Expert CTF Clan GiM: Guerrillas In The Midst

Guerrillas In The Midst is quite new to the Expert CTF community but the players within GiM are very experienced quakers who have played Expert CTF before. Many members from GiM were clan members mainly from the disbanded KOP. For the majority of the members, GiM is their first clan and home. However, all have the same goal when it comes to quaking and that is to work with each other and to have fun. GiM will strive to be one of the best Expert CTF clan while concentrating on teamwork and enjoy the game as much as possible. After all…it’s only a game!

August 3, 2001

Wsup boyees? The coliseum has been set to a halt due to some difficulties (not enough servers, inadequate staff). It’s all good though we have some time now to prepare ourselves even more for our first coliseum match. Anyways…I’m going to be gone this weekend in Iowa for a soccer tournament. Woo it’s THE tourney where 200 college scouts are gonna be there, with 50 other teams competing with my team. It’s gonna be fun heh =) So I will be back on Sunday, until then…keep it real.


July 29, 2001



July 29, 2001

WHOA LOOK OUT! Hehe I managed to get a screen shot of Fleury’s rocket launcher aimin straight at me. Kinda cool lookin!


July 28, 2001

YO! The Coliseum’s movin along pretty nicely. We’re workin on our first challenge soon against LoS. I’ve seen some of them in the servers and they’re lookin good! So I think it’ll be an interesting match. There aren’t many servers up yet, hopefully they’ll come though. Hey remember Maka? aka Maka-x- (last generation of -x-). He’s back home now, I’ve been talkin to him on the aol instant messager for the passed couple nights. It’s kinda cool to hear about the stuff he’s doin in the army. Pretty whack stuff =p I think he’s gonna be home for a couple weeks and then he’s gonna be stationed somewhere else out of the country. He might be in the servers actually, and possibly icq.


July 25, 2001

Hey what’s up? The squad section is updated once again. It’s lookin good! We have a lot of pimps in our lineup and we’re lucky to have it balanced to both coasts. I’m sorry for the delay on the new page layout, but I’m workin hard on the graphics. I think in the end we’ll have a really nice site. I’m keeping track of our member info for the new and improved members section, wooo it’s gonna kick A$$! Kaiowas is working on a scrim for this weekend with DKM, hopefully that will go through. Oh speaking of Kaiowas, he’s also working on a map pak which should turn out real nice. A bunch of us were ripping it up the other night in the LOS & TCS server! It was four GiM’s vs. four other players, and it ended up 7-0 GiM! I was pretty proud about that heh. Oh yeah, Check out the msg board for the latest poll! =)


July 15, 2001

WE’S BACK! Coming strong and ready to take on the world! Thanks to Ruprick for getting the site back up, we love ya bro. We start re-birth of GiM in hopes of becoming the strongest clan in the Quake 3 Expert CTF Community. We’re currently working on improving our web site, but as a requirement of the Coliseum this will do fine as our source of contact. Check out the squad section! It’s been updated FINALLY. As many of you know, today is the last day of Frag Fest 2001. From what I’ve seen and heard…it was a blast! It’s been kind of boring with no one in the servers lately, but hopefully the two or three servers we have up and running for Q3XCTF will be packed this coming week hehe. I want to give a shout out to community and letting everyone know it feels good to be In Da Midst! PEACE OUUUUUT~


GiM Archives

THE Pimpmaster himself.

Why can’t women understand that I need more sex?!!!

LAGCITY!!!……….LAG……..more lag…


Commando plays Commando! “Stick around!”

Quake Buddies FOREVER!!! Arguile(left), Mox(middle), Agent Smith(right).

Going to the top!

GiMs in a pick up game.

That’ll teach you to lag on me Hunsk!

GiM Squad

GiM Battles

There is only ONE rule when playing GiM in a SCRIMMAGE: No bragging rights please. That means no posting on your web page about the scrim. We don’t post either. It’s like we never played. That’s it! Simple as that. We play to have fun and to relieve any pressure that bragging (posting) may endure.

Clan GiM History


For the long lost memories of the great clan [KOP] Killers on Patrol….

The following is a summary of how Mox came to be and started GiM. Clan [REA] was the first CTF clan that Andrew joined. This clan was known as the Pecks…. [REA]Jon Peck, [REA]Dim Peck (Andrew’s roommate who got him into quake and in the clan), [REA]Uns Peck, [REA]Ben Peck…. Andrew was named [REA]Cha Peck. From then on, [REA]Cha Peck made his first appearance in the Expert CTF community. After a few months in [REA], Cha Peck and Arguile decided to start the [CALB] clan – Cal Berkeley. This clan was mainly started because there were many personal buddies of Cha Peck and Arguile that played quake. As a result, [CALB] was more like a buddy clan and not really a real clan. There were no scrimmage or tournaments. After a few months in [CALB], Cha Peck joined KOP where he got all his clan experience and began to know a lot of people in the expert community. KOP was like a home to Cha Peck. At this point [CALB] was disintergrating because of the lack of playing from its members. A new clan must be formed. This clan was not made only for Berkeley students but for all who enjoyed the game. This was the only way that would keep the clan alive. After much thought, Cha Peck left KOP and started GiM…

There are two very special people who made this clan a success from the beginning who are still here today; Hunsk and Beam. Hunsk was the very first out of city(Berkeley) member to join GiM. When I first met him, he used the alias Hun. I would always play against him in servers and he was and still is, an enthuastic quaker who always spams…hehe. At the moment I first met him, he was a very good quake 2 player and I asked him to join. He didn’t know this newly found clan but he joined almost instantly. He is still in GiM and he is noted as my(Mox’s) #1. By saying this, I’m not implying that his skills are the best in GiM but rather his loyality and dedication to GiM from the beginning. After Hunsk, there was Beam. Beam joined GiM on the same week that Hunsk joined. Beam used the alias Bonfire before he joined the clan. Now Beam was a tough one to get! I had to literally beg him to join the clan but he eventually gave in which was a good thing! : ) He is an asset since to the beginning and I would like to thank him for his show of dedication to this clan. Unfortunately, he does not have enough time anymore to play like he used to. But nevertheless, both of these GiM members have been around a long time and should be mentioned here. I’m sorry that I haven’t done it before.

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