Quakecast – Thursday, October 2, 1997

Next up was a gentleman whom calls himself "hyPer" and he runs a web site called In The Pit Rocket Arena Strategy dedicated to...you guessed it...Rocket Arena. Mace Royer was live in the studio tonight. GIRLBOMB is still out sick and the "chatbitch" loonyboi sat in her stead.

Clan of the Caveman — Anointment Certification as the Clan of the Caveman

"We, Clan of the Caveman, testify here, that we are indeed Clan of the Caveman. We will face our enemies with eyes wide open preared to frag or be fragged. We swear that even if gibbed we will not dishonor the... members of our clan. When we strafe through corridors of stone, we will hold our heads high and our weapons at the ready."