Chaos Quake 2 Mod — Chaotic Dreams: The Arts of Chaos Quake 2

"The Arts of Chaos covers all the varieties of the visual aspects of Chaos — eye-candy like Chaos related arts, fan art and "humor," (sarcasm,) player skins, ingame screenshots... everything which is somehow related to ChaosDM."

The Dalek, by Ryan Dobson — Custom Quake 2 Player Model, Skins and Dalek-y Sounds

"The Dalek — A plug-in player model based on the BBC series 'Doctor Who' which aired from 1963 to the late 80's. This version of the dalek PPM has repaired the mashed up animations for the crouch and pain frames. I'm buggered if I know how they got there in the first place…?? This version also includes 7 skins: Regular silver, Red, Blue, Gold, Green, CTF red and CTF blue."