub: The Playing Fields The Playing Fields is a bar/café where you can relax and play computer games the way they are meant to be played - with someone else. We only have the best multiplayer games that are available. Ninja fast computers with loads of RAM, a lightning fast network and liquid smooth …

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