Springfield Frag Fest: Quake 2 Stroggfield — Stupid Strogg Jokes, by S. Mcgrew

"Where have all the campers gone? Lag time passing. Where have all the campers gone — Long time ago? Where have all the campers gone? Blown to fragments, every one! When will they ever learn? When will they ever learn?"

PvP Player Versus Player Quake 2 Comics by Scott Kurtz

Scott Kurtz has wanted to be a cartoonist since he was 9 years old. Although he created comics all throughout elementary school, high school and college, his work first appeared on the internet in 1998. Scott's earlier strips Wedlock and Samwise earned him his first (albeit small) online audiences and gained him notice in the computer gaming industry. PvP debuted on May 4th 1998 and has run ever since.