The Tampa Bay Times — Cyberspace Battle a Blast for Gamers, by Nirvi Shah

"Virtual explosions. Leather jackets. Cyber gunfights. Baseball caps. Flashing screens. Buzz cuts. Pumping music. Lip rings. Cell phones. Screen names. Pony-tails. Streaming wires. Tattoos. Baggy jeans. Action figures. Junk food. T-shirts. Intense concentration."

The Tampa Tribune: Ready, Aim, Click! by Jim Reed

"If you own a home computer, chances are you've found at least two fun uses for it — connecting with others as a communications tool and playing games. For a few, connecting with others and playing games have become one int he same known as multi-player gaming. For these folks it has become an exciting way to play and compete against others. Robert Porter, 31, and Kevin Baluha, 33, of south Tampa have taken this excitement and turned it into a monthly social experience in Seffner. 'We want to provide the gamer with a totally submerged environment with other aggressive players,' Porter said. At their most recent event 47 people brought their computer to The Workshop of Fernquist Engineering in Seffner to hook up for as much as 4 hours of game playing. Those who attended the event played state of the art computer games. Quake II was the most popular..."