DondeQ2 at QuakeCon 2018: Video Journal

Thank you to everybody who contributed to making an amazing QuakeCon! Please let me know in the comments if you see your contribution to QuakeCon in this video and I will give you a shoutout… so many people people have a hand in making our Quake community great, and all deserve credit.

ChaoticGunner made the QuakeCon anime wallpaper:

Acoustic Quake II Soundtrack by SpecTOR1:

Quake Champions and Doom Eternal footage courtesy of the great host of QuakeCon, Zenimax.

Green glowing PC case mod is by Rob Wilson. The case’s name is “Rem Tech”. It’s based on of Mass Effect Andromeda’s Remnant vaults.

Thank you to Beaver and Nina for hosting me and having me join their amazing family experience at QuakeCon!

Big thank you Beaver, who is now a Quake God, and all my supporters on Patreon. Thank you Quake God Ray, Kristina, Kate & Peter, Christina & Eliot, Leslie Larue Lamont and Alan W. To contribute to this gaming history preservation project, please visit

Thank you to everybody for watching my QuakeCon 2018 video journal!

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