Telefragged: Maturity Levels by QuakeGod

Telefragged: Maturity Levels by QuakeGod


Completed on: November 13, 1997

Maturity Levels by QuakeGod

We, the gaming community, have long argued with government officials about violence and censorship in the games we play. Some politicians see us as an immature bunch of brats that have no sense of morals or any level of maturity. We argue that we indeed do have a strong sense of morals and a great level of maturity. I decided to test this level of maturity out recently even though I knew the unknowing test subjects would more than likely not be so happy about it. I’m leaving everyone and thing anonymous for obvious reasons, although some of you may know what happened.

Here’s a little history of what happened. Raven and I were in IRC chatting away as usual. A person comes in, talking about this domain that somebody, whom we’ll call Mr. X, was moving to. Raven, being a naturally curious person, checks to see if the domain was registered with internic yet. To his astonishment, he found it not. We then came up with a test of sorts, to see if government officials were actually right, that the gaming community is full of young, immature kids. Raven got the domain. Yes, it wasn’t a nice move, and we knew it, but it was a fundamental part of the test if it were to be conducted. We then waited for the responses which came forth.

We knew the people were going to be upset, to say the least. But, that was to be expected. It was how they handled the situation on which the level of maturity could be based on. The first responses of which we noticed came by email. The first email was very mature coming from “The Head.” He asked us nicely that if we were aware of the situation that was going on and asked for the domain. Score 1 for the gaming community, 0 for the politicians. We ignored the email as to continue on the test. We then received another letter from “The Head.” The anger had rose to a new level. This letter was not as nice and greatly reduced the whole level of maturity. Some of the statements were, “I can promise this will be something that you could end up being very sorry for”. Such a lovely threat.

“The Head” also accused us of doing this just so they couldn’t get a domain which, of course, was a valid argument. However, the maturity had sunk to a level on which the government could actually have a good case on censorship. The final email I received was okay. He accused us, as I would have accused them if the positions were switched, of a “let’s screw over the competition” type of thing. So all in all, the gaming community had so far been held to a mature, more professional level in a time of crisis and concern. I was truly impressed and I greatly respect these individuals except for that lovely threat I received.

On to the websites now. I found only two websites of which mentioned this incident and I will now talk about them both. Mr. X’s website, the one that was to get the domain, oh… was angered to put it mildly. He ranted about how big of a group of “losers” we are and how “low-life” we are. Needless to say, the maturity level dropped greatly to something of which could easily give the government a good, strong right to censorize the Internet because we need their “great and skillful leadership qualities to help set us on the right path.” The other site which deals with the same information as Mr. X’s also had a nice rant about the situation at hand. To them, our actions were “childish and imature” and this whole situation was “CHILDISH CRAP.”

Yes, our actions, from an outsiders perspective, were immature and childish, however, ranting about them and not handling the problem professionally is even less mature. Fighting fire with fire is never a good idea (hint: it doesn’t work), however, fighting fire with water will always work. Again, this action showed the immaturity of the gaming world, making us all look bad to the world outside. One last response to talk about. We sent a message out to everyone that was involved, describing the situation at hand. Yes, we knew they wouldn’t be thrilled, but at least they would have a reason why we took the domain and were reassured it would soon be back in their hands. Mr. X’s response to my letter was it was a colorful “Lame Ass Response.” Yeah, he’s still angry. Also, taking an eye for an eye isn’t a good plan, you both cause each a lot of pain and the problem is never truly resolved.

To cure conscience hearts, we had full intention of giving the domain back and still will. I’m still sorry about the “victims” of the test, but there was no other way around it.

And now to conclude my speech and test. We are the gaming community. We all are one and a whole. The world around us sees us all as equals, the way one person acts is though to be how all of us act. Perhaps my “test” was not the best judgment in my life, but I’m hoping it will bring, at least a little, clarity to some people’s minds. We must “grow up.” We don’t want to be treated like children I’m sure, but the way the world sees us, our parents, business men, politicians, etc., are that we are indeed immature and need to be treated like a child. We must work together as one to wipe this image of us from their minds if we do want our freedom.


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