Interfaced: Marcus’ Guide to Q2DM1

Interfaced: Marcus’ Guide to Q2DM1

Nick: Arky
Location: Limerick, Ireland.(currently in Munich, Germany)
This Map: Q2DM1

This has to be the most played map out of all Quake games along with
Q1DM4.Easy enough to control if you get to the boxroom and can tank up on
the armour & mega health.No matter where you span get to the box room as
quickly as possible.

The only time that I’d make an exception to this is when I span by
the health packs down my the railgun water pool….only going for the
rail-gun if the other player seems to be far enough away to justify the
risk.Then out of the water, rail gun in hand, through the underground past
machine gun and try to get to the 50 armour below the hyper blaster(strange
strange weapon…possibily the least used…although powerful…feels like
aiming a garden hose.)

If you managed to span and get to the boxroom, then you are in
luck. GET THE ARMOUR FIRST!..not the mega health, becuase even though I’ve
never tested it I’ve got a feeling that the armour alone is worth more than
the health alone.Prove me wrong.Now get to the chaingun(try not to get
ambushed in here if the opponent manages to hear you picking up the “boom –
chick – chick – chick”) of the chaingun and 3 bullet packs.If he does, then
it can prove tricky to escape annilation.If you happen to have a rocket
launcher on you then it is well worth rocket_jumping up and running away
towards the grenade launcher…now at least you can pelt him with grenades
and you are un-ambushable.Nice One, eh?


Super Shotgun is one really under-estimated/under utilised
weapon…it is one mean mother up close.1/2 shots and your opponent is
splattered on your red armour.If you have not used it much, then start with
if now…very very dangerous weapon if someone is chasing you.Good advice is
to get some walls between you or strafe jump your legs off so that you get
some distance between the two of you.


Funnily enough everybody who starts to play Q2 seems to have some
sort of a fascination with the Rocket Launchers. No matter where they span
they head for the low rockets..any decent player comes, corners them in and
destroys them…but they never learn…don’t go for that launcher unless you
know that your opponent is miles away.It’s not even that good a weapon
either…possibily one of the reasons that the Q1 players are not mad on
Q2…they compare the weapons from the two games and leave with their
opinions on how slow the Q2 gameplay is….but look at weapons like the
Railgun and the Chaingun….instant hit from anywhere in the level…no
matter how far away you are.

As I was saying I’m not a big fan of the Rocket Launcher anyway(well
I like it but prefer some of the other weapons… eg
chaingun/railgun/supershotgun.) … but I’m sure that if beginners spent
there time trying to master one of these other weapons they would have a lot
more success in their playing.


Chaingun: What a savage weapon.Eats armour & health like there is no
tomorrow.Practise with this weapon, get used to tracking people with it and
you shall own them.I miss the feeling of the trusty auld chainy, …agh
memories!…it fair eats ammo as well though so learn where the ammo is
distributed throughout the level.(A good way to do this is to mess around
the level with a machine-gun constantly firing and try to get to the next
ammo before you run out.I can do it easily,(but I am a legend I
suppose)…not as successful trying it with the chaingun though(you’d need
to me going around in a Ferrai to pull it off with a chaingun :) ….! ) )
Yeah, this is the weapon that I use the most, along with the
railgun.The chaingun is a classic weapon when either attacking or
defending(boxroom)…railgun is for the wide open, though with a bit of
practice it is handy to keep it in hand all match!…just don’t miss with
the first shot if you are being ambushed…slow weapon to change from.


Grenade Launcher: WTF?!…another strange weapon.Never really use it
although it has it’s moments if you have someone cornered and they are out
of line of site.(railgun pool, underground machinegun, chaingun dead-end,


Learn the jumps!…no jumps = no movement = major disadvantge.


1) In the box room you MUST be able to strafe from the ammopack boxes
to the mega health…other more tricky jumps include strafing from the mega
health to the ammobox boxes ..and then on to the armour…all in one sweet
movement.Nice one’s all around.


2) You can double jump from the lift below the hyper blaster(whilst
travellig upwards just before you meet the edge…) off the ledge and onto
the grenade launcher part.Hard to do though.


3) Start be the cells up by the top rocket launcher and build up
speed as you strafe towards the launcher down the corridor….get to the
edge and strafe…you should make it all the way over to the rocket ammo and
health in the ledge thingy that is over the railgun pool.Another way to
suprise the opposition.


4) Saving the best till last….rocket from the 50 health by the
supershotgun all the way to the entrance to the box-room…that is a
Nicky/DemiGod special.You won’t loose health cos as you rocket jump you also
pick up the health at your feet….so…yeah it is cool.You could also
rocket jump towards the armour below the hyper…another handy one.


I know that there are heaps of other mad things to do whilst
frollicking around the level but I think that if you master these ones then
you will be able to figure out the rest yourself.


That is all for now…oh yeah..learn the sounds…if you know where
they are then you are half way to killing them.


Have fun.



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