Danish National Quake Team and more Danish Quake Clans

May 14, 1997 - Welcome to the Danish National Team's new home and thanx for Doomguard for making it possible :) As you may know we have played our first fight against Sweden 11. may which was the main reason for this team was made and we are now ready to face new challenges to defend our nation's pride :)

A story about #gaming. The year was 1998. by Andreas Blom

Online gaming was just ridding itself of diapers.  A scant few massively multiplayer games existed (Lineage for one, it was released that year). Quake 2 was the game to play, having been released the year before. A childhood friend of mine, (Asmodai by name) invited me to play a new mod for Quake 2. The mod was called Loki's Minions Capture the Flag - #LMCTF , the first Capture the Flag modification for Quake 2, released the day after the Quake 2 source code was released.